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Faux Fur Cape Outfit Ideas

Faux Fur Cape Outfit Ideas

Capes are flattering and very warm kind of coats. They look amazing with their A-line cut and furry hems. Winter is not for long here, but you can switch from your winter coat to faux fur cape. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. If you are interested (hope you are), then scroll down to see more.
Faux fur is warm and very flattering. You can be sure that you will be cozy when the temperature drops.
In this post, we will see how to style cape with everyday pieces or elegant ones. This item is great for wearing in the office or even as your wedding accessory. Let’s check out together how to style this chic staple.

Chic and Modern Faux Fur Cape

faux fur cape modern chic
Instagram became one of the main places for seeing trends. Influencers are better than any magazine nowadays. This girl shows us how to style faux fur cape in the modern and chic way. She mixes it with simple white tee and jeans. However, along with cape, the bag is a statement piece of this look. Try this look for an everyday winter stroll.

Beige and Black Combo

faux fur cape beige
As I already mentioned in some previous posts, I was not a fan of the black and beige combination. However, I have to admit that it can look sophisticated and very chic. You can try this combo by pairing beige cape with faux fur hems and black jeans. The white tee will be a great choice if you don’t know what else to wear. Finish off this look with brown flats.

Black Faux Fur Cape

faux fur cape black
Black is definitely one of the easiest colors to mix. It is one of basic colors that work perfectly with any other. That is why outerwear in this color is very practical for wearing and styling. You can go for this safe combo by pairing cape with classy blue skinny jeans and block-heeled pumps. This combination can be great workwear inspiration.

Beige faux fur cape

faux fur cape giovanna beige
For this outfit, we will take a cue from this chic Italian woman – Giovanna Battaglia. She wears beige A-line cape covered in faux fur lines. Pair it with black jeans and statement flats for an everyday chic look. This can be your new office look or just an outfit for grabbing a cup of coffee with your friends.

Faux fur neckline

faux fur neckline
When I say faux fur cape, it didn’t mean that all of them are covered in fur. This one, for example, has furry neckline, while the rest of the cape is kept low-key. It is great for warm winter days, weekend coffees or lunches out in some restaurant. If you were wondering how to style it, my suggestion is to go with dark skinny jeans and statement bag.

Long Eggshell Cape

faux fur cape long beige
It is obvious that Italian women like faux fur. We will see once again how the editor and chief Giovanna Battaglia wear this stylish item. This time she opted for long beige cape covered in faux fur. It looks more sophisticated and elegant than a short one. However, she pairs with a gray turtleneck, dark jeans and embellished flats. Don’t forget to add metallic detail as she did with the silver bag.

Snakeskin blouse

faux fur cape snakeskin blouse
Sometimes it is all about details. I don’t know about you, but I love details. Sometimes you need only one statement piece to make your outfit special and unique. This girl opted for that statement piece to be a snakeskin blouse. She pairs it with beige cape and skinny black jeans. Classic black Chanel bag is one of the items that every girl wish to have in their wardrobe.

Blue Furry Cape

faux fur cape navy blue
Olivia Palermo is one of the most famous fashion girls. She likes fur, classy and chic details, and elegant statement items. As you can see in the photo above, she wears navy-blue fur neckline cape with rolled-up jeans and purple flats. Finish off with a white bag with delicate fringes. This is great winter outfit for every day.

Plaid Faux Fur Cape

faux fur cape plaid brown
Plaid is one of the most popular prints nowadays. It is seen everywhere, on skirts, blouses, and pants. However, it is kind of surprise for me to see it on the cape. And I have to admit it looks amazing. Brown plaid cape with fur is a great accessory to wear on early spring days. You can opt for white jeans and some nice ankle boots.

Ladylike look

faux fur cape ladylike
Faux fur capes can also look very elegant and bit vintage. If you like your elegant looks to be ladylike, then you should follow these rules. As you already know, little black dress is forever an elegant piece of wardrobe. It would be very nice if you pair it with a gray faux fur cape. Add classy pumps with high heels and put on red lipstick.

Future Bride to Be

faux fur cape wedding dress
As I have already mentioned, capes are great accessories for future brides. If you decided that your wedding will be in late fall or winter than you will need something to keep you warm. Faux fur cape is great for that. You can choose whatever color you like. I suggest going with black or brown. They are basic, and will not overshadow your wedding gown.

Lilac Faux Fur Cape

faux fur cape lilac
If you opt for this lilac cape, I can guarantee you one thing. You will draw a lot of views. Lilac is one of the popular colors of the season, so make sure to try it! The fur around hem sleeves and on the neckline hem looks amazing and very chic. You can style this cape with jeans and elegant white blouse.


faux fur cape pink
In the end, something for eccentric lovers. I love to see New Yorkers when they are dressed like this. They show us how to dress for ourselves and not to worry about what others will say. Pink fur looks cool and fashionable. Why don’t you try it?

I hope you have liked these outfit ideas. Make sure to read all other style guides that we prepared for you!

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