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Small Space Old Industrial Building

Small Space Old Industrial Building

Redevelopment often involves improving or transforming the existing design or design of the room. Jessica Helgerson interior design have achieved something similar when I completed the home decor of the loft apartment shown here. This relatively small space is located on NW 13th Avenue in the recently transformed Pearl District of Portland. Lincoln Barbour has captured this project beautifully. Originally an old industrial warehouse and manufacturing facility. This loft apartment was converted into apartments in the 1990s. A long and narrow hall formed the first entry point in the former section of this unit. Limited storage together with an unpleasant color palette of red, blue and green with yellowish bamboo constituted the interior. The small space was only 870 square meters. The owners wanted an open, airy space for large gatherings with plenty of storage and a warm and sophisticated color palette.

To achieve this, the designers created a layout that eliminated the corridor. This makes the entrance to the house considerably more open, inviting and functional for cooking and entertainment. A wall of cabinets separates the bedroom from the public areas and provides some requested privacy and tranquility. This <a href = "http: //Industrial-style apartment has a mixture of exposed bricks, concrete and several elegant details. An open floor plan, stylish decor and texture layer really make this place warmer and inviting.

Open kitchen and dining area

white brick wall kitchen
This remodel's open floor plan works beautifully for this compact kitchen and comfortable dining area. The kitchen has glazed tiles, marble countertops and dark cabinets and walnut shelves. White tiles provide a fantastic contrast to the dark ceiling beams. The large window creates visual interest and also provides plenty of daylight.

open walnut shelves kitchen
In addition, the open shelves emphasize the open plan of the room. The warm walnut color contrasts with the tiles and gives the room an inviting appeal.

eames vintage dining chair
Moreover, vintage Eames DKW leatherchairs, steel and wood add pattern and interest.

open kitchen and dining room
The dining table also contrasts the kitchen plates and creates visual interest. The wooden table together with dark steel and light blown chandelier bring the earth, warmth and style to the place.

Industrial style living room

Home renovation, industrial living room
The industrial-style living room with beamed ceilings and functional furniture is spacious, well-lit and welcoming. The owners wanted a great place with great gatherings. The custom L-shaped sofa, clad with heavy woven fabrics and industrial chairs provides more than enough room for such gatherings. The warm earthy accents on the sofa and wooden table create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The built-in cupboard provides plenty of storage while effectively separating the bedroom from the living room. The hand-blown industrial glass pendant lights are elegant and make the room sophisticated.

custom TV console and cabinets

antique bracket pillows
A console table was adapted for TV and mounted on the wall. The console has antique Chinese doors, wrapped in a glossy modern lacquered drawer. The large scale of the bracket visually anchors the TV while providing space for accessories and hiding components. Its vintage look really adds to the industrial appeal of the room. The soft pillows and the structured Moroccan rug are an ethnic feel for the modern interior.

The eclectic bedroom

hand sewn felt headboard
The bedroom has an eclectic touch to it. The hand-sewn felt head gives visual interest to the usual white walls. The gray bedding and pillows add color to the room. A built-in cupboard separates the bedroom from public areas. This also gives the room a sense of privacy and tranquility. The wall lamp provides enough light for a comfortable night reading. A wooden side table also provides easy access.

White tile bathroom

wooden beams white tile bathroom
The designers painted the ceiling beam in a earthy shade of dark gray to create visual interest. On the other hand, they painted a soft but brilliant shade of white. This pattern was true for the entire rebuild. The rest of the bathroom is a completely white shop. The white cupboard and the white glazed tiles really give an industrial feel to the room. Metal fittings and wooden floors also emphasize the industrial look.

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