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How To Wear Bandage Skirt

How To Wear Bandage Skirt

Having basic clothing in your closet is fine and necessary. How about elegant, provocative and sexy staples though? How many of you have these types of skirts, dresses, or other staples? In addition to fine clothes, it is also very important to have clothes that you can wear and make a statement. One of those staples is definitely the bandage skirt.

You probably know the history of bandages in fashion. This material found its way to runway shows and retail stores thanks to Herve Leger. He loved it and started using it on his clothes in the 80s. He hasn’t stopped since today. Girls love these models of dresses and skirts.
Today we are going to see how to wear a bandage skirt. It is a very flattering and sexy piece of clothing that will turn your outfits into an eye catcher.


Bandage skirt office look
Although the bandage skirt is considered a sexy and provocative piece of clothing, you can also wear it as part of your work clothes. This girl is definitely showing you how to rock office style.
You can combine two neutral and dark colors – olive green top and dark blue skirt. It looks feminine and at the same time very formal.
Finish it all off with lovely high-heeled strappy sandals.

Cross bandage skirt

Crossed bandage skirt
If you thought crossbreeds were reserved for tops only, you were wrong my dear.
This lovely cross skirt is an amazing, versatile staple that is perfect for summer. You can style it with a white crop top and nude sandals.
You will definitely feel sexy and very comfortable on hot summer days if you choose this outfit combination.

Blue stripes

Bandage skirt blue stripes
On the other hand, you can always go for this outfit combination if you want to wear something casual and comfortable.
Blazer is the classy and everyday piece that you can wear. It’s one of those basic things in your closet.
However, this skirt is very modern. It is made of stretchable material. You can wear it with both elegant and casual clothes. This outfit is a great option for everyday stroll, coffee, or walks in the park.

Yellow and polka dots

Bandage skirt yellow polka dots
Yellow was one of the colors of the winter season. So it comes as no surprise if you are thinking about buying a yellow bandage skirt. It’s very stylish and trendy!
This beautiful skirt is combined with a dotted button-down for a fantastic everyday combination. However, if you pair this look with high heel sandals or ankle boots, you can easily wear it for formal occasions.

Printed bandage skirt

Bandage skirt printed
I love printed staples in summer. They are amazing and very noticeable. In addition, they work perfectly with your sun-kissed skin.
If you want a head-turner outfit too, all you need to do is find a really colorful bandage skirt paired with a white off-the-shoulder top and bright pink clutch.
This outfit is great for your vacation, on the beach or on hot days in the city. Combine it comfortably with comfortable sandals.

Sheer blouse

Bandage skirt transparent blouse
Transparent blouses are very feminine, sexy and elegant items of clothing. They are also very versatile.
Wearing this sheer blouse with a bandage skirt is a great idea. You can style this look for elegant, formal, and casual occasions. It’s the perfect outfit for birthday parties, New Years Eve, and even Christmas dinner.
Combine this look with ankle boots or high heels.

Denim shirt with bandage skirt

Bandage skirt denim shirt
This is a great example of how to wear a bandage skirt as the ultimate casual piece.
Pair it with a denim shirt. This garment is ideal for everyday wear. It’s comfortable and chic enough.
This look goes great with heels and flats. You can style it with ankle or chelsea boots, or wear it with strappy high heels.

Shades of brown

Bandage skirt brown beige
This outfit can be your new workwear inspiration. It’s very sophisticated and elegant.
The beige sweater is paired with a brown bandage skirt for the ultimate glamorous look. You can add a piece of jewelry and a small shoulder bag.
When it comes to shoes, you can go for nude strappy sandals and beige ankle boots. Just make sure you stay neutral and in earth tones.

Baby blue

Bandage skirt baby blue
Pastel colors are going to be a big trend this season! Be sure to buy some staples in pale pink, baby blue, lilac, or light green.
This outfit is very young and bright. It is ideal for summer. In addition, it is very flattering and sexy. It would be a perfect idea to pair this look with a pair of classy nude high-heeled sandals.

Sparkling top with purple skirt

Bandage skirt purple
If you are looking for the perfect New Years Eve outfit combo, stop, because I have something out of the ordinary for you.
This look is effortless to achieve, but at the same time very effective and attractive to wear. All you have to do is find a similar sparkling top with a high-waisted purple bandage skirt.
Round it all off with stylish shoes – pointy high heels, ankles or even over-the-knee boots.

Red bandage skirt with side zippers

Bandage skirt red zipper
This matching outfit look is ideal for an evening or birthday party. It’s very sexy, elegant, and a little provocative. The red skirt has golden side zippers that make it very interesting and a bit edgy.
You can combine this skirt with a matching bandage shirt and keyhole. Round it all off with stilettos, strappy sandals or flats.

Red and white combination

Bandage skirt red white
The red color is very effective and eye-catching color. It might not be the easiest color to wear, but it is certainly one of the prettiest.
The combination of red and white is very easy to mix and looks beautiful. This look is great for everyday wear, while with some details it can be a tremendously elegant combination.
Peep toe sandals would be an excellent choice for this outfit.

Leather jacket and beige bandage skirt

Bandage rock leather jacket
If you are a fan of grunge and bit rock and roll, this outfit is ideal for you.
The beige bandage skirt is combined with a leather jacket and a printed blouse. Everything is reserved and in two colors.
Strappy sandals are an ideal choice to combine with this lovely outfit combination.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas I prepared for you!

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