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How To Wear Red Pleated Skirt

How To Wear Red Pleated Skirt

Many of you may have worn pleated skirts before. They are definitely something that looks great and is easy to peel off. Of all the different colors, my favorite color for the pleated skirt is red as it can easily transform your outfit into a cheerful and energetic one. To show you how to build a wonderful outfit around it, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best red pleated skirt outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

Royal blue sleeveless top with red maxi pleated skirt

Royal blue sleeveless red pleated maxi skirt

Some people may think that the color red is very difficult to style and peel off. In the case of the red pleated skirt, it’s surprisingly easy to style. You can wear it with a white top, a black top, or even a contrasting top like this royal blue sleeveless top. In this special outfit, the royal blue top is combined with a red maxi pleated skirt and black heels to look simply fantastic.

White printed vest top with red midi pleated skirt

white printed waistcoat on top, red midi pleated skirt

For a more summery look, you can wear a red midi pleated skirt with a white printed vest top. Wear a pair of neon pink heels to make the outfit even more eye-catching and ladylike. For those of you who love sporty looks, the energetic way to complete this outfit is by wearing a baseball cap.

Black long-sleeved sweat-style top with a red, flared pleated skirt

black long-sleeved sweat style top, red flared pleated skirt

This black and red look is a very classic and iconic way to wear a red pleated skirt. To achieve this look, wear the red flared pleated midi skirt with a black long sleeve top with a sweetheart neckline. A pair of black ballerina shoes is a great way to finish off this outfit.

Wear it with a black bodycon sweater and white sneakers

black bodycon sweater white sneakers

This is another black and red outfit. But this time it’s a lot more airy and casual. Wear a black, figure-hugging long-sleeved sweater for the top. Team it with a red pleated midi skirt. To complete the outfit casually, you can just wear a pair of all white low top sneakers.

Pink leather jacket with red maxi pleated skirt

pink leather jacket, red maxi pleated skirt

A very stylish and feminine way to wear a red pleated maxi skirt is to pair it with a blushing pink leather jacket. When it comes to leather jackets, the blush pink is definitely not the color that first comes to mind. But if you look in the street you would say them and usually they are part of a nice outfit. For this special outfit you can simply combine the pink jacket and the red skirt with a white top and light pink heels.

Wear with White Button Up Front Pocket Shirt

white button on the front of the shirt pocket

For a refreshing and casual outfit, you can simply combine a red pleated mini skirt with a white linen shirt. To add some elegance to this outfit, you can combine the pieces with shiny accessories. For example, wear a pair of silver metallic heels and a silver clutch bag with sequins to look amazing.

Red maxi skirt with sleeveless top made of black velvet

Maxi red skirt black velvet sleeveless top

A little earlier we saw the beauty of a black and red outfit. This particular outfit is a deep and elegant version of that. For the top, wear a sleeveless black velvet top with a mock neck that just adds so much depth to the outfit. Pair it with a red floor length pleated skirt and silver open toe heels to complete this remarkable and gorgeous look.

Light blue button-up shirt with a red polka dot midi skirt

light blue button-up shirt, red polka dot midi skirt

This is a very creatively designed and beautiful skirt. It is a red polka dot midi pleated skirt. You can pair it with a light blue buttoned shirt and a pair of silver pointed toe pumps to look stylish and chic. As a bonus, carry a bright red leather handbag to take the outfit to another level.

White floral long-sleeved blouse with red pleated mini skirt

white floral long-sleeved blouse, red pleated minirater skirt

Now let’s look at a cute and ladylike look. For the top, wear a white floral blouse with long sleeves, which in itself looks adorable. Pair it with a red pleated minirater skirt to show off some legs and look youthful. Finally, add a feminine touch by wearing a pair of light pink toes.

Red maxi pleated skirt with white chiffon t-shirt

red maxi pleated skirt white chiffon t-shirt

For a casual yet eye-catching look, you can simply combine a red skirt with a white top. In detail, the top for this outfit is a chic white chiffon t-shirt. It is combined with a red pleated maxi skirt. Wear red pointed toe heels that go perfectly with the outfit.

Wear it with a black turtleneck and leather jacket

black turtleneck leather jacket with turtleneck sweater

When you wear a black leather jacket, you usually look cool and dark. Not in this case. When the red pleated maxi skirt is thrown into the mix, the whole feel changes. To achieve this cool black and red look, team the red skirt and black leather jacket with a black turtleneck and black leather boots.

White strapless top with red mini pleated skirt

white off shoulder red mini pleated skirt

For a minimalist and feminine look, you can wear an off-the-shoulder short-sleeved top in white. Pair it with a red mini pleated skirt. Combine these pieces with black stockings and black leather boots for a stylish and feminine finish.

Wear with White Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top

white off the shoulder ruffle top

Here is another off the shoulder white top. But this time it’s even more elegant and comes in the form of a ruffle top. Combine it with a red pleated midi skirt and a very creative pair of golden loafers to look stylish and restrainedly sexy.

Red skirt with gray sweater and cheetah bag

red skirt gray sweater cheetah bag

For a business casual work outfit you can wear a white shirt with buttons and a gray sweater for the top. Wear it with a red pleated midi skirt and light pink pointed toe pumps to complete the look. Carry a cheetah clutch that is the icing on the cake.

Red pleated skirt with a dark blue bell blouse

red pleated skirt navy bell sleeve blouse

For an airy and stylish look, consider this red and navy blue outfit. Wear a dark blue bell-sleeved blouse with a red pleated skirt. Wear navy pointed heels to match the navy top and complete the outfit in a simple and clean way.

Hope you enjoy the red pleated skirt outfit ideas above. If you find these type of blog posts useful, then check out the other thousands of outfit ideas on this website.

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