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Fun and Loving Kids Room Design Ideas for
Boys and Girls

Fun and Loving Kids Room Design Ideas for Boys and Girls

Do you have problems with your home when you also have children to take care of? The idea of ​​these kids room designs would surely solve your problem. One thing we suggest here and you really have to remember is that when you have to do something, always place your position where you can keep an eye on them. Do not set your workbench aside or too far away from them. It is better if you have large windows, besides being able to save light, sun and fresh air circulation is also good for your child's health, especially in the morning. A light color is the most advisable as it would give more energy and excitement.

The animation decoration or other decor should be placed and placed according to your child's wishes without neglecting the cost, space and efficiency of the needs. The difference between the children's room and the adult room is that it is not just a room to sleep or study, but it should also be a place to fill their imagination and creativity. Making your children enjoy spending more time in the room would save a lot of your time for control, simpler and more security.

Consult with the expert on children's room design before deciding to do one is important. Don't forget that you are not the one who would live and own this room, so include your child to discuss and share would be better so that you and the expert know exactly what to do.

{1} Yellow sheets

Yellow sheets
Contrast Match Bedding Interior of Susanna Cots | Photo of Mauricio Fuertes
Here we put the children's room a little higher so you can easily keep an eye on them while doing something else. You can also make your desk as a box so that the kids would have a bigger place to play when you're done.

{2} Beautiful rain wallpaper

Beautiful rain wallpaper
Most of the parents always choose a blue color for boy and pink for a girl. The combination of black and white can even work for both and it still looks cute. This design is suitable even when they are already teenagers. So you don't have to keep changing the design and saving.

{3} Colorful playroom

Colorful playroom
Karl Malta's bedroom was designed by his mother Marie Willumsen Via Room to flourish | Photo of Monica Bach
The difference between the children's room and the adult room is that the children need more space to play and do not need a bigger bed, but teenagers or adults are the opposite. They also need more racks and cabinets to put toys rather than large lockers for bags and clothes.

{4} Children's color design in several colors

Child color design in several colors
Urban Romantic Project by Lucy decor & Build off Claremont | Photo of space Craft
Transition design for the children's room, that's what we called it. This is what you need when you need more than one purpose in a room. Here you can do many different activities together, such as playing, sleeping, teaching or just watching them play while you do your own work. It becomes easy to lullaby the child or children while you sit, therefore it is absolutely necessary if you can have some chairs in their room. It is also useful so you can monitor when they are playing while sitting there, reading a book or doing other work.

{5} Elegant light decor

Stylish bright interior
The kids have great imagination because when you are planning a kids room design, it will be good if you know the fantasy that your kids have so you can arrange what they want. You can make this decoration not only on the wall but also on the ceiling.

{6} Minimalist Nursery Decor

Minimalist Nursery Decor
Cozy ways to decorate minimalist rooms Royal Roulotte
When you have a nursery design, especially a baby, it is important to note that light should not be placed exactly above the bed. In addition, it can cause an accident and it is also dangerous to the health of an eye child, especially when they wake up. The light above would irritate the eye.

{7} Children's Library Room

The beautiful world of Kutikai Past Chic deco
Wooden floors for children's room design are more advisable than ceramic tiles. Because it is warmer and not too slippery even if water falls on the floor. Your children can play safely on the wooden floor without worry and large windows would give more sunlight.

{8} Ideas for storing children's rooms

Kids Room Storage Ideas
Artistic Playroom By The Art Pantry Via Washington Post
If you do not have racks or cabinets to hold your children's toys, some baskets would be nice as a replacement. It can be made of rattan or plastic. It is simpler, easier to organize, keep the room tidy and tidy and it can also be part of your child's decor of the room.

{9} Rock wall for children

Cut wall for children
Convert a church to a residential building by Lincthelen Design
Instead of letting your boy play outside the house without a presence, it is a good idea to give them a children's room design with such outdoor play inside. You can easily monitor them and put a bed on the floor to keep them extra secure. Kids would really like it.

{10} Girl Room Ideas

Girl Room Ideas
Mini chandelier for children's bedroom
A bunk bed is not necessarily high, you can also make them short, especially if it is a nursery design for a girl, since most of them would not really like motor activities like a boy. But a rocking chair would be a better one for them to enjoy.

{11} Rum ideas for brother and sisters

Room ideas for brother and sisters
Loft beds with desks and curtains Lakeside Living Design
The kids like to play hide, they also like to have some kind of secret place or tree house. Providing a study room under the bunk would make them feel. This kids room design would make your child enjoy studying and they enjoy their private time.

{12} Children's room with full bunk beds

Children's room with full bunk beds
The rustic zen project of Cashmere interior
Bunk beds are always a good choice to make when you only have a little space for two or more children. It is not only children's room design but also a room design for mom and dad. You both could enjoy spending your time or doing your own work while the kids are busy with their activities but still under your monitor. Longer bunk beds would be more effective for even more than two children. Although there is still enough space, but do not forget to always give them space to play and do some creativity. That is why it is really good to also set a small table and chair if possible.

{13} Fun and loving design for children's rooms

Funny and loving design for kids room
Westhampton Beach House Kids Playroom | Photo by Sean Litchfield
A modern design for the kids room is great for letting your kids do multiple activities. Yes, you need more space for this but you do not need to move to a bigger house, just use the roof space to do so and your children would enjoy exploring their creativity.

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