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Scandinavian Country Interior Design

Scandinavian Country Interior Design

Scandinavian Country Interior Design is set in three floors designed for decades to come: there are two children's rooms and games that will ever learn, and then in 15 years will be transformed into a living room for young people; has a spacious kitchen with family chairs and a large dining room and business premises, which will not be bored to spend your days in housework. Your guests and noisy party of young parents are willing to hide in the basement so as not to disturb the younger generation.

It was necessary to adapt the house, which is built on the completed project, the needs of a large family: on the ground floor customers requested the common kitchen-living room and the planned games so that the hostess could cook and watch the children. Also needed a large one Laundry-walk-in wardrobe.

On the second floor, it was necessary to accommodate three bedrooms for the children and the parents' bedrooms and in the basement to build a place for entertainment and receive guests to the noisy company of friends customers who did not hurt children.

Owner of the house

In terms of style, the homeowner was in solidarity with us: the most practical and attractive choice for a large family of children Scandinavian minimalism with its white walls, warm natural wood, rustic spirit.
Rebuilding, as such, was not. We had to properly zone space. We moved partitions only in the host's private zone: combined wardrobe areas and bedroom corridor between them. And rounded corners on the walls of the bedroom to the bedroom as if they were flowing in the dressing room. So the space seems like United is part of our corporate identity, we use rounded corners in different projects.

The rest of the planning work has been reduced to an ergonomic placement of functional areas. In the basement we have planned a Hammam, next to a lounge where you can relax, smoke hookah, listen to music. There is also a sports area. In the children's area there is a room for girls, room for boy Yaroslav with an upper level and a bathroom for children is a space that can "grow", and for all the children we have, according to the specifications, "cradle" – a room with three cots.

The first floor is already almost traditionally planned: kitchen-dining room-living room plus large utility room with laundry room, wardrobe and refrigerator.

Finishing materials used are mainly natural. In a moment of crisis we had something urgent to buy and equip the plant by switching positions, since many factories (such as tile manufacturers) Russian mediators stopped working. A special challenge is the delivery of the right material in the regions.
The end Scandinavian Country Interior Design, meanwhile, simple, typical Scandinavian style: we plan to paint the walls in white, with the exception of children for girls where gray walls, in the bottom they are covered with wallpaper. Also the wallpaper used in the laundry room.

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