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What To Wear With Mom Jeans

What To Wear With Mom Jeans

Some people define the mom jeans as high waisted jeans. I would go a little further and say that mom jeans are usually sky blue and a little loose in the thigh area. I think the name speaks for itself as the jeans really have that “mom” feel to it. Still, these jeans aren’t really just for moms. I know a lot of people believe that low waist jeans look trendier, but mom jeans definitely have a place for your casual outfits. In this blog post, I’m going to explore with you some of the best ways to wear mom jeans in style.

Mom jeans with black long-sleeved slim fit sweater


Some people say the downside to mom jeans is that they make your waist look short. Like many things in life, being weekly is often also the strength. For some people, especially those with relatively narrow shoulders, they actually look better when you optically move your waist up with high-waisted pants. You achieve a better body ratio with apparently longer legs. I’m not saying that everyone belongs to this group of people, but that you really have to try them on to see if you actually look better with high-waisted pants. This outfit is perfect for testing if you belong to the group. For the top, wear a black long-sleeved slim fit sweater with mom jeans and ballet flats.

Wear it with a white vest top and a black leather jacket

white vest top black leather jacket mom jeans

Another way to look good with the mom jeans is to put on the top and wear a slightly oversized jacket over the top. For example, you can wear a white vest top and tuck it into your mom jeans. Wear a black leather jacket with this outfit to balance the other pieces.

Wear with White Vest Top & Striped Boyfriend Shirt

white vest top striped boyfriend shirt means mommy

Based on the previous outfit idea of ​​wearing something oversized over a hidden top, you can wear a friend’s striped shirt as the top layer instead of the leather jacket. Complete the outfit with sneakers. With similar use of layers, the outfit has a much softer tone and a girl-next-door style.

Wear it with a black knit sweater and a gray wool coat

black knitted sweater gray wool coat mom jeans

This outfit shows that mom jeans look great even with a long coat. The outfit consists of a black knitted sweater, a long gray wool coat, mom jeans and ankle boots. I can see it as a nice outfit for fall and winter. In this outfit, you can see how mom jeans can make you look taller if you put them together with the right pieces.

Black vest top and gray longline cardigan

Mother Jeans Black Vest Top Gray Longline Cardigan

For summer and spring, when a long woolen coat is not suitable, you can wear a long cardigan. You can wear a black vest top with a gray cardigan, mom jeans and heels.

Mom Jeans & Gray Knit Bodycon Sweater

Mama Jeans Gray Slim Fit Knit Sweater

For a minimalist look, team a gray slim-fit knit sweater, cuffed mom jeans and canvas sneakers. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear canvas shoes.

Wear with a White Button Up Shirt

white button-up shirt mom jeans

This is a light blue and white refreshing look to wear casually. If you’re wondering if you can wear mom jeans with a white buttoned shirt, you bet. The somewhat uncomfortable body ratio can be remedied by cuffs on the jeans. Wear white sneakers to complete this minimal look.

Mom jeans with a cream-colored sweater and gray wool coat

Mother jeans gray wool coat

This outfit is a great example of how to wear mom short jeans in winter. For the top, wear an off-white knit sweater. Wear short mom jeans with ankle boots for the buttocks. Wear a gray long wool coat to complete this classy and warm outfit.

Vertical striped white blouse & mom jeans

vertical striped white blouse mom jeans

In the previous example, you can see how the high-waisted cropped jeans and heels can make you look taller by visually moving your waist up and also showing a few inches of skin around the ankle area. This outfit is further proof of the trick. Just wear a white blouse, in this case one with vertical stripes, with short mom jeans and black heels. Imagine this outfit with typical low-waisted skinny jeans. Visually, the length of your legs is not the same.

Wear it with a white printed t-shirt and a long knitted sweater cardigan

long knitted sweater cardigan mom jeans

This outfit makes for a maxi cardigan in style. The long knitted sweater cardigan gives the look a lot of character. You can pair it with a white t-shirt, mom short jeans and black loafers.

Wear it with a black sweater and a brown wool coat

long brown wool coat mom jeans outfit

For a nice and elegant look, you can wear a high-necked black sweater with mom jeans, a brown wool coat and leather ankle boots. Wear a statement belt for extra character and a little space between the top and jeans.

Wear with an off the shoulder white blouse and leather jacket

off shoulder white blouse mom jeans

Since mom jeans are usually sky blue, it’s logical to think that they will look amazing with a white top. To demonstrate this, just wear an off the shoulder white blouse with the mom jeans. Make it fun by wearing a red or brown leather jacket and color-coordinated ballet flats.

Mom jeans with a white crop top and black leather jacket

Mom Jeans Crop Top Leather Jacket

High-waisted skirts and pants usually look good with crop tops. This also applies to mom jeans. You can wear the jeans with a white crop top, black leather jacket, and black sneakers.

So, here are some of my favorite ways to wear mom jeans. I’m pretty sure that those of you who don’t think mom jeans are cool should realize by now that you do a lot with mom jeans. Perhaps the name makes more sense when you find that your mom is really cool in the right situation, just like the mom jeans.

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