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Color Choice For Dining Room

Color Choice For Dining Room

To transform the narrow, color choice for dining room in a private home in a functional and ergonomic kitchen with this task handled brilliant designers. The two windows allowed to equip two separate functional areas: kitchen and dining room separated by a breakfast bar. Instead of the standard wall cabinets have decided to make shelves with sliding doors for dishes and a mini-garden with herbs.

If your apartment or house, brick walls, leaves some without finish – just paint them White color. Note the decorative tiles to simulate brickwork. On this background will look good, the furniture made of natural wood and metal – what you need to add some brutality.

Painting of facades

it's a few days, so you should think ahead if you have time for this work. First you have to choose the right foundation and paint. The material for the cabinets should be of high quality and more reliable than, for example, for the walls. Kitchen Furniture daily suffer from wear and tear, so it makes sense to choose a more expensive color in the future to avoid chips and cracks.

The work zone for kitchen is the most important place for the accumulation of dirt and grease, no matter how carefully you care for her. If the cabinets are left impatient, the paint will simply not stick to dirt or grease, so make sure your surfaces are properly prepared. To do this, mix one part of trisodium phosphate (TSP) with four parts of water: you get an effective degreaser. Wear a cloth soaked in this mixture on any surface that will paint. Take care of reliable protection of hands and face, wear rubber gloves and goggles. Before going any further, allow the surfaces to dry.

The color is perfect, you have to sand the surfaces of the cabinets. It is easy to determine if you have worked the surface: the cabinets should be dull. If facades have already been painted and not chipped, the algorithm is the same. If the paint flakes or peels, you have to grind until you see cold wood, otherwise you can smooth the surface after you have dyed again, it is difficult to achieve color choice for dining room

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