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How To Wear White Leather Jacket

How To Wear White Leather Jacket

If someone said “leather jacket” most people would assume that it defaults to a black leather jacket. While I have no doubt that the black leather jacket is one of the most classic things to wear, if you ignore the white leather jacket, you are missing out on a lot. The white leather jacket definitely makes the outfit look very different from the black one, but it can still make the outfit look very stylish, maybe even more unique. In the blog post, I rounded up some of the best ways to style white leather jackets and I am now going to show you these amazing outfit ideas.

White leather jacket with button up shirt & boyfriend jeans


Although a white leather jacket sounds like it’s pretty hard to style, it actually looks very natural when paired with a white top. For example, wear a white shirt with buttons and a white leather jacket for the top. For the top, just wear boyfriend jeans and brown leather ankle boots. The outfit just looks so stylish and comfortable. Now you can see that in some cases a white leather jacket is even easier to style than a black one.

Wear it with black skinny jeans and brown over the knee boots

black skinny jeans brown over the knee boots

For a sleek and stylish look, you can wear a white leather jacket with a white top, black skinny jeans, and most importantly, the brown over-the-knee suede boots that make the outfit so much more elegant. The elegant white wallet also contributes to this.

White leather jacket with red waistcoat with deep V-neck

white leather jacket red deep v-neck vest top

A color combination of red, white and black can create a very elegant and eye-catching outfit. For example, wear a red vest top with a deep V-neck and a white leather jacket as a top. Complete your outfit in style by wearing black skinny jeans and black strappy sandals.

Short white jacket with black tank and ripped boyfriend jeans

short white jacket black tank ripped boyfriend jeans

For an understated business casual outfit, simply wear a black tank top with a short white leather jacket, ripped boyfriend jeans and black heels. It almost seems like the white leather jacket is worn as a more stylish alternative to a white blazer. Without the leather jacket, this outfit would definitely be too casual for most jobs.

Wear it with a white t-shirt, cuffed jeans and white trainers

white jeans with t-shirt cuff, white sneakers

Here is a young and refreshing looking outfit that consists of a white t-shirt, white leather jacket, skinny jeans with cuffs, and white sneakers. As much as the white leather jacket should deserve the recognition for this pretty outfit, the white sneakers and especially the ponytail make this outfit a young and happy looking outfit.

White leather jacket with black crop top & skater skirt

white leather jacket black crop top skater skirt

Without the white leather jacket, this is an interesting all-black outfit that consists of a black crop top, a black skater skirt, and a pair of black and white Converse. That would have been a pretty stylish and reserved sexy outfit. With the white leather jacket, the outfit now looks more balanced and the white leather gives it additional style.

Wear it with a gray t-shirt and black skinny jeans

gray t-shirt black skinny jeans

One advantage of wearing a white leather jacket is that a super causal outfit can be made so stylish that the casual outfit almost becomes an elegant casual outfit. For example, wear a gray print t-shirt with black skinny jeans and black leather boots down the middle of the calf for a casual street outfit. Wear the white leather jacket to look a lot slimmer and smarter.

White leather jacket with black chiffon half-shimmer skirt

white leather jacket black chiffon skirt

This is a cool attempt at putting a piece of chiffon together with a piece of leather. For the top, wear a black printed t-shirt with a white leather jacket. Pair them with a semi-sheer black chiffon skirt with black and white sandals. This combination of leather and chiffon turns out to be quite chic and stylish.

White leather jacket with blue and black tribal sheath mini dress

white leather jacket blue and black tribal dress

For a unique boho look, you can wear a white leather jacket with a blue and black tribal mini dress and nude heeled sandals. The leather jacket just adds a stylish and intense contrast to spice up the overall look.

White jacket with an all black outfit

white jacket all black outfit

You almost don’t have to dress all black to achieve a dark and cool look. You can also wear a white leather jacket with all the other black parts to bring out the dark and cool factor. For example, you can dress all black with the black T-shirt, the black skinny jeans and the black leather boots. Wear the contrasting white leather jacket to complete the look. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on styling leather ankle boots.

Wear it with Chunky Sweater & Cuffed Jeans in white cables

white cable knit jeans with a chunky sweater and cuffs

This is an adorable yet stylish outfit that consists of a white chunky knit sweater, cuffed jeans, and white slippers. A white leather jacket is a stylish addition to your outfit that will balance out the coarseness of the knit sweater.

White leather jacket with a black, figure-hugging midi dress

white leather jacket black bodycon midi dress

When you want to wear a black bodycon dress to a cocktail party. It is a good idea to slip a white leather jacket over your shoulders when entering the party to keep you warm and look chic.

Wear it with a boho style shift dress & knee high boots

Boho style knee high boots

This is just a lovely way to wear a boho-style white shift dress. The lace scallop hem definitely makes the outfit nicer. You can style the dress by wearing it with a scarf, an ivory-colored leather jacket, and gray knee-high lace-up boots.

Wear it with an oversized white button-up shirt and white jeans

oversized white button-up shirt jeans outfit

For a casual business outfit that leans on the casual side, wear an oversized white button down shirt, white skinny jeans and black open-toe heels. Wear the white leather jacket for a more formal look.

Wear it with a blue button-up skirt and low canvas shoes

blue skirt with button up and low canvas shoes

I’m a fan of wearing the black leather jacket with Converse, and it looks like the Converse would work pretty well with a white leather jacket too. Just wear a blue shirt with buttons, skinny jeans and the leather jacket. Wear a pair of classic low-top Converse for a casual finish.

Hope you enjoy the white leather jacket outfit ideas I just shared with you. Maybe you love the black leather jackets as much as I do, but let’s try the white ones. You look just amazing.

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