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Fringe Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

Fringe Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

Fringes, cowboy boots and bell bottom jeans – all of this is part of a big trend that captured the hearts of many fashionistas. This trend is known as New Americana. I really didn’t expect the comeback of the cowboy boots and the leather jacket with fringes. This trend re-emerged on runway shows last winter and now it’s definitely here to stay.

The leather jacket with fringes is a very interesting piece. It’s very exciting and very versatile. Although these jackets have fringes, they can be combined with any casual or elegant basic outfit. If you mix these clothes together, you will get fantastic and stylish outfit combinations.
In this post, I’ll show you how to style leather and suede fringe jackets. If you were wondering if you need to buy this jacket, let this style guide decide for you!

Retro Classic

Fringed leather jacket retro classic
This is definitely not a modern leather jacket. It has a waistband and a special cut. However, if you are a fan of vintage and modern clothing, then this outfit can definitely be your thing.
Pernille Teisbaek is an It Fashion Girl and has never made mistakes when choosing the right staples. She opted for a modern olive green skirt and small bag paired with a fringed leather jacket.
This is a great option for everyday or formal occasions.

Black and white combination

Leather jacket with fringes black white
I love black and white combinations. You are so sophisticated and classy. These mixtures are also suitable for every possible occasion. You can’t go wrong with black or white.
The wrap shirt with V-neck is combined with black trousers. With a black jacket with fringes this outfit is complete.
You can opt for a look like this when you want to attend elegant events or for an evening in a posh restaurant.

Modern boho princess

Fringed leather jacket boho
Boho is one of my favorite styles. For some people it is reserved for summer days. However, you can always create a bohemian look.
The key is choosing the right pieces. This girl opted for fringes and a fedora hat as the main brackets. She combined these clothes with black pants. This all black look is perfect for everyday wear.

Carry a message

Fringed leather jacket message
This season, strong and powerful sentences were seen on fashion clothes. The fashion girls wore them on bags, as shirt prints and on their jackets.
This girl even combined her clutch bag with the phrase on the back of her fringed leather jacket. Light my fire is one of the most popular The Doors songs.
You will definitely be cool if you decide to wear a message like this one.

Less traditional leather jacket

Leather jacket with fringes not traditional
When it comes to winter layers, high waisted jeans are a great piece of clothing that you can pair with any other staple. This It Girl opted for a modern but classy white turtleneck and an interesting and somewhat eccentric leather jacket.
If you’re a fan of mixed patterns, go for snakeskin ankle boots and a colorful bag. This look is very surprising, but all of the staples are amazingly combined.

Pink leather jacket made of silk and fringes

Fringed leather jacket silk dress
Slip dresses aren’t just reserved for your bedroom. They found their way into fashion and all girls have lost their hearts.
Combining slip dresses can be easy. You just have to combine it like a regular silk dress. This time, try doing this with the fringed leather jacket. This two-tone, oversized jacket looks very cool in combination with a delicate pink silk dress and black cowboy boots.

Suede fringed leather jacket

Leather jacket with fringes, suede pink
There can never be too many margins. Check out this jacket – it’s a great recreation of the ’70s style.
Pink suede may seem like a difficult item of clothing to style, but it’s not entirely true. It goes perfectly with a black leather skirt and beige sweater.
This combination is also great for your work clothes. Try wearing it in your office and you will get a look all maniacal.

Brown suede jacket

Fringed leather jacket suede brown
A few years ago I thought that brown was not that easy to combine and wear. I was obsessed with it, but I wore it with matching beige. I haven’t tried wearing it with gray or black.
However, that was my mistake. This girl knows how to combine the brown fringed jacket with gray printed leggings and a dark gray sweater.
You can opt for this outfit combination for everyday life, walks or a coffee.

Olive green leather jacket with fringes

Olive green leather jacket with fringes
Olive green is one of my favorite colors. It’s very versatile and looks great. If you’ve been thinking about how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, check out this look.
Gray jeans are combined with a gray knitted sweater and a leather jacket with olive-colored fringes. Aimee decided to top it all off with a beige handbag. Depending on the occasion, choose between flats or high-heeled shoes.

Fringy casual

Fringed Lether Jacket beige
Beige is a versatile and very stylish shade. The leather jacket with fringes should not only be reserved for elegant occasions.
You can definitely wear it with a casual gray pinafore dress. You can also choose between sneakers, flats or modern cowboy boots. This look is great for everyday wear.

Gold skirt and leather jacket

Fringed leather jacket gold skirt
On the other hand, fringes can be part of your elegant outfit combinations. Combine and mix materials and prints for an amazingly elegant outfit.
A gold skirt goes great with a white button-down shirt and black leather jacket. The edges are very delicate. Wear strappy sandals with high heels or ankle boots with this outfit combination.

Fedora and bandana scarf

Leather jacket with fringes, brown headscarf
Modern cowgirl should look like this. Stylish staples with traditional cowboy clothing make a surprising combination of everyday outfits.
Brown suede jacket mixed with jeans and a beige knitted sweater. Add details like a black headscarf and gray fedora. A black bag and a pair of cool ankle boots would be great choices.

Brown leather jacket and white dress

Fringed leather jacket white dress
Boho and cowboy style combined in one look can absolutely be your new favorite.
This outfit can be worn on breezy summer days. It is best to combine it with brown cowboy boots or platform heels.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas and that you will try to recreate some of them!

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