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Thigh High Boots Outfit Ideas

Thigh High Boots Outfit Ideas

Just a few days ago autumn officially arrived and with it the cold weather. I don’t know about you, but I love autumn. For me, this includes long walks, dry leaves that crackle under my boots, comfortable clothes, afternoons with warm coffee, reading and picking up new trends from fashion magazines.

The boot season is already here and the fashion girls only think of one thing: thigh-high boots.

Some of you may have reservations about thigh-high boots, but their popularity is growing and you won’t be able to avoid them for long.
They were there long before their “premiere” in the A / W 2016 collection. Julia Roberts wore them in Pretty Woman in the 90s and they were very provocative for the time. Its history goes back to the early 1960s. It is no coincidence that the boots made their fashion debut on the catwalks of Yves Saint Laurent or Balenciaga. Designers used them to bring the youth subculture closer to a more liberal attitude towards dressing.
In this article, I am going to share some ideas with you on how to wear the thigh high boots like a real fashion girl! As a bonus, I’ll be sharing lots of style tips with you. Let’s start, shall we?

Velvet burgundy

Velvet burgundy thigh high boots outfit


Coupled with this type of outfit, Danielle Bernstein takes the velvet trend to the next level. As you can see in the picture above, she has decided to keep the rest of her outfit really simple. The colors white and gray make it possible to see the boots and use them for a statement. Combining velvet with other parts of your outfit isn’t that difficult. It leaves a lot of room to experiment. Just be careful not to apply too many colors.

Short skirt with a long coat

short skirt long coat thigh high boots


Would you like some style tips from Olivia Palermo? I am always ready for you! She perfectly combines overknee boots with a black and white mini skirt and a long black coat. The shoulder bag is a nice touch as well as its red nail polish. The skirt is short enough to show us just a bit of her legs, but not too short to be provocative. This outfit can be worn on a date, a business lunch or just for a leisurely tour of the city.

Midi skirt

Midi skirt overknee boots outfit


The best thing about this outfit is that it allows you to keep your legs warm on long and cool autumn and winter days. Since you don’t show any skin in this outfit, you can play freely with patterns, colors and materials. Suede shoes can look great with a silk skirt or in combination with a leather jacket. You can also experiment by wearing them with a black and white skirt as in the photo.

Let it be cozy

let it be cozy, thigh high boots


Autumn is here, right? It is therefore important to always keep warm. The outfit from the picture above will definitely do the trick for you! As you can see, it consists of the warm thigh-high boots and the cozy sweater dress. Anja Rubik wore this as a casual evening outfit. I bet it feels good to have a warm cup of coffee with your friends while wearing this outfit.

Be cool in jeans and a blazer

Jeans blazer overknee boots outfit


Leandra Medine always tries to grab our attention with cool and unusual outfits. This time she chose something more classic. We can call it French style – oversized blazer and blue jeans, perfectly mixed with thigh-high boots. You can easily put this outfit together. Adding some jewelry will definitely add to the impact of the statement you are trying to make. I recommend this outfit for both day and night events.

Monochrome: black and white

monochrome black white thigh high boots


If colors aren’t your thing, don’t worry, over-the-knee boots are ideal for one- or two-tone combinations. As you can see the outfit in the picture above, the white color of the skirt and blouse goes perfectly with black thigh high boots. You can also add statement jewelry or a good bag and you’re good to go. This type of outfit is more elegant than the previous ones and can be worn at a business meeting, during work or at some nighttime events.

Supermodel lookalike

Super model lookalike overknee boots


When the thigh high boots hit the fashion scene, all the supermodels, bloggers and influencers were crazy about them. In times of supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, it’s important to see that some of them are wearing at least some of the trending things. Simply because that’s the way to make sure something is good! If you want to copy this supermodel outfit too, just combine a monochrome sweater, silk skirt and over-the-knee boots. Gigi definitely made it!

Only for the brave

brave overknee boot outfit


A lot of skin shows up when wearing this type of outfit. So it is no coincidence that I wrote, “This is only for the brave”. Some of you may think that this outfit is not classy at all. But a lot of girls have been spotted wearing this type of outfit during and at New York Fashion Week. The outfit is pretty casual. It looks like you stole your friend’s hoodie or are just wearing a very, very short sweatshirt dress. It has to be big, lycra is definitely banned, otherwise you risk turning this outfit into a cheap looking one. So, please proceed carefully and do not wear these if you are not comfortable.

The overknee boots found their way back to the 19th century. Women used to use them to appear more provocative and get more attention. We have seen that this is not the case today. You can really wear them with the variety of clothes, from short and midi skirts to casual and elegant.
So girls, don’t be afraid to pair your boots with a variety of outfits to create your own personal style and surprise all your friends!

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