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How To Wear Trench Coat

How To Wear Trench Coat

The trench coat is a lifelong piece of clothing that you must have in your closet. The cut and color of this piece has something that will make you want to wear it again year after year.

Personally, I’ve owned one for over six years. I wear it every spring and autumn while the weather is neither here nor there. They are perfect for those breezy days on the road.

All fashion magazines mention the famous trench coat when they talk about basic clothing. It’s a classic piece that will last for years if you buy it. That is the attraction of the trench coat.

We have seen a lot of trench coats this fashion season. They were mostly long and oversized. They were also made from patent leather and vinyl. Sounds interesting?
Street style is the best indicator of the trend, so I’ve rounded up some of the best outfit ideas on how to wear a trench coat just for you!

Trendy oversized and long trench coat

Trench coat long oversized emerald green
The green trench coat is very interesting and chic. The emerald green color can be combined with jeans or stirrup pants. You can mix the styles by combining the sporty hat and patent leather ankle boots. It is an excellent outfit for the fashionable city girl.

Trench coat oversized long beige beige gray
Mixing and combining different styles has never been easier. Combine your trench coat as classic casual clothing and a sporty hoodie. You get the perfect mix of gray and beige.

Trench coat long oversized belt bag
If you are thinking of the original way to decorate your trench coat, here is the fabulous example of it. Wear a belt bag instead of a belt or waistband! It looks cool and very trendy.

Long oversized trench coat red
Combining beige and red is the right way to look fabulous! Combine your trendy red boots and the long, oversized beige trench coat. Add a red scarf around the waist of the hand as a very cool detail.

Trench coat long oversized red boots
So how about long red boots with the oversized trench coat? Leandra Medine implemented this effortless and chic look perfectly.

Trench coat oversized long blush pink
If you’re a fan of blushing pink color this trench is great for you! You can style it with the dark jeans and the white button-down top. It looks very chic and casual. Add a black bag to complete this excellent outfit.

Trench coat oversized, long, all beige
Even if it seems like a boring outfit, this is a very classy and elegant combination. Everything in a beige outfit, it’s a great way to show people how to look fabulous in just one color!
Miroslava Duma definitely knows how to deal with this great look.

Trench coat oversized long brown
The brown trench coat is something I long for. It just looks great and can be worn with almost any other color. Wrap yourself up in this long and oversized model and don’t worry about the cold.

Trench coat oversized mustard
You can style your mustard yellow trench coat with the plaid pants and a white t-shirt for a super stylish and modern look. You can top it all off with a lovely pair of brown stilettos. Add large earrings like a very cool jewelry detail.

Gingham trench coat
The gingham pattern on this skirt looks amazing when paired with the long dark green trench coat. Add a classic white button and you have the perfect outfit for the daytime events. Wear it with ankle boots or heels.

Trench coat oversized long blue
Isn’t it great when you can wrap yourself in a pastel blue trench like this and not worry about the staples you have to carry downstairs? For a chic and stylish look, only wear thigh high boots with pointy toes.

Trench coat oversized plaid
This is a great way to wear your plaid trench coat. Combine it with frayed hem jeans, suede boots and a dark blue sweater. Relaxed but still the way to look amazing.

Trench coat with oversized long bell sleeves
This beautiful trench coat has bell sleeves and a wide waistband. The color is beige which means you can combine it with any other color using staples.

Trench coat long slippers
This outfit can be your new workwear inspiration. It looks very chic and stylish. Combine your trench coat with the black jeans and the gray sweater. When you get tired of heels, wear cool and trendy slippers.

Trench coat suede
If you like suede, and especially the brown one, then this coat is made for you! Combine it with the black snakeskin bag and the block heel boots.

Trench coat oversized pleated skirt
If you’ve thought about wearing the pleated skirt with the long trench coat and it didn’t seem like a good idea, I’m going to get you to think about it. Let the layer games begin!

Trench coat oversized white boots
Combine your oversized trench coat with the white ankle boots and high-waisted jeans for a super chic look. You can add a vintage bag and pair of long earrings to complete this look.

Regular and checked trench coat

Trench coat plaid
If you want to be pretty in plaids, you should definitely buy a plaid trench coat. It doesn’t take long and follows your body’s line. You can wear it with the suede blouse in the color of warm mustard and ripped jeans.

Trench coat red bag
This eggshell-white trench is perfect for everyday use. It’s a totally safe option to wear to work or business meetings. Combine it with the red bag and the black ankle boots with high block heels.

Vinyl trench coat

Trench coat vinyl black
Patent leather or vinyl exploded this fashion season. This material has been seen a lot on the streets of fashion capitals. This Italian It-Girl is wearing the black vinyl coat with the black dress and two-tone shoes. It looks chic and very sophisticated.

Trench coat vinyl red
So how about the red patent leather coat? It looks pretty eccentric, but also very chic. Wear it with the velvet pants, the white top and the brown snakeskin loafers. Simple and chic.

Trench coat vinyl plaids
Plaids combined with vinyl might not seem like the best idea, but you have to admit, it looks pretty impressive. Wear a trench coat with stirrup pants and white cut shoes.

The trench coat is definitely the piece that you must have. You buy it once and then wear it for years. I don’t know if it’s the color or the cut of the trench, but it looks so effortless and casual. And for that you have to love it!

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