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How To Wear Cable Knit Cardigan

How To Wear Cable Knit Cardigan

In another blog post, I wrote about how you can combine the cardigan with any casual outfit and instantly turn an average-looking outfit into a beautiful one. Today I’m going to talk about a very specific type of cardigan that is even more magical, namely the cable knit cardigan. You can style it very easily and build a nice outfit around it. To make it even easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best cardigan-cardigans ideas and I’m going to show you now.

Gray long knitted cardigan with white lace mini dress


To start this exciting list, I’m going to show you a very beautiful and feminine outfit. To achieve this awesome look, you can wear a gray long cardigan over a white lace skater mini dress. Make sure the cardigan is a little longer than the dress to make your legs look longer. A pair of black stockings and black leather boots is a stylish addition to this outfit.

Chunky cardigan made of ivory-colored cables

chunky cardigan made of ivory-colored cable pattern

Now let’s look at an adorable outfit that consists of a really chunky cardigan. To shape this lovely outfit, you can wear a charcoal t-shirt with an ivory cardigan. You can wear a green knitted scarf to look even more beautiful. Team them with black skinny jeans and white sneakers for a simple and casual way to complete the outfit.

Gray long knitted cardigan with skinny jeans

gray long knitted jeans from cardigan

Here is a stylish and artistic look. Without the cardigan, this outfit is just an uninteresting one, consisting of a black top and dark blue skinny jeans. Adding the gray long sweater just changes everything. To make the outfit even more stylish and artistic, you can wear a pair of black oxford shoes.

White Sweater Over Plaid Friends Shirt & Shirt Tee

white cardigan over plaid boyfriend shirt tee

This is a very interesting and stylish layered outfit. For the top, you can wear a gray t-shirt with an unbuttoned gray and dark blue plaid boyfriend shirt. Now wear another layer by wearing a white cardigan over the boyfriend shirt. It’s a very rare way to create a three-layer top like this one, but the result speaks for itself. It looks very cool indeed. Wear it with black skinny jeans and a pair of low-top Converse shoes to complete the look.

Gray knitted cardigan over T-shirt and mini shorts

gray cable knit cardigan over t-shirt mini shorts

One way to make your legs look longer and slimmer is to wear a long, thick cardigan over mini shorts. For example, you can wear a black print t-shirt and tie-dye mini shorts. Wear a gray, long, thick cardigan over these parts. Pair all of these pieces with white sneakers to look stylish and understated sexy.

White oversized cable knit cardigan

white oversized cardigan

This outfit is just a very low profile and casual outfit to wear when you just want to stop by a friend. To achieve this cozy look, just wear a white t-shirt with a white oversized cardigan for the top. Black skinny jeans and nude sandals are a great complement to this outfit.

Burgundy cardigan with a green scarf

Burgundy knitted scarf made from cardigan

Now let’s look at a very happy and passionate look that is easy for you to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a burgundy colored cardigan over a crepe colored mini shift dress. Wear a green knitted scarf to combine with the red cardigan and create a happy feeling. Wear a pair of black leather ankle boots with the shoes to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Beige cardigan with mini dress with black belt

beige cardigan black belt mini dress

You can definitely combine a cardigan with a business casual outfit. Here is a good example of that. Wear a beige cable sweater with a black mini dress and a slim brown leather belt. Pair these pieces with black stockings, brown leather boots, and a brown leather handbag to look beautiful and professional.

White Belted Cable Knit Cardigan with a floral dress

white knitted cardigan dress with belt

For a gorgeous and ladylike winter look, here is an outfit that you might want to consider. To achieve a dreamy winter look, you can wear an airy flower skater dress. Wear a white belted cardigan over it. Pair these pieces with a green knitted scarf, white leggings, and brown leather mid-calf boots to create a Christmas vibe.

Dark green midi-length cardigan

dark green cardigan in midi length

For an absolutely stylish look, adding some leather clothing to the mix would help. For example, you can wear a white scoop neck t-shirt and black leather pants. Wear it with a dark green long cardigan to transform this outfit into a cool layered outfit. Wear it with black pointed toe heels for a feminine and elegant feel.

White cardigan with a black shift dress

white cardigan black shift dress

This outfit is just airy and artistic. To shape this, you can wear a black shirt dress with black leggings and black leather boots. Combine them with a white cardigan for an intense and beautiful contrast. Wear a black felt hat to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Burgundy cardigan with t-shirt & jeans

Burgundy Cardigan T-Shirt Jeans

Without the cardigan, this outfit is simple and decent and consists of a gray t-shirt and navy skinny jeans. With the burgundy-red cable cardigan, the outfit can be transformed into a beautiful and deep outfit in seconds. Wear black ballerina shoes for a casual and minimalist look.

Crepe cardigan with a long gray t-shirt

Crepe cable knit cardigan long gray t-shirt

Here is an interesting outfit that has a boho style. To achieve this look, you can wear a long gray printed t-shirt. Wear a long crepe cardigan over your shirt. Add a pair of gray skinny jeans and nude sandals to the equation. Don’t forget about the magical piece that gives the outfit the boho style, namely the knitted scarf with crepe fringes.

Light gray knitted cardigan with black top

light gray cardigan black cardigan black

The great thing about a chunky knit cardigan is that not only do you not look chunky, but you also look slim. To make the effect even more obvious, you can wear a black T-shirt and black skinny jeans in a light gray cardigan. A black and white low-top Converse is a great way to add a casual twist.

Pink oversized cardigan with white t-shirt and black jeans

pink oversized cable knit cardigan white t-shirt black jeans

To look feminine and ladylike, just add some pink to the mixture. For example, to make the white print t-shirt and black skinny jeans look nice, you can wear an oversized, red-pink cable knit sweater over them. Pair them with white sneakers for an easy and casual way to complete the outfit.

Here are the knit cardigan outfit ideas that are very easy to take off indeed while the results are amazing. It would be great to have one in your closet so that you always have the option to turn an ordinary into an extraordinary.

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