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How To Wear Blanket Cardigan

How To Wear Blanket Cardigan

It’s interesting that sometimes we just need to add a simple piece to make your usual outfit look amazing. A good example of such a magical item would be the blanket jacket. It can just take your outfit to another level if you style it properly. Not only does it look good, a blanket jacket is also very useful in situations like a restaurant with freezing cold air conditioners. For this blog post, I’ve rounded up some amazing ways to wear a blanket cardigan to give you ideas on what to wear with it.

Navy & Cream Blanket Cardigan with White Tank & Black Shorts


Wearing a blanket jacket with shorts can really accentuate your long legs and make you look sexy. As a good example, you can wear a dark blue and cream cardigan over a white tank top and black shorts. Leather boots go perfectly with the outfit to create that feminine, sexy look.

Camel blanket cardigan with white vest top and skinny jeans

Camel blanket cardigan skinny jeans open toe boots

A long cardigan can make you look so airy. Just wear a long green cardigan over a white waistcoat and skinny jeans with cuffs. Add an extra touch of elegance by wearing open leather ankle boots.

Wear it with a black tank top and black skinny jeans

gray blanket cardigan black tank top skinny jeans

A nice way to wear a blanket jacket is to wear it as part of an all-black outfit. For example, you can wear a light gray cardigan over a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

Blue Blanket Cardigan with White T-Shirt & Mom Jeans

blue blanket cardigan with mom jeans

Sometimes colors make a big difference. A blue and white outfit can just make you look so beautiful and happy. Just wear a long sleeved white t-shirt and blue jeans with a blue cardigan. Wear white sneakers to complete this lovely casual outfit.

Cream colored cardigan with denim shirt and jeans

Cream Blanket Cardigan Denim Shirt Jeans

I always try to figure out how to style a denim shirt as it really is one of my favorite pieces, especially when it comes to casual outfits. It turns out that a denim shirt with a blanket jacket can look pretty good. For example, you can just wear a denim shirt with jeans, white sneakers and a cream colored cardigan.

Black and red plaid sweater

black and red plaid blanket cardigan skinny jeans

I often think that the red and black plaid is reserved for boyfriend shirts as they are just too iconic. Seems like they look pretty good in a blanket jacket too. You can wear the plaid cardigan over a black T-shirt and skinny jeans. Suede ankle boots are the perfect shoes for an outfit. By the way, you might be interested to check out our blog post on suede boots.

Dark blue and white cardigan with a green mini skirt

Navy and white blanket cardigan mini skirt outfit

This is another outfit idea that can accentuate your long legs. You can wear a dark blue and white cardigan over a dark blue vest top and a green mini skirt. Combine these parts with black leather boots.

Wear with Navy Floral Shift Dress

Blanket Cardigan Navy Floral Shift Dress

For a chic and low-key, beautiful look, you can wear a dark blue floral dress with a charcoal knit blanket. Wear it with brown suede ankle boots.

Wear with Gray Vest Top & Denim Shorts

Knitted blanket gray vest top denim shorts

An outfit consisting of a shirt, jean shorts and white sneakers is so typical and yet so refreshing and timeless. Now take it to another level by wearing the outfit with a black and gray cardigan. Imagine how practical and beautiful you can look with this outfit in a restaurant when you wear your typical summer outfit, but the air conditioning makes the room so cold.

Black blanket cardigan with cropped skinny jeans

black blanket cardigan skinny jeans black heels

This is probably the most classic outfit idea on the list. A solid black knit blanket looks best when simply paired with a white top, skinny jeans, and black heels. This minimal outfit looks just right. It’s one of those outfits where all of the simple pieces go together perfectly.

V-neck T-shirt and cuffed boyfriend jeans

V-neck t-shirt boyfriend jeans outfit

For this casual street outfit, you can simply wear a gray Av-neck t-shirt, boyfriend jeans with cuffs, ankle boots and a black and red cardigan.

Gray cardigan over boho style maxi dress

gray blanket cardigan boho style maxi dress

For those of you who are fans of the boho style, this outfit is for you. Sometimes you just want to add a little bit of detail to your boho maxi dress by wearing a blanket jacket. This gives the already beautiful looking boho dress an additional touch of elegance and freshness. Wear a boho style flip flop and necklace for the finishing touches.

White cardigan with cuffed jeans

white blanket cardigan jeans white tank

Here is another outfit idea that takes a typical leisure outfit to a whole new level with a blanket cardigan. To achieve this chic, casual look, simply wear a white t-shirt with cuffed jeans, suede ankle boots and a white cardigan.

Gray cardigan with a silk skirt

gray blanket cardigan silk pleaded skirt

It’s always fun to style a silk skirt as it can always be used to add a little surprise to your outfit. This outfit is a perfect example of that. For the top, just wear a gray t-shirt with a gray knit blanket. Wear a stunning black silk skirt and ankle boots to complete this one-of-a-kind outfit.

By now, I hope I’ve really encouraged you to actually grab a cardigan and see what you can do with your current outfit. It really is as magical how a cardigan can really change the style of your outfit in literally five seconds. I also like to have a cardigan in my pocket all the time during the summer as I never know when I’ll be in a place with cold air conditioning. If you enjoy this blog post, I highly recommend searching this website for thousands of outfit ideas.

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