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How To Style Black Fringe Dress

How To Style Black Fringe Dress

The black dress with fringes is suitable for wearing as well as for a cocktail party. A black fringe dress is often a simple shift dress that has a subtle fringe pattern to create a particularly airy feel. For those who haven’t tried it, it might look weird to you. In fact, black fringed dresses are usually pretty easy to take off. To get you started, I’ve rounded up some of the best looking black fringe outfit ideas that you can share with you.

Black dress with a low V-neckline and high midi fringes

black deep midi dress with deep V-neckline

To start the list, I’m going to show you a dress that is perfect for cocktail parties. It’s a black midi dress with a deep V-neckline and a stylish high-low cut. To complete this minimal outfit, wear this dress with black heels. This is one of those outfits that doesn’t require a lot of attention but makes you look attractive and approachable. This is for you if you enjoy talking to people while remaining low key at a cocktail party.

Black high neck high split fringe bodycon dress

black bodycon dress with high neckline and high, split fringes

For a slightly more feminine and mature look, you can wear this high neck, high split, body hugging dress. Pair it with black open toe heels with ankle straps to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Black sleeveless mini dress with long fringes

black sleeve mini dress long fringes

This black sleeveless dress has a very interesting and creative cut. Without the fringe, it’s actually a mini dress. Well, with the fringes, since the fringes are so long and tightly spaced, the dress looks like a maxi dress. To look even more stylish, wear black open toe ankle boots to complete the look.

Black sleeveless shift dress with long fringes

black sleeveless sheath dress with long fringes

After looking at some dresses designed for cocktail parties, let’s look at one that can also be worn casually. The black sleeveless fringe dress is basically a regular black shift dress, just a bit of a twist. For the shoes, I have three suggestions for you that would work equally well but produce very different styles. The suggestions are the black ankle boots, the black open toe heels, and the white sneakers.

Black dress with fringes and black felt hat

black neckline fringed dress black felt hat

For a unique and sexy look, you can wear a black fringed dress with a sexy neckline in the waist area. This figure-hugging mini dress can be paired with black fringed ankle boots to create this funky outfit with fringes. Wear a black felt hat for an extra artistic touch. You can find more outfit ideas for similar hats in our blog post on styling the black felt hat.

Bodycon dress with black fringed sleeves

Figure-hugging dress with black fringed sleeves

If you’re into a bat-sleeved top, you can achieve a similar look by wearing a black bodycon dress with fringed sleeves. The fringes on the long sleeves are so thick and long that the dress looks like a bodycon dress with batwing sleeves. You can add extra elegance to the outfit by wearing silver heels.

Black dress with a light blue blazer over the shoulders

black dress light blue blazer draped over shoulders

To wear a chic shift dress with black fringes, you can pull a light blue, oversized blazer over your shoulders. If you don’t know how to finish off, complete this outfit with black leather boots.

Black spaghetti strap shift fringe dress

black dress with spaghetti straps and fringes

For a low-key sexy look, you can wear a black dress with spaghetti straps and a fringe. One thing I really like about a spaghetti strap dress is that you look like you’re not trying too hard to look sexy compared to a strapless dress. Wear a silver open toe ankle strap to complete the look.

Black halter neck mini dress

black halterneck mini dress

Here is a gorgeous looking black halter neck mini dress. The subtle fringe really takes the dress to the next level. To complete the outfit with lots of character, you can wear a pair of black boho-style open toe sandals.

Sleeveless mini dress with belt and fringes

sleeveless mini dress with belt and fringes

For a nice work outfit, consider the black god outfit. Wear a sleeveless black dress with a gold belt for a powerful look. Complete the outfit with gold heels and a gold clutch that goes perfectly with the dress and belt.

Black long-sleeved maxi dress with high, low fringes

black long-sleeved maxi dress with high fringes

For a breezy and natural look, you may want to go for a black high fringed maxi dress. For black style, wear the black open-toe strappy heels.

Black waist mini dress

black ruched waist mini dress

Here is a cute dress that you can wear as a casual street outfit. It’s a black mini dress with a gathered waist that fits loosely. For a stylish look, you can wear the black ankle boots or white sneakers for the ultimate casual look.

Black mini dress with one shoulder

a strapless black mini dress

In the fashion world, asymmetry can mean style. It can be strange when overused. This particular black one shoulder mini dress has the perfect amount of asymmetrical elements in its design. The dress is basically a two-tone dress with the top part being a strapless top and the bottom part being a layered tulle skirt.

Black lace mini dress with deep V-neckline

black lace mini dress with deep V-neckline

For an absolutely sexy look, you might want to wear this black, fringed v-neck dress. You can wear it with either silver or black heels to look elegant. With a gorgeous dress like this, there really are no accessories required to achieve this amazing and minimalist look.

Black strapless midi dress with gold heels

black strapless midi dress gold heels

For a classy and sexy look that is perfect for a formal event or prom, you can wear this black strapless midi dress. Pair the dress with gold heels to look absolutely stunning.

Hopefully these black fringe outfit ideas can inspire you to try something that you have never tried before. It’s great to improve your fashion game by dancing on the edge of your comfort zone.

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