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How To Style Oversized T Shirt

How To Style Oversized T Shirt

Oversized t-shirts are often worn for a casual and relaxed feel. But there is a difference between messy and casual. If you look carefully as you walk the streets, you occasionally see someone wearing an oversized t-shirt and looking good for some reason. Unlocking the secrets is the main purpose of this blog post. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to style an oversized t-shirt and I believe you will find these tricks useful.

Oversized t-shirt with gray print and boyfriend jeans

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A classic yet counterintuitive way of wearing a shirt is to make it smaller? You can do this by doing two things, rolling up your sleeves and tucking your t-shirt. With your t-shirt, I only mean it partially with a touch of randomness. This outfit is the perfect example of this trick. Just wear an oversized t-shirt with a gray print, as described for boyfriend jeans with a cuff. Finish off the outfit with elegant strappy heels.

Black oversized t-shirt with black skinny jeans

oversized t-shirt outfit with black print
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Another trick for styling the oversized t-shirt is to compensate for the losability of the t-shirt for the top with tight fitting items for the bottom. Items like skinny jeans, lederhosen, and leggings work perfectly in such situations. A good example is wearing a black oversized black t-shirt with black skinny jeans. Complete this elegant casual outfit with suede boots.

Knot the oversized t-shirt

knotted oversized gray t-shirt yellow jeans
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I mentioned that one way to look great with an oversized t-shirt is to make it smaller, and knotting the t-shirt can do just that. This outfit is very noticeable not only because it uses the knotted tea trick, but also because a strong color contrast is used creatively. For the top, just wear an oversized, knotted gray t-shirt. Pair it with contrasting light yellow jeans. Trust me, the two colors actually go well together. It is trust that you need to achieve this.

Partially tuck the oversized t-shirt into a white skirt

partially hidden oversized t-shirt white skirt
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For a boho look, go for a white boho mini skirt. Wear a sturdy gray oversized t-shirt and partially tuck it into the skirt. Complete his simple but beautiful outfit with sandals.

Tie a shirt or jacket around the oversized t-shirt

Tie shirt to oversized t-shirt outfit
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This outfit reveals another trick for styling an oversized t-shirt. The trick is to tie a shirt or jacket around your waist over the t-shirt. For example, wear a white printed t-shirt and tie a denim shirt around your waist. Black leggings and white sneakers are a great choice to complement this outfit. By the way, if you’re interested in outfits with a similar style, check out our other blog post on outfit ideas to tie around the waist.

Wear it as a t-shirt dress with denim shorts that barely show up

T shirt dress denim shorts outfit ideas
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There is a little difference between the oversized t-shirt and the t-shirt dress. The t-shirt dress is generally only a few inches longer, so you will be comfortable with no shorts underneath. To wear an oversized T-shirt like a shirt dress, jean shorts must be worn with it. For example, this outfit consists of a white oversized t-shirt, barely visible denim shorts and black oxford shoes.

Knotted V-neck t-shirt and white skinny jeans

knotted V-neck t-shirt white skinny jeans
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For a minimalist and refreshing gray and white outfit that is especially suitable for the spring feeling, you can simply wear a gray knotted V-neck t-shirt and white skinny jeans. Combine the pieces with white trainers to look relaxed and casual or with gray ballerinas to look more elegant.

Wear as a dress with an oversized green bomber jacket

oversized green bomber jacket tee dress
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If you’re looking to wear a jacket over an oversized white t-shirt, a green bomber jacket is a great choice. Just wear the white t-shirt with the green oversized jacket. As mentioned before, I like the idea of ​​wearing jeans under the t-shirt, even if it barely shows. Add elegance and character to the outfit by wearing white lace-up ankle boots.

Wear it with black leggings and ankle boots

black leggings ankle boots white oversized t-shirt
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Here is another example of the wide-top-narrow-bottom trick of making you look casual and stylish. Wear an oversized white t-shirt with black leggings. Complete the outfit with suede boots. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our other blog post on suede boots.

Tuck White T Shirt In & Tie a jacket around your waist

hidden white t-shirt cropped skinny jeans
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This outfit shows what it looks like when the two of you put on your t-shirt while tying a jacket around your waist. The result is a sleek and elegant look. The outfit consists of the white oversized t-shirt, short black skinny jeans, the shirt tied around the waist and gray slip-on canvas sneakers.

Wear it with a denim jacket and shorts

Denim jacket shorts oversized white t-shirt
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If you’re a denim fanatic, you must have known by now that an interesting way to style denim clothing is to wear denim on denim. We have a more in-depth blog post on how to wear denim-on-denim if interested. Back to that outfit idea, this outfit shows that denim works pretty well on denim with an oversized t-shirt. Just wear a white t-shirt with denim shorts and a denim jacket. Wear sneakers to complete the casual street look.

Wear it as a t-shirt dress with a denim jacket

Denim jacket oversized print t-shirt
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So there are the tricks and secrets of how to style an oversized t-shirt. For me, oversized t-shirts are things I just want to keep messing with and I always find an interesting and good looking way to style them. Most importantly, I enjoy it by giving myself little surprises here and there. I strongly encourage you to try some of the outfit ideas above. In fact, they are quite easy to pull off.

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