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Zen Bedroom Design Ideas

Zen Bedroom Design Ideas

These days, one thing that everyone wants in their bedrooms is privacy and peace. Privacy from constant social interactions and peace from fast and hectic life! This is the main reason why a zen bedroom design is the current trend in interior design. No matter what interior style you choose, it has a big impact to give a zen vibe to the bedroom. Having a zen bedroom design is about bringing, calm, harmony and tranquility to your interior. Although this type of design has no strict rules and guidelines to follow, it has two basic requirements: peace and harmony. It is often associated with simplicity, minimalism, soothing colors and clean lines. Any interior that has a subtle balance and radiates tranquility can be considered a zen design!

However, the Zen decor does much more than change the aesthetics of your bedroom. It turns your bedroom into a sanctuary of rejuvenation and relaxation, affecting your entire lifestyle. But it's not just about removing the mess and changing the color palette in your bedroom. It is much more involved in transforming a bedroom into a Zen oasis. You need to create balanced interiors with soothing earthy colors, natural fabrics, cozy seating and a relaxing and messy environment. Want to make your bedroom a Zen oasis? Here are some zen decor ideas that can inspire you to give calm to your interior.

{1} Calm Colors in Zen Bedroom Design

Calm colors in Zen bedroom design
Modern and minimal bedroom design of Adeeni Design Group | Photo of Christopher Stark
Tranquility is the basis of every zen decor. This bedroom is also a quiet retreat that soothes the mind as well as the body. It is a place where you can sit back and relax. Calm neutral colors and soft, cozy fabrics make the room inviting. Natural lighting and stylish pendant lights contribute to the bright and cheerful feel of the decor. The minimal decor with stone floors, woven benchand wooden furniture creates a natural atmosphere. You can recreate the simple and soothing feeling of this space in your bedroom as well. Start by getting rid of the mess and then introduce earthy colors and natural materials as much as you can. Keep the interior minimal so that you get the simple feeling.

{2} Serene Feel In Asian Bedroom Decor

Serene Feel In Asian Bedroom Decor
Asian bedroom with a simple relaxing decor of Arch Interiors Design Group
Simplicity with a vintage touch is what defines this beautiful bedroom! We know that you have already noticed the fantastic bed and the even more amazing painting on the wall. You can also get a similar relaxed feel in your bedroom with some simple changes. Try to use earthy colors like brown, beige, blue, green, etc. Keep the shades lighter to give the relaxed appeal. The light pink on the walls of this bedroom illuminates the decor nicely. Keep minimal decor in the same way as shown here with a single bed, a small bench, bedside tables, etc. Wooden or stone floors, cozy carpets and soft linen fabrics give the room a warm touch. But the complicated wall decor and elegant table lamps add a modern touch to the vintage design.

{3} Moroccan arches and minimalism

Moroccan bows and minimalism
Traditional Moroccan features in Zen Bedroom Design by Fimera interior
This beautiful bedroom has subtle Moroccan influences that enhance the quiet vibes of the interior. A platform bed in an arched alcove separates the bed area from the seating area. Upholstered headboard with faux Moroccan window arch design gives the room a traditional look. Vintage furniture and decorative elements together with a printed mat and armchair provide additional space for this look. Soft orange and beige tones along with wood tones keep the decor soothing and relaxing. If you also love adding a vintage and traditional touch to your decor and are a fan of exotic oriental designs, this look is perfect for you!

{4} Twin room with soothing décor

Twin room with soothing décor
Asian inspired interiors with Zen Vibes Village William Interiors | Photo of Linny Morris
The Asian interior style has long been known for its warm, inviting and peaceful interior. Adding an Asian touch to your interior can also add some peace to your bedroom. You can either go out and have an Asian decor or get small and introduce Asian details in rugs, bedding, etc. For example, consider the relaxed vibes in this bedroom. The Asian influences in the color palette, carpet, furniture and even the wallpaper give the design a calm feeling.

{5} Classic white and wood tones

Classic white and wooden tones
Organic but modern Zen Bedroom Design by MAS Design | Photo of Helynn Ospina
This bedroom is simple, soothing and minimal and is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. The bright bedroom is open and inviting and has soft colors and natural tones that relax body and soul. Platform bed, cozy fabrics and wooden furniture warm the room. Fantastic woven pendant lights add a touch of vintage luxury to the décor. the classic white and wood theme softens the room further and gives it a refreshing fresh feel. Who doesn't want to relax here? The key to recreating this feeling is to keep the colors bright and the fabrics cozy. You can also turn your bedroom into a soothing retreat with such simple updates.

{6} Minimalist bedroom with bright colors

Minimalist bedroom with bright colors
If you are a fan of minimalist design, some aspects of the Asian inspired design will not suit your taste. But that does not mean that you cannot have soothing decor. The Zen design is about simplicity and balance. You can create a soothing retreat for you in your minimal bedroom by introducing earthy colors, natural materials and natural light. Wood, stone and soft natural colors can give warmth to any interior and green foliage can give a fresh and lively feel. And if your room starts to feel too dull, you can always light it up with colorful linens, pillows and rugs in the area! Isn't this the simple bedroom does? And it still looks so lively but quiet bedroom design!

