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Knotted T Shirt Outfit Ideas

Knotted T Shirt Outfit Ideas

Tying the knot on your top, be it the shirt, shirt, or tank top, has become a fashion trend that will stay here. You see more and more people doing this, especially in spring and summer. I love this trend because of the energy and cheerfulness that the outfit expresses. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some of the best outfit ideas, such as knotted t-shirts, tie-front shirts, knotted tank tops, and more. But before that, let’s talk briefly about how to knot your t-shirt.

How do you knot a t-shirt?

Some t-shirts are actually designed as knotted t-shirts. For the rest of the t-shirts which are just regular t-shirts, it is actually very easy to do it yourself. The best positions for the knot are the center front of the shirt, or a few inches left or right, or the center back. You can tie the knot so that it shows your waist like a crop top or so that it shows no skin at all by tying the knot just low enough that the shirt covers your waist.

Why do it

There are mainly two reasons to tie the knot on your top. First, it makes you look energetic and fashionable. Second, it helps show off your beautiful curvy waist. Now let’s jump into the various beautiful outfit ideas.

Knotted white t-shirt with boyfriend jeans

knotted white t-shirt boyfriend jeans

Pairing a knotted white t-shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans has to be one of the most iconic boyfriend fashion outfits. It’s a minimalist outfit that will make you look stylish and casual. Without the knot, this outfit is going to look a little boring. The knot just adds the right curve to the outfit that holds the causal look together.

Knotted T-shirt with denim shorts

knotted t-shirt denim shorts

For a more cheerful look, replace the boyfriend jeans I talked about in the previous idea with the jean shorts. The combination of a knotted T-shirt and denim shorts is the perfect outfit for a summer outdoor meeting place.

Knotted crop top with a high-waisted mini skirt

knotted t-shirt mini skirt with high waist

This outfit shows a very interesting trick that can visually move your waist up to make you look bigger. The trick is not to show your belly button, but rather to show some skin over your belly button. This is such a cute and subtly sexy summer outfit. And you don’t need the perfect waistline to pull off this outfit.

Knotted t-shirt with low jeans

knotted t-shirt with low waist

Unlike the previous idea, this one requires a nice, curvy waist to pull off. For those of you who want motivation and advice on how to get a slim waist, check out our blog post How To Get Rid Of Love Grips. Regarding this outfit, it is a perfect outfit for a summer beach party. It works even better with low shorts.

Wear a knotted t-shirt over your bikini

Tie front t-shirt bikini

For women with flat chests and narrow waists, wearing a knotted t-shirt over their bikini is a killer outfit idea. This will keep everyone focused on your perfect waistline.

Knotted t-shirt with denim shorts and boyfriend shirt

knotted t-shirt jeans shorts boyfriend shirt

A stylish and refreshing way to wear a knotted t-shirt is to pair it with tall denim shorts and an oversized boyfriend shirt. And do you know that there are lots of cool ways to wear a boyfriend shirt? Check out the best boyfriend shirt outfit ideas in our blog post.

Wear a knotted t-shirt with running pants

knotted t-shirt running pants outfit

A knotted t-shirt and running pants are a great combination for yoga and simple hiking. By tying the top, your normal outfit will look stylish and sporty.

Wear a white shirt with a tie and jeans

Tie front shirt jeans outfit

The knotted top trend doesn’t just apply to T-shirts. It works wonderfully for shirts too. The white t-shirts and jeans make a timeless outfit that will make you look refreshing.

One shoulder knotted shirt

knotted shoulder shirt jeans

If you want to be more creative with knotted shirts, this one shoulder knotted shirt has the unique design that can make you look sexy and chic. Just combine it with skinny jeans and sandals.

Cut out knotted dress

Cut out knotted dress outfit

Some designers like to use “tie-front” elements to cut out dresses. The above dress is a good example of this. It is such a beautiful and creative design that you can only show a little of your waistline. This could be for you if you like playful and subtly sexy outfits.

Knotted t-shirt dress

knotted t-shirt dress outfit


Some of you may have noticed that I am actually a huge fan of t-shirt dresses as I always love to mention them on various blog posts and always praise them for how they make you look slimmer. To make the shirt dress even more interesting, you can simply tie a knot at the end of the dress. Nothing special. Just add a few details for subtle playfulness and beauty.

Knot back tank top

Tank top jean shorts with knot back


For those of you who have a nice back and don’t mind showing some skin, you can wear a low back tank top with the knot tied at the back. Pair it with denim shorts or a mini skirt for a sexy, casual look.

Off The Shoulder Tie Front Blouse

strapless tie front blouse outfit

The white strapless tie blouse and jeans is a very feminine outfit. Pulling it off isn’t too difficult as the knot and overall relaxed cut can visually tighten your waist regardless of your body type.

Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful ways to wear your knotted top.
You can see that by tying the knot, you can look hotter and slimmer in an instant. And before I finish the blog post, I want to show you an interesting DIY video on how to make your own knotted crop top. Enjoy.

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