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How To Style Lace Shrug

How To Style Lace Shrug

I’m very similar to the cardigan and scarf, and I consider the shrug to be something that can instantly add a lot of style to different types of outfits. Today I’m going to talk about a very specific type of shrug, which is the lacy shrug. Most of you may already know that a white lace shrug is the perfect match for a wedding dress, so I’m not just going to value these types of outfits. In this blog post, you will see a variety of lace shrug outfit ideas that are easy to pull off. Let’s jump right in.

Teal Lace Shrug with Black Slip Dress


I’m going to start this lovely list with a very feminine and elegant outfit. To achieve this awesome look, you can wear a teal shrug over a black slip mini dress. For the shoes, you can simply wear a pair of black ballet flats for a more elegant and formal look or a pair of pink heeled sandals for a more refreshing look.

White crochet lace shrug with vest top and skinny jeans

black crochet lace shrug vest top skinny jeans

This is a very refreshing and adorable look. The shrug is a white crochet lace shrug. Wear it over a white vest top and pair it with black skinny jeans. Keep the shoes feeling refreshed by wearing a pair of white sandals.

Blush pink bolero lace shrug with black fit and flared dress

blush pink bolero lace shrug black fit and flare dress

Sometimes you can think of a lacy shrug as something to wear with your cocktail dress. For example, you might want to wear a blush pink lacy shrug over a black fit and flare cocktail dress. Not only can this make you look more elegant, it can also keep you a little warmer when you walk into the party room.

Black shrug with a white top and dark blue skinny jeans

black lace shrug white top dark blue skinny jeans

You can also think of a lacy shrug as a kind of mini cardigan to wear with a casual outfit. For example, you can wear a white vest top with a black shrug. Wear them with navy skinny jeans and black ballerina flats for an elegant look.

White Lace Shrug with Burgundy Silk Sheath Midi Dress

white lace shrug burgundy silk sheath midi dress

Here is another great example of wearing a lacy shrug with a cocktail dress. This time it’s a white lacy shrug that drapes over a burgundy silk sheath midi dress. To look more elegant and feminine, you can simply wear black ballerinas and a classy black leather clutch.

Black shrug with pink belt mini dress

black shrug pink belt mini dress

To get a refreshing and ladylike outfit that is perfect for springtime, you can wear a pink belted mini dress with a black shrug. The pink dress already looks so beautiful. The black shrug just adds a little feminine touch. A pair of black ankle strap heels and a straw hat are all you need to complete this outfit.

Black Lace Shrug with White Pleated V-Neck Skater Dress

black lace shrug white v-neck pleated skater dress

For those of you who are headed to a cocktail party soon but don’t want to wear a costume, here is a very low key, yet classy outfit that you might consider. The outfit consists of a white V-neck skater dress, a shrug of black lace, and a pair of open toe heels with black ankle straps.

Black Lace shrug with a gray figure-hugging mini dress

black lace shrug gray bodycon mini dress

One nice thing about a lacy shrug is that it can turn an outfit that is too simple into a beautiful one. For example, it would be a little too informal for a cocktail party just to wear a gray cotton mini dress and a pair of black ballerinas. By wearing a black shrug, the outfit is really classy now.

Navy lace shrug with two-tone tulle dress

Navy lace shrug two tone tulle dress

Here is a dreamy outfit to help you stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party. To achieve this look, wear a two-tone tulle dress, with the top part being a cotton top with a sweetheart neckline and the bottom part being a teal tulle midi skirt. Wear a Navy shrug as you walk into the party room and take it off in the middle of the party. For the shoes, a pair of silver open toe shoes would go perfectly with the dress.

Pink shrug with flower babydoll dress

pink shrug floral babydoll dress

For a refreshing and cheerful look, you can simply pair a pink lace shrug with a white floral babydoll dress. Pair them with light pink open toe heels to add a feminine touch to the look.

White Lace Shrug with Bridesmaid Dress

white lace shrug bridesmaid dress

As mentioned before, a white shrug goes perfectly with a wedding dress. While I don’t want to make that the focus of this blog post, I still think I should mention an outfit or two like this. For example, you can wear a white shrug with this bodycon bridesmaid dress with a white neckline. Pair them with white heels to look pure and innocent.

Long sleeve shrugs in white lace with belted wedding dress

long sleeved white lace shrug wedding dress with belt

Let me know you another wedding dress outfit. This time around, it’s a long sleeved white shrug that makes the wedding outfit look so much more unique. You can simply wear it with a white tubular belted wedding dress and silver heels with an open toe strap to look elegant and feminine.

Light pink shrug with a black shift dress

pale pink shrug of the shoulders black shift dress

Let’s keep looking at a nice color combination that will make your cocktail party outfit look beautiful. Here we have a pale pink lacy shrug that is paired with a black shift dress. You can simply complete the outfit with a pair of silver heels with an open toe strap to complete this mature and classy look.

Light yellow lacy shrug with a white pinafore

pale yellow lace shrugging white pinafore dress

This is probably one of the most creative outfits on the list. Just take a look at the light yellow mesh cap. It’s such a rare, yet beautiful item. Pair it with a light yellow lacy shrug, a white tank midi dress, and a white ankle strap with open toe heels to complete this refreshing and beautiful look.

Teal lace shrug with matching midi dress

blue-green lace shrug of matching midi dress

So far, I haven’t shown you what it would look like to pair a lacy shrug with a matching dress. The above picture has the answer for you. Wearing the teal lacy shrug with the matching lacy midi dress and pale pink heels might not be as flashy as other outfits on this list, but it’s still a very classy and comfortable looking outfit.

Hope you find these lacy shrug outfit ideas useful. If you are still looking for other outfit ideas to inspire you should check out other blog posts on this website.

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