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How To Style Blush Maxi Dress

How To Style Blush Maxi Dress

If you want to look more ladylike, wearing blush pink is a great option. And today I’m going to talk very specifically about how to style the blushing maxi dress. Usually it comes in the form of a semi-formal or formal dress, which is great for proms and cocktails. But occasionally you can find some that are meant to be worn as a street or work outfit, which I will cover in this blog post as well. What you’re about to see are some of the best blushing maxi dress outfit ideas I’ve gathered for you. Let’s get in right away.

Blush pleated maxi dress with puff sleeves and belt

blush puff sleeve belt maxi pleated dress

Although a blushing maxi dress is usually designed for proms and cocktail parties, I’ll start this list of outfit ideas with a little surprise by showing you a business casual outfit. To shape this look, you can wear a blushing pleated puff sleeve maxi dress that comes with a black leather belt. Wear black ballet flats to add a feminine touch to your outfit.

Blush pink plunging v-neck maxi dress

blush pink deep v neck maxi dress

Now let’s take a 180 degree turn and look at a very simple, but extremely sexy dress that is perfect for proms. In detail, the dress is a blushing maxi dress with a deep V-neckline that requires you to show a lot of skin. Pair it with light pink open toe ankle straps for a feminine finish.

Blush pleated maxi dress with black lace details

Rouge maxi pleated dress with black lace details

This is also a sexy ball gown, but this time it should be easier to take it off as you need to show some skin on your back. The dress is a blushing maxi pillow dress with a low back and black lace sleeves. Team them with black open toe heels with ankle straps to look elegant and feminine.

Blush belted sleeveless maxi dress

Rouge sleeveless maxi dress with pleats and belt

Here is a dress that you can wear for both proms and cocktail parties. It’s a blushing tank maxi pleated dress with a brown leather belt. Don’t underestimate the belt. It helps your waist look taller and leads to a slimmer look. A pink leather handbag and pink open toe heels are the perfect accompaniment to this casual outfit.

Blush cutout back maxi dress with silver cuff bracelet

Rouge-cut maxi dress with a silver cuff bracelet

This is a dress that looks so airy and restrainedly sexy that it is perfect for a beach photoshoot. In detail, the dress is a blushing, floor-length dress with a cut-out back that is slightly flared. To create a refreshing boho look, you can wear silver cuff bracelets and a pair of nude sandals.

Blush Lace Babydoll Floor Length Dress

Rouge lace flared floor length dress

For those of you who don’t want to show off your curves, a babydoll dress may help because you are not in the best shape. For example, you can wear a lovely floor-length babydoll dress made of blushing lace. Wear pink heels with open toe straps and a black faux fur handbag to look even more attractive and ladylike.

Pink short sleeve maxi maternity wrap dress

pink short-sleeved maxi wrap dress for pregnant women

If you are looking for a nice maternity dress for photo shoots, here is a simple and beautiful dress that you will probably love to wear. It’s a blushing short-sleeved maternity dress with a maxi wrap. Pair it with light pink open toe ankle straps to complete this minimalist and iconic look.

Two-tone backless, floor-length pleated dress

two-tone backless floor-length pleated dress

Here is a sexy and elegant two-tone dress, with the top part being a backless top made of white lace and the bottom part being a blushing floor-length pleated skirt. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of shiny pink heels with pointy toes to look even more feminine and elegant.

Pink and red floral maxi dress


If you want to look more refreshing, it is very good to wear a dress with a floral pattern. For example, you can wear a blushing floral maxi dress that is slightly flared to look relaxed and refreshing. Pair the dress with gray open toe platform shoes for a more unique look.

Blush The Shoulder Ruffle High Split Maxi Dress

Blush the high split ruffled maxi dress

For those of you who have lovely shoulders and collarbones, here is an outfit you might want to wear for a cocktail party or a prom. To achieve this look, you can wear an off the shoulder high split maxi dress. Wear the dress with light pink open toe ankle straps for the minimal completeness of your outfit.

Pink Cold Shoulder Floor Length Pleated Chiffon Dress

pink floor-length pleated chiffon dress with cold shoulder

If you feel that wearing an off the shoulder dress is a little too much for you, consider toning it down and wearing a blushing, colder one shoulder maxi pleated dress instead. This is made of chiffon, which makes the dress look particularly airy. Simply combine the dress with light pink open heels to look ladylike.

Blush Faux Two Piece Floor Length Chiffon Dress

blush faux two piece floor length chiffon dress

This dress has such beautiful details. It’s a blushing two-piece art dress, with the upper part being a top with a spaghetti strap and the lower part being a floor-length straight cut skirt with some nifty ruffle details in the front. To style this dress you can wear pink open-toed heels and a blushing choker to look extra unique and attractive.

Maxi rouge dress with halter and gathered waistband

Single Strap Halter Neck Ruched Waist Maxi Blush Dress

Another way to show off your collarbones is to wear a blushing maxi dress with a ruched waist and straight waistband. The upper part is almost like a halter top, but has an asymmetrical design that makes the outfit even more beautiful. Pair the dress with pink open toe heels and you will really shine in a prom.

Blush maxi dress with silver sequin details

Rouge maxi dress with silver sequin details

For those of you who don’t like looking too simple and fragile, here is a slightly more sophisticated look. To shape this outfit, wear a blushing maxi dress with some silver sequin detailing. Wear them with black strappy heels to complete your outfit.

Here are the blushing maxi dress outfit ideas that can help you look great, mostly for cocktail parties and proms. Wearing these blushing pink outfits is one of the easiest ways to look ladylike. Try them out and see if they go well with your character.

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