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How To Wear Tassel Dress

How To Wear Tassel Dress

Sometimes the little details make a big difference to a dress. A good example would be the tassel dress. Whether the tassel details are added to a swing dress, a sheath dress, or an off the shoulder dress, they make the dress look so much nicer and more attractive. The main purpose of this blog post is to show you some beautiful tassel dresses with different styles and cuts so that you can learn how to style them from them. I’ve gathered up some of the best tassel dress outfit ideas and I’m going to show you now.

White one shoulder ruffle tassel mini dress


To start the list, I’m going to show you this outfit that is absolutely beautiful and chic. To achieve this look, wear a white one shoulder mini ruffle dress. The colorful tassels take the already beautiful dress with one shoulder to another level. Pair the dress with nude heeled sandals to complete a simple but gorgeous outfit.

Black short-sleeved tassel shift dress

black short-sleeved shift dress with tassel

After just looking at a really refreshing outfit, let’s turn 180 degrees and look at the black outfit. You can just wear a black tassel shirt dress with a straw hat for a dark and artistic look. Combine them with nude heeled sandals to complete the outfit casually.

White half-sleeved tassel swing mini dress

white half-sleeve tassel swing mini dress

This is a beautiful and pretty white mini swing dress with gold sequin and tassel details. With a dress that looks so great on its own, you really don’t have to do a lot to style it. Just pair it with light pink open toe ankle straps to complete this outfit that looks feminine and adorable.

White sleeveless swing tassel dress

white sleeveless swing tassel dress

Here is another mini swing dress. But this time it’s a sleeveless tassel dress with a halter neck. This is a perfect beach dress as an alternative to a bikini. For the shoes, wear a pair of boho-style nude sandals to look your best.

Neckholder dress with gold sequin details

Halter dress gold sequin details

You can wear this white body-hugging halter neck gown finished with gold sequin and tassel detailing to a cocktail party or even to a prom. If you look carefully you can also see some crochet details that make the dress look even more elegant. Wear the dress with white toe heels with ankle straps for an all-white, classy look.

Gray wrap-around tassel dress with a black floppy hat

gray wrap-around tassel dress, black floppy hat

This is an interesting and stylish gray wrap tassel dress. It has so many nice details like the white belt design and all the tassel details everywhere. To wear this dress in an artistic way, pair it with a black floppy hat, a pair of nude heeled sandals, and a statement necklace.

Tiffany Blue and White Shift Tassel Dress

Tiffany blue and white shift tassel dress

For a simple and airy outfit, you can wear this tiffany blue mini shift tassel dress with a pair of brown gladiator sandals. That’s it. This outfit is a great demonstration of the less is more principle.

Sky Blue Off the Shoulder Puff Sleeve Tassel Dress

sky blue, off-the-shoulder tassel dress with puff sleeves

Here is a colorful and eye-catching dress. It is a sky blue shift dress with puff sleeves and red tassel details. You can wear the dress with a pair of light pink pointy toe pumps and a pink leather clutch to look colorful and chic.

White strapless mini swing dress

white strapless mini swing dress

To look simple and beautiful, here is an outfit that consists of three pieces to achieve an amazing look. Wear a white strapless mini swing tassel dress. Pair it with black open toe heels with ankle straps. Finish off with a brown leather handbag to complete this outfit with an elegant touch.

Two-piece blue and white tribal dress

two-piece blue and white tribal dress

Here is a lovely two-piece blue and white printed dress. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a dress, because the lower part of this two-piece is actually shorts that look a lot like a mini-skirt. Anyway, I think you’d be interested in this lovely outfit anyway. Back to that outfit, the top of the two-piece dress is a strapless tassel top. Combine the dress with white heeled sandals to look refreshing and airy.

Blue shoulder dress with colorful tassels

blue one shoulder dress colorful tassels

This is such a cute mini dress that you can easily look attractive and happy. It is a light blue ruffled dress with one shoulder and colorful tassel details. Wear it with a pair of light pink strappy heels to look more feminine. You can also carry a pink leather handbag to add an extra feminine touch to the outfit.

White backless chiffon tassel dress

white backless chiffon tassel dress

For a sexy look that will make you stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party, here’s a white backless chiffon tassel mini dress that can do just that. Not only does it have an extremely sexy backless cut, but it’s also a semi-transparent dress that pushes the envelope even further. This dress is teamed with white open toe heels with ankle straps for a smart all-white outfit.

Skater tassel dress with white belt

white skater tassel dress with belt

For an adorable and innocent street outfit perfect for dating, wear a mini tassel dress with a white belt. Pair it with brown gladiator sandals and a small sleek brown leather bag to complete this simple but remarkable look.

Ivory Tribal Style Tassel Mini Dress

Ivory Tribal Style Tassel Mini Dress

This is a beautiful and unique dress that is perfect for a beach photo shoot. It is an ivory colored tribal mini dress with vintage tassel details. Simply wear the dress with nude sandals for a boho look.

White knee-length dress with a deep V-neckline and a fitted waist

white, deep V-neck dress with knee-length waist

Here’s a formal outfit to wear to proms. The dress is a white, knee-length tassel dress with a deep V-neckline and silver sequin details. You can wear the dress with silver ankle straps with open toes for a classy look.

Hope you enjoy the tassel dress outfit ideas mentioned above. They are all very beautiful and most of them are actually quite easy to pull off. Let’s try them out and have fun styling.

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