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How To Wear Elastic Waist Skirt

How To Wear Elastic Waist Skirt

I will ask you something; Do you think there is anything more important than feeling stylish? Yes No? Actually there is. That feels good. You may be carrying something very expensive branded product, but if these staples are not convenient and flattering to you, then no money in the world can make you feel that way. That’s why I’m going to show you how to wear an elastic waist skirt. Scroll down to see more.

The elastic waist skirt can be short, long, made of different materials and provided with different cuts. However, they all have something in common. That is the elastic waist that is very important to you. You feel good no matter which skirt you want to wear. You can be sure that this feeling will last all day.
Today we’re going to see some examples and outfit ideas of how this can be achieved. Let us begin.

Printed A-line skirt

elastic waist skirt printed
The surprising mix of these two colors is just amazing. Navy blue and emerald green make a hell of a combination, let me tell you. Also, this print looks really glamorous, so this outfit can be considered both casual and elegant.
This look is perfect for work. You can style it with brown pointe shoes like this fashionista and add an interesting waistband.

Gray maxi skirt with an elastic waist

elastic waist skirt gray maxi
Every girl should have a maxi skirt in her closet. It’s a perfect staple that you can carry all year round.
You can pair it with sneakers and a white shirt when it’s hot outside. Without a doubt, you will feel comfortable and stylish.
However, you can wear it with ankle boots and a nice thick sweater even in winter.

Black and white combination

elastic waist skirt black white
I love elegant black and white combinations! They look very sophisticated, you don’t have to worry about mixing shades as there are only two of them. This printed skirt has a very flattering A-line cut. It is also suitable for petite girls. Basic Black Top is one of the must-have staples in your closet. Complete it all with black suede boots.

Gold mustard elastic waist skirt

elastic waist skirt made of golden mustard
Pleated skirts are ideal for winter. You can wear them with black tights and ankle boots. Always try to choose an interesting color. One of these colors is gold mustard. It works perfectly with a black top.
When it comes to details, add a printed headscarf and fedora hat. This can be your new favorite fall or winter outfit combination.

Tunic with a pleated skirt

elastic waist skirt tunic
And here is a great example of how to wear your pleated elastic skirt in cold weather. The answer is with a long sweater. Wear this warm tunic over your maxi gray pleated skirt and voila! You have a great outfit for cold days. Add a faux fur scarf to keep you extra warm.

Dust Rose Lace Midi Skirt

elastic waist skirt dust rose
Elastic waist skirts look great when you pair them with crop tops. They won’t get too exposed so consider this combination for elegant occasions. Point is very delicate and fine. The length of the skirt is very practical, so you can combine it with strappy sandals or flats.
Let your top have a halter neckline.

Tropical maxi skirt

elastic waist skirt tropical
I don’t know about you but I love tropical prints. I like it not only on clothes, but also on walls and notes. It’s a great summer print that you will love to wear. White crop top is a great layer to wear with this skirt. Combine it with flip flops, flat sandals or espadrilles.
Either way, you can add a straw hat and some bracelets and get started.

Orange is the new red

elastic waist skirt orange new black
If you follow trends, you probably know that orange is the new black this season. Everyone wore it. From tops to skirts to dresses, you can choose between light and fiery orange tones.
This elastic maxi waist skirt is perfect for summer days. You can combine it with a black tank top and top it off with lace-up sandals.

Black and white striped skirt

elastic waist skirt stripes
Stripes as a print go perfectly with everything. This pom poms camel sweater is an amazing staple that can be paired with almost any color.
You have two versatile pieces of clothing that are perfect to wear. In a mix, you can style them for both casual and elegant occasions. Black pointed toe leather mules are great choices.

Summer strip

elastic waist skirt blue stripes
Blue stripes for summer? Yes, please! This elastic waist skirt is very typical of this time of year. Girls usually pair it with crop tops, flap sleeves, and bikinis. Yes, you can wear it with a bikini when you are on the beach. Why not?
If you’re walking on a hot urban concrete, pair this skirt with the simple black top and flat sandals. It’s an ideal combination for hot days outdoors.

Boho skirt

elastic waist skirt boho
Do you remember the time when these skirts showed up? I think I can because all the women in my town wanted an elastic waist skirt like this one.
You can style with a flattering top with a lace top. Add a lovely tan fedora for a more bohemian look.
When it comes to shoes, you can combine this look with flats, funky lace-up sandals or flip-flops.

Gypsy patchwork style

elastic waist skirt gypsy
How can you not fall in love with this elastic waist skirt? The gypsy style is always present and perfect for summer days. You can style this lovely patchwork ruffle skirt with a white linen shirt. This top has an interesting lace bodice while still being very comfortable and flattering on your skin. That is why it is ideal for hot days.

Red ruffles

elastic waist skirt red ruffles
For more elegant occasions, you can opt for this beautiful red ruffle cascade skirt. Together with its elastic waist, this skirt is very flattering. It’s midi, which means it’s wearable for so many different occasions.
Combine it with a white top and you will have a great ladylike outfit combination.

Hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas I prepared for you today!

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