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How To Style White Open Toe Heels

How To Style White Open Toe Heels

The trend of wearing open toe shoes is also known as peep toe. This shoe cut is very interesting and will definitely make your outfits modern and very stylish. The white color is a neutral base color that you can style with anything. In this post, I’ll show you how to wear white open-toed heels.

White open toe heels is a broad term. I found ankle boots, heels and open toe sandals. That’s why I decided to show you all of them just to see how sleek and effortless they can look in your outfit combinations.
You will see how to wear your open ankle boots with jeans, pants, dresses and skirts. I will also show you the power of open sandals. Nothing can make your outfit fancier than this.
Scroll down to see some of the best outfit ideas!

Types of white open toe heel

white open toe sandals
Strappy sandals in snow-white color make every outfit look fantastic and very stylish. You can choose heights of your heel. In my opinion, wear a shorter heel at work or business meetings and a higher one for going out or for cocktail parties.
These sandals are superstars favorites. You wear them all the time. Honestly, they don’t seem like the most comfortable shoes in the world, but they look very chic. You can wear them with both casual and elegant clothes.

white open-toed ankle boots
Open toe booties are a fantastic type of shoe. They popped up a few years ago, and I can still remember a shop that wanted them so badly. The thing is though, that was when I bought my first few heels and they were so high!
White open-toed ankle boots are great for everyday wear if you choose a block heel or platform. You can also choose super high heels for elegant occasions or parties. In any case, they go perfectly with short jeans or trousers, as well as dresses and skirts.

Outfit ideas with white open toe heel

white open toe heels lace up sandals
Lace-up shoes are perfect for casual and elegant outfit combinations. The white shade can be easily mixed with other light or dark colors. If you want to keep your outfit low-key and professional, wear neutral colors like white, beige, and black. This photo above is perfect workwear inspiration, but is also great for casual gatherings with your friends.

white open toe jeans and white jeans
Those eggshell white boots seem to wear very comfortable shoes. You can pair them with white jeans, a striped sailor top, and a baby pink tote bag.
These casual outfits are perfect for the daily walk, coffee in the sun or for work. If you choose the last one, make sure you can wear white jeans. If you don’t, you can style your ankle boots with chinos in beige or black.

white open toe yellow dress
Summertime is ideal for wearing strappy sandals with your flowing, bright clothes. This lace hem and knot bodice worn by Selena Gomez reminds me of Italy and yellow Tuscan fields. The dress is paired with white open toe heels for the ultimate summer look.
Combine your favorite summer dress with the white heels and you can look the same as her in five minutes.

white, striped pastel heels
If you like pastel colors and stripes, you are sure to like this dress. It has a nice straight cut that is very flattering and comfortable. The short, wide sleeves make this dress look casual. You can wear it every day in summer. Paired with white open toe heels that look a bit retro, you achieve a great look that is comfortable and easy to wear.

white open toe pom poms
When these sandals appeared on the fashion scene, I immediately fell in love with them. You look so beautiful and exciting. The pompons in different colors are an eye-catcher. With these sandals you can wear something very simple and you will still have a fantastic and unique outfit combination.
Wear these open toe sandals with white pants and a button down in summer. Keep it relaxed and casual and let the strappy sandals make a statement.

white open toe heels Rihanna
When I said superstars love open toe strappy sandals, I really meant it. Here we can see Rihanna wearing the sparkling white open toe heels with a printed black and white faux fur coat! Yes, they wear these sandals in winter too. She combines elegant sandals with the casual coat, but it doesn’t matter because it looks fabulous!

white open toe heels elegant waterfall neckline
Rihanna also knows how to style strappy sandals with super elegant clothes. This long slit dress with a cowl neckline is beautiful. If you want to wear something like this, try to save it only for a special occasion as this type of dress is exquisite.

white open toe heels match the flared dress
This dress is adorable. It has a brown and white round disc tip. The cut has a flared hem, which is very nice. If you want to keep it ladylike and neutral, pair this midi dress with a beige tote bag and white strappy sandals. This look is perfect for family gatherings, dinners, and other formal celebrations. When it comes to jewelry, don’t wear necklaces, but you can safely attach a gold or silver bracelet or ring.

white open toe heels black white combination
Nothing compares to black and white outfit combinations. They’re always in style. You can make hundreds of different combinations without being boring.
This outfit is classy and elegant. A black, figure-hugging dress with a small slit and lots of stretchy material is ideal for parties and going out. When you pair it with white open toe heels, you get a beautiful, classic combination that you can wear a million times and still be stylish.

white denim shorts with open toes
Open toe booties aren’t necessarily reserved for colder days. There are some ankle boots that you can wear in the summer without feeling warm or uncomfortable.
This girl decided to pair her white open toe ankle boots with high-waisted denim shorts and white long-sleeved body. The look is flattering while the jeans highlight your curves and body line.

I hope you enjoyed some of the outfits and that you will try to recreate some of them soon!

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