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How To Style Velvet Slip Dress

For those of you who want to look relaxed and airy, a slip dress is often a good choice. A simple black slip dress looks good enough to wear to a cocktail party. However, if you are looking for extra depth to the dress, I would highly recommend wearing a velvet slip dress that just has a particularly stylish and artistic touch. Velvet slip dresses are great whether you wear them casually or for semi-formal events. In fact, I have compiled a list of the best velvet slip dress outfit ideas for you. Now let me share with you.

White t-shirt & gray velvet slip dress


When it comes to a slip dress, many people would think that you could just wear it for what it is, with no jacket over it or no t-shirt underneath. Indeed, wearing a white t-shirt under your slip dress can create a breezy, casual look. For example, you can wear this gray velvet slip dress over a white t-shirt. Black leather heels are a surefire way to create a stylish and one-of-a-kind street style outfit.

Burgundy Velvet High Low Slip Dress

Burgundy Velvet High Low Slip Dress

Most of the slip dresses that you can find in the market are v-neck dresses and deep v-neck dresses. Here is a sexy dress that belongs to the latter group. It’s a burgundy velvet high-slip dress that looks extremely sexy. Wear black leather ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

Burgundy velvet slip dress with black leather ankle boots

Burgundy Velvet Slip Dress Black Leather Ankle Boots

Here is another burgundy velvet slip dress. This time it’s a dress with some nice, subtle necklines. Add black ankle boots to the equation.

Silver velvet slip dress with green turtleneck sweater

silver velvet slip dress green turtleneck sweater

Now that we’ve looked at two minimal outfits, let’s look at this more creative and complex outfit. In order for an outfit to be complex and look good at the same time, the pieces have to fit together well. As an example of such an outfit, wear a silver velvet slip dress over a green turtleneck. A pair of black suede over the knee boots is a great look and feel that is stylish.

White t-shirt with black velvet slip dress

white t-shirt black velvet slip dress

For a sleek look that’s more casual and also feels like a girl next door, you can wear a black velvet slip dress over a white t-shirt. Complete the outfit with white sneakers or bare boho sandals.

Wear it with a black leather jacket

black leather jacket outfit

If you want to wear a black velvet slip dress in style, pairing it with a black leather jacket is a great option. For the shoes, a pair of black leather ankle boots would be the perfect and most logical choice. For this outfit, the blue velvet ankle boots are chosen instead for a more unique and feminine look. Wear a black choker for an extra touch of style.

Burgundy Velvet Slip Dress with Gold Bomber Jacket

Burgundy Velvet Slip Dress Gold Bomber Jacket

For a sexy and stylish look that can really make you stand out at a cocktail party, wear a burgundy velvet slip dress with a gold bomber jacket. Pair these pieces with gold open toe heels with ankle straps and a black chocker.

White t-shirt with black slip dress with scalloped neckline

white t-shirt black slip dress with scalloped hem

This black slip dress has some nice details in the scalloped neckline. Wear a white t-shirt and white sneakers to keep the dress casual and youthful. That would be a nice outfit for casual dating and hangouts.

Velvet slip dress with black and white striped t-shirt

Velvet slip dress black and white striped t-shirt

For a feminine street look, you can wear a burgundy velvet slip dress over a black and white striped t-shirt. Combine these pieces with black stockings and black thigh high boots. Wear a black choker if you want to add a bit of toughness to your outfit.

Orange slip dress with black t-shirt

Orange Slip Dress Black T-Shirt

This is a very rare orange slip dress. Its color alone makes it easy to stand out from the crowd. Wear the dress over a black t-shirt. A pair of stockings and black leather ankle boots will be a wonderful accompaniment for a stylish outfit.

Gray velvet slip dress

gray velvet slip dress

For an absolutely minimalist outfit, you can just wear this gray velvet slip dress with silver ankle straps and open toe heels. As simple as it sounds, this outfit can be the perfect outfit for a cocktail party. Remember, “less is more” actually works.

Silver slip dress with fluffy heels

silver slip dress fluffy heels

This is a silver velvet slip dress that looks so elegant and eye-catching. Now be creative and combine the dress with white fluffy heels to make the outfit look more adorable. Sometimes it’s details like these that separate a decent outfit from a good outfit.

Black velvet slip dress with a choker

Black velvet choker

Here’s another simple and elegant outfit that is perfect for cocktail parties and proms. It consists of a black velvet slip dress, silver strappy heels and a black collar. By this point, you should have noticed that a black choker is the perfect, stylish piece that can offset the feminine feel of a velvet dress.

Black velvet slip dress with gold sneakers

black velvet slip dress gold sneakers

Even though I’ve shown a black velvet slip dress a little earlier, I still think I should show you this outfit which has an interesting selection of shoes. This dress is paired with a pair of gold and white sneakers. The result is a cool looking street outfit.

Brown Velvet Slip Dress with a striped long-sleeved T-shirt

brown velvet slip dress striped long sleeve t-shirt

This brown velvet slip dress is so shiny that I would even call it a gold slip dress. Wear it over a brown and white striped long sleeve t-shirt and white sneakers for a nice and casual street outfit.

For those of you who have never tried wearing a velvet slip dress, you are missing out on a lot. Peeling off is extremely easy, especially if you have the option of not showing skin by wearing it on your shirt. Try them on and have fun styling them.

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