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How To Style Blue Formal Dress

How To Style Blue Formal Dress

Today I’m going to talk about how to style the blue evening dress. What makes a dress formal enough to be worn for proms and formal events? Sometimes it’s the cutting and sometimes it’s the details like silver sequin details. Surprisingly, most of the time, it’s the simplicity of a dress that makes it look formal. While most formal dresses are available in the form of long flow dresses, some look formal enough even if they are mini dresses. To help you style this super cool item, I’ve put together a list of really good blue outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

Royal blue off the shoulder floor-length flowing evening dress


To start with this list of amazing outfit ideas, I’m going to show you a low-key sexy outfit that is a natural way to stand out from the crowd at a formal event. To shape this outfit, you can wear a strapless mermaid maxi dress. Pair it with a pair of silver open toe ankle straps for an even more elegant look.

Dark Navy Blue Sweetheart Neckline Maxi Evening Dress

Dark blue maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline

To achieve this beautiful and feminine look here is what you need to do. Wear a dark blue off-the-shoulder maxi mermaid evening dress with a cold shoulder neckline. Pair it with a silver bracelet to add an elegant touch to the outfit. For the shoes, you can wear white heels with open toe straps to add a refreshing touch to the outfit.

Light, sky blue, sleeveless, deep maxi dress with a deep V-neck

light sky blue sleeveless deep v-neck pleated maxi evening dress

This is a light blue outfit that will make you look extra refreshing, especially when you compare it to other royal blue or navy blue looks. To achieve this look, you can wear a light blue sleeveless dress with a deep V-neckline and a ruched waist and maxi pleats. Pair it with a pair of white open toe heels to look refreshing and slim.

Dark blue cold strapless maxi dress with a high V-neckline and a high slit

dark blue cold shoulder deep v-neck maxi dress with high slit

This is a beautiful dress that will allow you to show off your curves and long legs in a very natural way. In detail, the dress is a dark blue, cold, strapless maxi high split evening dress with a sweetheart neckline. You can combine the dress with a pair of light pink straps with open toes to look extra feminine and elegant.

Royal blue sweetheart neckline strapless fit and flare dress

Royal blue sweetheart neckline strapless fit and flared dress

This is a beautiful dress that is not all solid color. It’s a strapless fit with a sweetheart neckline and a floor-length, flared evening dress with amazing-looking silver sequin details. You can pair it with a silver sequin bracelet and a pair of silver metallic open toe heels to look shiny and attractive.

Sleeveless, blue evening dress with deep V-neck and silver, open toe heel

sleeveless, deep blue evening dress with V-neckline and silver, open toe heels

This is a very nice mermaid dress that uses the sharp and elegant looking royal blue color. The dress is a royal blue sleeveless mermaid dress with a deep V neckline that allows you to look slim and slim. To complete the look, you can wear a pair of silver heels with an open toe strap to complete the outfit.

Dark blue maxi evening dress without shoulder with silver, open toe heel

Dark blue maxi evening dress with silver open toe heels

To look simple and ladylike, here is a super minimal outfit that can help you with that. You can just wear a dark blue strapless bodycon maxi high split dress. With the dress you can not only show off your curves, but also show off your long legs in a subtle way. Wear silver open-toed heels to look extra classy.

Fit and Flare Maxi Navy Blue Dress with Open Toe Black Heels

Fit and flare maxi navy blue dress with open toe black heels

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders, collarbones, and skin, this dress is perfect for you to express your strengths. In detail, the dress here is a dark blue fit and a strapless maxi dress. You can easily pair it with a pair of open toe heels with black ankle straps to look clean and attractive.

Navy Blue and White Off the Shoulder Tribal Printed Formal Dress

Navy blue and white off the shoulder tribal printed evening dress

If you are a little bored with all those solid color dresses that are mentioned, how about a printed dress that can make you look elegant and pretty at the same time. Here is a dark blue and white floral pattern on the shoulder that looks just amazing. Team it with white toe heels with ankle straps for a refreshing touch.

Royal blue evening dress with one shoulder and white heels with open toes

A strapless royal blue evening dress with white heels with open toes

You don’t really have to show that much skin to look cautiously sexy. For example, you can just show a little skin on the shoulder by wearing a royal blue one shoulder fit and flare maxi evening dress that is finished with a subtle floral print. Team the dress with white heels with an open toe strap.

Fit and Flare Two-piece maxi evening dress with a floral pattern in blue and white

Fit and flare blue and white with floral pattern Two-piece maxi dress

This is a very attractive and low key sexy two piece dress. The dress consists of an upper part of a blue and white top with a floral pattern and a lower part of a floor-length, flowing skirt made of blue silk. Just wear a pair of white heels to make this outfit more refreshing and attractive.

Halter Neck Dark Royal Blue Fit and Flare Floor Length Dress

Neckholder dark blue fit and floor-length dress with flared flare

To shape this sleek look, you can wear a royal blue halter neck fit and a flared maxi dress that is finished off with some nifty silver sequin detailing. Combine the dress with silver heels with open toes to look extra elegant.

Silver and Royal Blue Fit and Flare Mini Belted Formal Dress

silver and royal blue, figure-hugging mini dress with belt

This is a beautiful mini dress that looks formal enough to be worn for formal events and proms. It is a royal blue mini dress with a semi-transparent fit and flare, which is provided with a silver sequin belt. Pair the dress with silver metallic open toe heels to complete the look.

Here are the blue formal dress outfit ideas that can make you look very elegant and sharp. You must especially try these outfits if you like the color blue.

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