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Apartment In Sweden With Shades Of Dark
Blue Interiors

Apartment In Sweden With Shades Of Dark Blue Interiors

dining table decoration accessories

Let me take you to the utmost in the vase. Here you can get your dream house near the courtyard location with a perfect condition in the Art Nouveau building. Two bedrooms newly designed are the best combination of old and recent trends. All windows and doors have been here since the time this property was created. You can find them together in beautiful shades of dark blue interiors with well-kept wooden floors that create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Color experts believe that the use of blue color makes a room feel more cozy and is a perfect choice for a living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen. It gives the same feeling of coming home with peace even if you are in the middle of this great city.

Shades Of Dark Blue Interiors

Styling By Hanna Rydman
Picture of Johan Spinnell
For Sale at Historic Home

Living room with dining area

The beautiful large window in the living room gives you nice natural light that makes you feel alive. It has enough space that covers the sofa and other types of furniture such as shelves and desks. In addition, it has a wide cabinet in the entrance adjacent to the living room. Each object has its own height and width. A variety of accessories have been included with their various functions.

Fantastic apartment in Sweden with shades of dark blue interiors

Makeup accessories and mirror decoration

Inspired by dark blue decor

Dining table near window with dark blue wall

Small plant on the living room table

Small space dining table on carpet with lamp and plants decoration

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Blend of blue and gray interior


Kitchen with open wooden shelves

The kitchen was remodeled in 2015 at the time of remodeling of the apartment. The motive was to install the kitchen area in the entrance so that there is room for the bedroom in the former kitchen. The window between the bedroom and the kitchen gives a decent amount of light. The walls in the kitchen are classic with white tiled and white fog. All appliances and furniture are sourced from IKEA which is the most popular and reliable company for their furniture and kitchen appliances. The doors in the kitchen are colored with gray and have leather handles. Porcelain and granite marble are installed in the kitchen which creates a fantastic look. There is a long rack under the shelves of the kitchen and its entrance as the shaker style. Cabinets are provided to hold items such as kitchenware and cleaning products.

white tile kitchen wall

White brick wall with small kitchen space with open wooden shelves

open wooden shelves kitchen with marble count top

Dark blue kitchen door

sink counter depth

Kitchen long rack

Bedroom With Shades Of Dark Blue Wall

The bedroom has a lovely wall and a large large bed with an attractive cross bar. A place made of marble at the top of the storage area where you can place a nightstand and other small objects such as books, small photo frames and books. Apart from this, there is some space where you can keep your favorite flowers. A collection of colors dark blue interior design in the bedroom that runs the spectrum from real marine to aquamarine.

deep blue wall bedroom gray bedding

Light gray linen bedding dark blue bedroom wall

Shades Of Dark Blue Interiors Bedroom

Small bathroom space

A simple bathroom with toilet and shower attached to it, wall-painted with gray paint and installed a dark gray plastic mat on the floor. You should check out this eclectic decor if you want to achieve a first class dark gray home design. There is enough space here to hold your personal bath supplies for baths. The bathroom is the only place in this apartment that has not been renovated since the renovation is planned for 2017.

Dark blue bathroom

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