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Red Grey Christmas Decoration Ideas

Red Grey Christmas Decoration Ideas

During Christmas time, everyone returns home to celebrate with their close relatives. Usually Christmas is a family affair when all the members gather for the special occasion. People decorate their homes to make them look warm and inviting. These decorations vary depending on the choice of themes based on different colors. This year, for example, you can choose to decorate your home in red gray Christmas decoration. You can use this color theme to decorate different rooms you like to hang out with. These include your living room, dining room, kitchen, front and rear porch and more.

Every home in Europe, the US and the UK always decorates the Christmas tree. This tradition was introduced by devoted German Christians since the 16th century. In general, evergreen trees such as spruce and pine are decorated during the season. In countries that do not grow the spruce people use artificial trees similar to the real ones. You can also use the specially colored theme to decorate the Christmas tree.

Here are 21 fantastic red gray Christmas decorations that you can use for Christmas this year.

{1} Gray Christmas tree with red decoration

Gray Christmas tree with red decoration

Use white cotton wool to cover the evergreen Christmas tree illustrating snowfall. Use mostly white decorations including balls, icicles and wool socks. Use long red ribbons or banners to hang from the top to the bottom of the tree. You can switch vertically between red and gray while decorating the Christmas tree. You can use red flowers and balls at random in the white or gray area. Place gifts wrapped in red patterned paper bound with white ribbon.

{2} Cozy red gray Christmas decoration

Cozy red gray Christmas decoration

Make three wreaths with evergreen leaves, red-gray ribbons and decorations. From the wall hang two wreaths and add decorations to hang down. Between these hangs a wreath from the center of a mirror in the middle of the table. In front of the mirror, on the table you place some arranged decorations that match the wreaths. Place white snowman with red hat and scarf and two white Christmas on the table top. Place ancient lanterns and other decorations on the floor.

{3} Christmas Living Room Red Gray Decor

Christmas living room red gray decor

Use white-colored Christmas tree and decorations with only red-colored decorations including balls and ribbons. In the base you can leave gifts wrapped in white and red. Leave some evergreen leaves and red flowers on top of the mantle. Behind these you can place two identical white vases containing these flowers. Place white candles, drawers and dish with red and green decorations on top of center table. Use red, white and red and white patterned pillow covers.

{4} Decoration of machine parts in the front door

Front Door Deco Mesh Decoration

Welcome everyone with the writing "HoHoHo". This is the happy sound of Santa associated with Christmas especially among children. Make a wreath that weaves gray and red wide bands. Hang this wreath from the middle of your front door. Also use the same material and make a border around the door frame leaving the bottom free. You can further decorate these with pink bows, balls (white, silver, red) and white icicles in different sizes.

{5} Gray Front Porch Christmas Decoration

Porch gray Christmas decoration

Use a gray and red ball of various sizes to create a wreath and hang it from the center of the front door. Decorate two gray boxes with red and gray broadband and gray bows. Fill them with red stems and balls (red, gray). Place them on either side of the front door. Decorate the railing on the stairs with evergreen leaves, red berries and white cotton. Over the railing, from the ceiling, use two lengths of strings and alternate hanging two red and two gray balls.

{6} Wreath Snowman Front Door Decor

Wreath Snowman Front Door Decor

Use three wreaths of different sizes made of gray twigs. Connect these so that the widest is at the bottom and the smallest is at the top. Place a black hat with red border and icing on its shadow on the top wreath. Place a red ball on top of this hat with twigs sticking out. Add an icing to each wreath that changes its position. Hang two gray balls from the middle and lower garlands. Place a scarf between top and other wreaths attached with two silver bells and a small ball.

{7} Fireplace Coat Red Gray Decor

Fireplace Mantel red gray decor

On top of the jacket you can place clusters of evergreen leaves, red, white and gray balls. Switch these with gray-colored reindeer in sitting positions. Add small yellow lights to add glow. Hang with four gray socks with red patterns from the top of the jacket with red colored wool / string. These socks should also have white and red borders. Fill each of these stockings with evergreen leaves and white balls.

{8} Gray Kitchen Red Christmas Decor

Gray kitchen red Christmas decor

When you have a gray kitchen with white shelves you can decorate it with red objects. You can fill cans with red chilies and tie white ribbons. You can place red plates standing flanked on either side of white with red designed plate. Place a glass of red design in the center of the shelf. On both sides you place two red and white dotted coffee mugs and two red tumblers. You can leave everything in red and / or red and white.

Light gray kitchen interior with red Christmas decor By Fusionstudio / Shutterstock

{9} Elf Wreath Christmas Decoration

Elf Wreath Christmas Decoration

Create a wreath with gray, red, red-gray striped and patterned broadband. Place the wreath as a wreath for a gray fairy. Decorate the river with a colorful winter cap that ends with a white pomp-pomp. Make sure the river wears the same colorful pants that cling to his thin legs. The black curved shoes should be left and right. Add small white balls everywhere and a silver ball representing the elf's belt.