{7} Zen Bedroom Design with Boho Touch

Zen Bedroom Design with Boho Touch
Coherent pattern in soothing bedroom of Tilton Fenwick Design | Photo by Patrick Cline
When designs crash, even the most soothing designs can look chaotic and busy. But when you do it right, blending patterns can elevate any decor and make it richer and stronger. This bedroom is a perfect example of making patterns work. Bedding and duvets from John Robshaw that show different batik prints in soft, light colors make this bedroom look fresh and inviting. Similarly, the peacock pattern gives the wallpaper together with the bold metal peacock over the bed a quiet elegance to space. The bold black poster bed from Restoration Hardware along with the bedside table, Hickory side table and Marjorie lamps by Christopher Spitzmiller gives the room a traditional look.

{8} Asian bedroom with Zen Vibes

Asian bedroom with Zen Vibes
Clean lines and colorful accents in Babson's eclectic bedrooms Causa Design Group
If you think having a zen bedroom means that you predict bright colors and luxe fabrics, you can't be more wrong! Zen bedroom design is about balance and harmony. If rich fabrics and light colors fit well with your decor and give a sense of calm, you can safely use them. However, maintaining some restraint and adding small amounts is key to maintaining balance. This bedroom uses rich sari fabrics and traditional British colonial furniture with light colors and warm fabrics to create a luxurious and soothing retreat!

{9} Cool colors and rich textures

Cool colors and rich textures
Dark colors and soothing vibes in the bedroom Peter Schaad Design Studio | Photo of Martina Gemmola
We normally associate peace and quiet with bright and soft colors. However, dark and bold colors can also be equally soothing and calm. For example, this bold blue bedroom is at once glamorous and quiet. The dark blue tones give the room a calm look. Rich colors and rich fabrics give the room a harmonious and luxurious look. Tablecloth wallpaper gives some texture to the decor. In the same way, the padded headboard with oriental print and the white patterned sheet give the design to the design. So if you are considering using darker shades in your zen bedroom, do not hesitate. Just make sure you choose a soothing and gripping color like rich blues, dark brown, dark purple, etc.

{10} Simple bedroom decor with relaxing vibes

Simple bedroom decor with relaxing vibes
Quiet and composed Zen Bedroom Design by Bandon Blue Designs | Photo of Allan Carlisle
If you must describe this bedroom in just two words, those who come to mind are simple and peaceful. Minimalist design with traditional Asian influence gives the bedroom a certain character. The detailed wooden end wall, cozy blue bedspread and pillows also give the room the Asian feel. But the soft wall color, neutral decor and dark wood tones in the furniture provide harmonious and well-balanced interior. Add to it some green plants and the room turns into a minimalist sanctuary for some sought-after relaxation!

{11} Modern bedroom with Zen feel

Modern bedroom with Zen Feel
Modern bedroom design with soothing color palette of Harrell Remodeling Inc.
A bedroom can look and feel calm even without the justified Asian influence. All you need is a little balance and harmony in the decor elements. For example, think of the bedroom. The soft carpeted floors, beige walls and wooden tones in the furniture give the room a warm and welcoming appeal. Whether it is MALM bed from IKEA or wooden posts, the furniture is minimal and functional. The dark green accent wall with fantastic wall art attracts attention. And to make the room feel less dark, the modern wall lights up nelson ball bubble pendant light make for a great touch.

{12} Cozy Asian bedroom with Luxe Touch

Cozy Asian bedroom with Luxe Touch
Luxurious yet soothing contemporary bedroom decor BiglarKinyan Design Planning
This bedroom is a perfect example of tranquility in a luxurious setting. Gold print, cozy carpet, textured bedspread, wall moldings and bubble chandelier, all means modern style and grandeur. Rich purple tones of the bedspread and golden accents on the wallpaper give a royal feel. In contrast, wooden flooring, raised platform bed and glass wall give the room a natural and earthy feel. Without extra material and a soft color palette, this room exudes a calm and balanced atmosphere.

{13} Natural materials for refreshing appeal

Natural materials for refreshing appeal
Earthy color palette and natural materials in decor by Alien Design | Photo of Yoshiaki Ida
Bold, down to earth and simple, this bedroom is a study of minimalism and simplicity. The lack of clutter, the use of natural materials and large open glass walls give the room a refreshing and natural appeal. The wooden hall, bedside tables and wooden floors give the interior warmth and clarity. Blue quilts and white pillows maintain the soothing color palette. Elegant table lamps and tripod floor lamps keep the room well lit. Simply put, this is the kind of minimalist bedroom you would love to stick to!

{14} Neutral colors in Zen Bedroom Design

Neutral colors in Zen bedroom design
Neutral color palette in Zen Bedroom Design by Fimera interior
The neutral color palette in this bedroom creates a calm and tranquil environment. Neutral colors do not clash with other colors and are soft enough to subtly blend into the interior. This creates a harmonious and balanced feeling in all interiors. The patterned wallpaper headboard along with the smart drapery drapes and the embroidered duvet give the room a definite Asina touch. For a similar look, try to get neutral colors and rich fabrics for your décor. Don't hesitate to experiment with different wallpapers, accent walls or decor items. If the decor goes well and creates a soothing look, you can use it!

{15} Relaxing feeling with natural wood tones

Relaxing feeling with natural wood tones
Rustic Asian bedroom with soothing vibes Beach House design and development | Photo of Peter Wintersteller
This regular and minimal bedroom is as reassuring as it is simple. Dark wooden floors, wooden bed frame with attached bedside tables and wooden ceiling give the room a warm and welcoming feel. They also give the bedroom a natural, rustic appeal. The cozy bedspread, faux fur and pillows and the stylish hanging pendants add a touch of modern glam to the interior. The unadorned simplicity of this bedroom and its lack of clutter make it look like a quiet retreat.

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