Sunday , 19 May 2024
Flower Power

Flower Power

Many women say that they can’t resist chocolate. I could say I can’t resist flowers. Floral dresses are a hot trend these days that are very easy to wear from a stroll to a girls’ night out to a wedding. You really can’t miss it and I also dare to say that it is almost urgent that you decide to buy some of these for the following summer in case your wardrobe doesn’t already include them. 🙂 So, here are some tips for this hot summer trend:


One of the best floral prints will always be roses!


So beautiful. Clothes are like men. If you fall in love with her, you can’t stop thinking about her either!

This is just a test

Green and yellow are always a good combination!


This dress really makes you look innocent. But remember: good girls are just bad girls who never get caught!


Casual beach or wedding dress. You decide where you want to look stunning!


Check out this mix of colors. Really amazing!


It looks like the whole meadow is on this dress.


Simple, easy and beautiful!


Believe me, Taylor Swift isn’t the only one who can look like a super hot elegant lady in this dress!


This dress really reminds me of Maddona’s hit: Like a virgin … 🙂

PS: Always remember: “You have a more interesting life when you wear impressive clothes!” [V. Westwood]

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