{10} Table Top Christmas Tree Decoration

Table top Christmas tree decoration

Use only gray-colored artificial leaves to create a small to medium-sized Christmas tree for the table top. Create the conical shaped Christmas tree around the steel gray colored stem. When placing the trunk embedded in white cotton, make sure that the Christmas tree remains in the upright position. You can place some reindeer and evergreen leaves on the same plate filled with white cotton wool. Decorate the tree with only red colored balls and other ornaments.

{11} Red Berry And Gray Spruce Wreath

Red Berry And Gray Spruce Wreath

All visitors knock on the front door before welcoming them to your warm and inviting home. Therefore, it is a great idea to decorate your front door. You can also easily use the same selected gray and red theme. Create a wreath with gray colored spruce leaves and gray berries and red berries of different kinds. You can make the wreath as thick as you like. You can also decorate it with pine cones and acorns.

{12} Rustic red gray Christmas decoration

Rustic red gray christmas decoration

Start decorating to place a silver star from David on the summit. Weave a brown and white wide band around Christmas from top to bottom. Decorate the tree with white, silver and red colored balls of different sizes. You can also place white colored icicles at random. Place gifts wrapped in brown paper tied with a white ribbon or red-black ribbon on the floor. You can paint leaves sparingly, leaving an impression of light snowfall.

{13} Christmas Gnomes Table Decor

Christmas Gnomes Table Decor

Place two elves standing next to each other on one side of the table top. One elf should wear a gray cap while the other wear a red cap. Next to them you place a flat transparent bowl containing stones and acorns. Behind this, place a branch of evergreen pine in a transparent glass bottle filled with enough water. You can hang different shaped and large elves wearing red caps. You can hang one with a long beard as well.

{14} Glamorous Red Gray Christmas Table Cape

Glamorous red gray christmas table

Use a red cloth to cover the center of the table top. On this you can place clusters of Christmas decorations. Create decorations with a gray wide light, a light in gray glass and some pine cones / acorns. You can also add some icicles and shining silver crystal balls to your compound decorations. Once you have organized the clusters into neat groups, you can add other icicles at random. Eventually, make sure the entire decoration looks continuous.

{15} Modern red white and gray wreath

Modern red white and gray wreath

Take a wide, round frame large enough to stand when you hang it from your front door. Make this frame a wreath that wraps a green and white pattern wide band. Hang the wreath from the door. Stick on some artificial silk flowers on one side (left side) of this wreath. Stick 4-6 red flowers. Place some small whites randomly. Place another large white white flower on top which makes it stand out.

{16} Table Top Mini Trees Centerpiece

Table top Mini Trees Centerpiece

Small Christmas trees decorated in gray and red can be used to decorate your table top. You can use real dwarf evergreen trees or branches of an evergreen fir tree. Otherwise, you can use an artificial Christmas tree. Place the trees in separate gray-colored pots decorated with red-colored arches of wide bands. Use a size of red colored balls to decorate these Christmas trees. You can place one or more of these on the desired table top.

{17} Christmas sign Rustic front porch

Christmas sign Rustic front porch

You can use gray colored large containers with red colored fonts to maintain red-gray colored theme. Place the tall fir tree in one container and another short pine tree in another. Place both on one side of the porch that you want to decorate in a rustic style. Place logs for fire in another gray and red container next to the door. You can hang an evergreen colored wreath in the middle of the red word "JOY".

{18} Deer and Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

Deer and Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

You can place a burgundy colored cloth on the table to place all Christmas decorations. You can place a conical shaped Christmas tree made with transparent and transparent silver balls. You can place two reindeer on both sides. You can use a standing reindeer with a wreath around your neck. Also place another sitting reindeer that feeds on some evergreen leaves. You can either leave some icicles on the cloth or have them embroidered in silver.

{19} Festive red gray Christmas decoration

Festive red gray Christmas decoration

On the white table top you can place three small Christmas trees next to each other. Make sure the trees look like it's been a snowfall recently. In front of these trees you can place a brick-red-colored home with tiled ceilings. You can have chimneys protruding from the roof of the house. In the house's snow-covered lawn, there could be two white Christmas trees decorated with red.

{20} Christmas Entryway Red Gray Decor

Christmas Entryway Red Gray Decor

On top of the wooden bench you can place some evergreen leaves and two conical red and gray paper trees. Hang a string of ornaments (silver colored small buckets, stars and red and white colored trees and candies). Tie both ends of the string into two red-gray bows. Place pillows covered with alternating red and gray on the seat. On the floor you can place a pair of red boots. Next to you you can leave a silver bucket with evergreen leaves and four white candles.

{21} Shiny Christmas Balls Tree Decoration

Shiny Christmas balls

You need the same size balls in different colors (red, white, gray, silver and black) and gray colored icicles. Use small white / yellow electric lamps to create the Christmas tree's structure against the white door. Use rows of balls that alternate with rows of icicles so that the tree at the end looks like a decorated Christmas tree.

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