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How To Wear Black Backless Dress

How To Wear Black Backless Dress

When I go to a cocktail party, it’s usually not the deep v-neck dresses, but the backless dresses. The most surprising and addicting moment is when someone turns around in a typical black dress and you realize that the person is wearing an incredibly sexy backless dress. For those of you who don’t mind showing off some skin, here are some of the best black backless outfit ideas I’ve put together.

Black dress with halter neck and open back


From the front, the dress is a really elegant black halter neck mini dress with a gold belt. From the back, it’s a stunning lace dress with an open back. You can just wear a black ankle strap to complete this amazing outfit.

Black backless high split midi dress

black backless high split midi dress

Here is a feminine and sexy black and silver outfit. You can just wear a black backless midi dress with silver heels. In addition to the silver heels, you can also wear the silver clutch to create this elegant look.

Black backless ruffle mini dresses

black backless ruffle mini dress outfit

Sometimes, though rare, sexy and cute can happen at the same time. A black ruffle mini dress is supposed to be a really cute and casual dress. Now join this together with a backless cut. You will have a sexy look that also looks very natural. The knotted band design gives the outfit a nice touch.

Backless mini dress with a flowing back design

backless mini dress flowing back design

From the front, this dress is just a typical and beautiful long-sleeved black shift dress. From the back you can see the backless design with a very sexy detail, just as the backless part sits loosely. It’s kind of a trick to trick people into believing that they can see more skin from different angles. Sometimes it’s not the showing skin game that makes you look sexy, but the showing skin and mind game that astonishes people and makes them guess.

Black halterneck dress with a silver sequin top

black halterneck dress with a silver sequin top

Now that we’ve talked about a couple of pretty similar dresses, let’s talk about this gorgeous dress made up of the top top part of the silver sequin halter and the bottom part of the black skirt. This amazing silver and black dress can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Just pair it with black heels with ankle straps to complete the outfit.

Black backless lace maxi dress

Backless dress made of black maxi lace

This outfit is a long sleeved black maxi dress with lace sleeves. The lace in the long sleeves extends to the back of this backless dress, making the dress look equally elegant from the front and back. The dress is very creatively combined with silver heeled sandals and the result is amazing.

Black lace skater dress with an open back

black lace skater dress with an open back

This is another black lace dress, but unlike the previous one, this is a more youthful looking dress that is a skater dress. Also, you need to show more skin as it is not the sleeves that are made up of sleeves but a large part of the front as well. Complete this minimal outfit with black ballerina flats.

Black chiffon dress with cutouts at the waist and back

black chiffon dress cutouts waist back

This dress is a cute neckline dress with small cutouts, one at the waist and one at the back to make this dress a subtle open back dress. With this adorable chiffon dress, it’s best to wear black and nude boho-style platform sandals for an airy look.

Black strappy backless maxi dress

black, backless maxi dress

This black strappy backless maxi dress is a very classic design. When comparing a real backless dress to a strappy dress, you will be surprised how the majority of people think the backless strappy dress is more beautiful and sexy.

Black sheath maxi dress with neckline on the back

black coat maxi dress neckline on the back

This black sheathed backless maxi dress is also in the shape of a cut out dress. You may want to try this dress the first time you wear an open back dress that you are not confident enough to reveal too much skin. One small step at a time is often a good strategy brick by brick to overcome fear or challenge.

Asymmetrical backless dress with ankle straps and open toes

asymmetrical backless dress ankle strap with open toe

If you want to dress super sexy and super stylish at the same time, this dress can make your wish come true. This black maxi dress has a very interesting and creative cut that makes the dress look like a strapless dress from the front and an almost completely backless dress from the back. The bottom edge of the dress is also sloped, making the right side of the dress longer than the left side. Wear black heels with ankle straps to complete your outfit with elegance.

Backless black skater dress with Angel Wings design

Backless black skater dress with angel wing design

This is a truly unique, almost cos-play style, black backless skater dress that can be worn to a creative themed party. While I have to admit that I don’t exactly know the best time to wear this dress, this is too breathtaking to be crossed off the list. To take this outfit to another level, wear black heels and a black felt hat to add an artistic touch. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas for similar hats, check out our blog post on how to wear the black felt hat.

Two-piece set consisting of a black sequin crop top and matching mini skirt

black top with sequins and matching mini skirt

This dress is a stylish two-piece dress that consists of a black top with sequins and a black, figure-hugging mini skirt. Just pair it with black open toe heels for a fantastic look.

Strappy backless black dress with gladiator sandals

Strappy Backless Black Dress Gladiator Sandals

This outfit is a great demonstration of how to style a black strappy dress. Combine this backless maxi high-split dress with black gladiator sandals for an elegant strappy outfit.

Skater dress made of black lace and chiffon with an open back

Skater dress made of black lace and chiffon with an open back

While a black skater dress usually looks cute, this dress that uses a lace element and an open back cut looks sexy and cute at the same time. Most of the dress is made of chiffon, making the outfit look even more elegant and feminine. Pair it with black suede open toe heels to complete your outfit.

Here are the black backless outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you. If you really want to try these sexy backless dresses but are not sure, it is best to start with the cropped dresses which only require you to show a small area of ​​your back. You will eventually be able to build trust brick by brick.

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