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How To Wear Popover Shirt

How To Wear Popover Shirt

If you think a shirt is just a shirt and there is no variety, you are not alone. I used to think that way too, but not after learning about silk shirts, oxford shirts, popover shirts and a lot more. The difference between different types of shirts is subtle on paper but it really does affect your style. Today I’m going to talk about a very stylish type of shirt, which is the popover shirts. They’re basically shirts that only have the top three or four buttons. To show you how to wear them in style, I have compiled a list of the best popover shirt outfit ideas for women. Let’s check it out.

Light blue popover shirt with a white skirt


Just like a typical shirt with buttons, the light blue and white colors are the most popular colors. Here is a gorgeous light blue cap sleeve popover shirt that looks very stylish on its own. Pair it with a white slit midi skirt and a pair of white heeled sandals to look feminine and chic.

White popover shirt with black skinny pants

white popover shirt black tube pants

You can definitely build a minimal and stylish outfit around a white popover shirt. For example, you can simply pair it with black skinny pants or black leather leggings for a sleek and cool look. Wear a pair of black pointy toe heels for the shoes to complete the outfit in a simple and neat way.

Rainbow colored popover shirt with denim skirt

Rainbow color popover shirt denim shirt

Now let’s look at a happy and approachable look. To achieve this, you can wear an oversized rainbow colored popover shirt to look casual and relaxed. Team it with a high waisted denim mini skirt to give the outfit a youthful touch. Wear white sneakers to keep the outfit casual and refreshing.

Chambray popover shirt dress with ankle boots

Chambray popover shirt dress with ankle boots

Not only do the popover shirts look great, popover shirt dresses look amazing too. Here’s a low key sexy and minimalist look built around a chambray popover shirt dress. To style the shirt dress, wear it with crepe leather ankle boots and a brown leather handbag to complete the outfit in style.

Chambray popover shirt with black bodycon mini skirt

Chambray Popover Shirt black figure-hugging mini skirt

For a business casual look, you can wear a chambray popover shirt to replace a typical white shirt that you would normally wear. Team it up with a black figure-hugging mini skirt and a pair of black pointy toe heels. A black leather handbag for a smarter and more professional look is a good idea to complement this outfit with a black leather handbag.

Long chambray popover shirt with washed blue jeans

long chambray popover shirt washed blue jeans

For me there are different levels of casual dressing. The lowest tier of casual outfits are the ones you would wear if you just wanted to stop by a friend in the same neighborhood quickly. And this outfit is such a good example of what I’m talking about. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a long chambray popover shirt that is oversized and loose fitting. Wear it with washed blue straight-leg jeans and white trainers to complete this laid-back outfit.

Black and white striped popover shirt dress with belt

black and white striped popover shirt dress with belt

For a casual yet super chic outfit, you can wear a belted shirt dress. This particular one is a black and white striped popover one shirt dress. Combine the dress with light pink heels and leave the buttons of the shirt dress open to look feminine and reservedly sexy.

Light blue shirt with gray long cardigan

light blue shirt gray long cardigan

This is a cozy and casual street outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a light blue popover shirt with a gray long cardigan over it. Wear these pieces with black skinny jeans and white trainers to keep the outfit simple and casual.

Red shirt with black flared pants

red shirt black flared pants

For a sharp and mature look, you might want to wear a red popover shirt with black flared pants. While the flared pants are not as popular as the skinny pants, they can actually make your legs look longer, so it doesn’t hurt to wear them every now and then. Combine the pieces with cheetah heels to add a sophisticated touch to the look.

Black and White Plaid Popover Friends Shirt

black and white checked popover boyfriend shirt

If you love casual outfits, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with boyfriend shirts. However, this one is a unique one that is a black and white plaid popover boyfriend shirt. Just like you would style an ordinary boyfriend shirt, you can just wear it with white skinny jeans and black pointy toe heels to look simple and casual.

White popover shirt with Heather Gray sweatpants

white popover shirt mottled gray jogger pants

At first glance, this white, oversized popover shirt looks almost like a windbreaker. So it’s no surprise that this shirt would look great with the gray sweatpants. Complete your outfit with white sneakers for a casual and sporty look.

Light blue and white striped popover shirt dress with jeans

black and white striped popover shirt dress jeans

This is a very stylish and even boyish outfit that is perfect for casual hangouts. To achieve this simple but amazing look, you can wear a light blue and white striped oversized popover shirt or even call it a shirt dress. Pair it with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers for a super cool look.

Red, white and blue plaid popover shirt

red white blue plaid popover shirt

This is such a colorful and playful popover shirt. It has the red, white and blue plaid design that really sets this outfit apart from the rest. To complete this outfit, pair the shirt with a denim midi skirt and white sneakers to look cool and casual.

Oversized chambray shirt with white denim shorts

Chambray oversize shirt white denim shorts

You can often see the chambray shirt and white shorts combo, but this particular outfit adds a little twist to the typical outfit. The chambray shirt has become a popover shirt and wears the white jean shorts. Combine them with white scandals to give the outfit a feminine and refreshing touch.

Light blue striped hooded shirt

light blue striped hooded shirt

This is a unique and stylish outfit that tries to combine the popover design with the hooded design in this light blue striped shirt. The result definitely shows that the attempt is very successful. Team it with blue skinny jeans and a black and white low-top Converse to look simple and stylish.

Here are the popover shirt outfit ideas that look amazing to me. I hope you find the list above useful and can definitely use it as a starting point to style your first popover shirt.

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