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White Leather Dress Outfit Ideas

White Leather Dress Outfit Ideas

I noticed a very strange thing about the white leather dress. You can see a lot of people wearing the white leather jacket and white leather skirt, but you actually don’t see people wearing the white leather dress that much. It’s something that looks just amazing and it’s even better when it’s not so mainstream that you can wear it and look good and unique. Finding a style guide for the white leather dress is quite difficult and that’s why I decide to write this blog post. What you’re about to see are some of the best white leather dress outfit ideas I’ve put together. Now let’s look at the list.

White leather mini skater dress


To start this interesting and exciting list, I’m going to show you this youthful and cute outfit. It may come as a little surprise to you that you rarely put “cute” and “leather” in the same sentence. To achieve this unique look, you can simply wear a white leather skater dress. Pair it with black open platform heels to complete this minimal look.

White leather tank Boydcon mini dress

Bodycon mini dress made of white leather tank

Here is another extremely simple look. To shape this outfit, you can simply wear a fitted mini dress made of white leather and pair it with black suede boots. This black and white outfit not only looks stylish, it also has an artistic touch.

White leather midi shift dress

white leather midi shift dress

For a more casual look, you can wear a looser fitting dress instead of bodycon dresses like the ones mentioned. For example, you can wear this white leather shift dress. Peeling off is a lot easier as you don’t have to be in tip top shape to look your best. Complete your outfit with a pair of black open toe heels with ankle straps for a classy touch.

White one shoulder mini shift dress

white shoulder dress with one shoulder

For an asymmetrical, stylish look, you can go for a one shoulder dress like this white leather mini dress. Just pair it with white open toe heels with ankle straps for a stylish and eye-catching all-white outfit.

White midi bodycon leather dress with black sleeves

white midi figure-hugging leather dress black sleeves

This is a youthful and playful black and white outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a black and white leather midi dress where the main part of the dress is white while the sleeves are black. Combine the beautiful and creatively designed dress with black ankle boots to complete the outfit in style.

White figure-hugging leather dress with a scoop neckline

white figure-hugging leather dress with scoop neckline

One great thing about wearing the white leather dress is that it is both stylish enough for a girls night out and elegant enough for a formal event because of its sturdy and semi-glossy texture. To get this outfit that is great and suitable for a formal event, you can simply pair a white leather scoop neck dress with rose gold sequin heels.

Backless leather dress with white pointed toe heels

backless leather dress white pointed toe heels

For those of you who have beautiful skin, consider this sexy backless dress. In detail it is a white leather mini bodycon backless dress. You can pair it with white pointed toe pumps for a clean, white look.

White strapless leather skater dress

white strapless leather skater dress

This strapless fit and white leather flared dress are so elegant and beautiful that they can be worn as a wedding dress. Isn’t it just cool to wear a leather dress for your wedding? If you think this is too adventurous, you can actually wear more than one wedding dress at your wedding and make this dress just one of the dresses. To complete this outfit, you can wear either black or silver ballet flats for a feminine touch.

Strapless bodycon high split maxi leather dress

Strapless, figure-hugging, high-split maxi leather dress

It is very rare to see a white leather maxi dress and I have to say that this dress looks really nice. It is a sexy strapless bodycon maxi dress with a slit. It’s very difficult to peel off as it sits so thin and also shows a lot of skin. But when you’re in great shape, you can pair it with a statement necklace and white heels to really shine at a formal event or cocktail party.

White leather t-shirt dress with wide sleeves

white leather t-shirt dress with wide sleeves

It is also very rare to see a leather t-shirt and this is more true of a white leather t-shirt dress. It looks very unique, airy and casual. You can build a stylish outfit around it by wearing black heels and a white leather handbag.

Sleeveless, figure-hugging, white leather dress with rivets

sleeveless, figure-hugging, white leather dress with rivets

Up to this point, I’ve shown you a lot of beautiful and stylish festive white dresses. But if you’re looking for something a little more edgy, this outfit might be what you’re actually looking for. This dress here is a knee length dress made of white leather with studs. There is no question that the rivets add some toughness to the dress. You can simply pair the dress with silver heels to complete this silver and white outfit.

White leather mini dress with a square neck

white leather mini dress with square neck

This is a simple and low-key sexy dress that shows off your shoulders and collarbones. It is a figure-hugging mini dress made of white leather with a square neckline. You can simply pair it with light pink heels to look feminine, youthful and refreshing.

White two-tone dress with neon pink clutch

white two-tone dress neon pink clutch bag

This is a very natural looking two tone white dress with the main part made of leather and the lower part made of mesh. Just pair it with a neon pink clutch and light pink pointy toe heels to look feminine and pretty.

White leather wrap tube

white leather tube dress

To achieve a sexy and stylish look, you can wear this white leather pipe dress that has a nifty wrap cut. Not only that, it also has such cool details like the zipper and button details on the front. Wear white nude sandals to complete this gorgeous all white look.

White tube dress with a zipper in the front and a light pink choker

white zip tube dress with light pink choker

Here is another sexy white leather pipe dress. This time it has a cool looking design with a zipper in the front. Pair it with light pink heels and a pink choker to add a feminine and stylish touch to the overall look.

Hope you enjoy the white leather dress ideas mentioned above. You definitely look beautiful and stylish at the same time. Consider wearing one of these for your upcoming cocktail party to give your friends a nice surprise.

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