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How To Wear White Baby Doll Dress

How To Wear White Baby Doll Dress

White baby doll clothes look so good but don’t have the wrong belief that they are only for teenagers. They are actually prefects for all ages and can be made both refreshing and ladylike. In fact, they’re pretty easy to style. You can just wear a baby doll dress as part of a minimal outfit. To get you off to a great start, I’ve rounded up some of the best white baby doll clothes outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

White baby doll dress with a scoop neckline and black heels


Although it sounds a little counter-intuitive, the white baby doll dress can be worn as part of a feminine and mature outfit. For example, you can wear a white baby doll dress with a scoop neckline and black heels for a simple and beautiful look. Wear a necklace to add a touch of elegance to this outfit.

Short-sleeved baby doll dress made of white lace

Short-sleeved baby doll dress made of white lace

Many baby doll clothes come in the form of lace dresses and this is a good example of that. The short-sleeved white lace dress can be paired with light pink heels and a white floral clutch bag for a clean and refreshing look.

Baby doll dress with belt and green heels with open toes

Baby doll dress with open toe and green heels

A belted baby doll dress can even visually move your waist up in a more distinct way. Not only can this make you look cute, it can also make you look taller and slimmer. To style this white belted dress you can simply wear it with a pair of green open-toed heels as the dress already has enough nice details.

Deep white baby doll dress with a V-neckline and a pink choker scarf

deep white baby doll dress with v-neck, pink scarf

For a really sexy and chic look, you can wear a white baby doll dress with a deep V-neck if you don’t mind showing more skin. You can just wear it with a pair of light pink heels and creatively complete the outfit with a pink choker scarf.

Pleated baby doll dress with artificial pearls

Pleated baby doll skirt faux pearls

Here is a beautiful pleated baby doll dress that is finished off with some faux pearls on the collar area. It can be worn for a wedding photo shoot or for a cocktail party. Simply pair the dress with light pink heels to complete your chic outfit.

White lace dress with a white clutch wallet

white lace dress white clutch purse

Although this dress seems very simple, it is the details that make this dress so stunning. The asymmetrical cut and the floral lace collar make this dress stand out from the rest. You can wear it with nude heeled sandals so as not to distract attention from the beautiful dress. With a white, elegant clutch wallet, the minimalist and good-looking outfit is complete.

Wear with Black Felt Hat & Platform Heels

black felt hat platform heels

For a more unique and artistic look, consider wearing a white short sleeve dress with a black felt hat, black open-toe platform heels, and white crew socks. You can find more interesting outfit ideas for similar hats in our blog post on styling the black felt hat.

Wear it with a crepe cardigan and brown knee high boots

Crepe cardigan brown knee high boots

For a chic street outfit that is perfect for dating and hangouts, you can wear a white baby doll dress with a long crepe cardigan. Wear brown leather knee high boots to add style to your outfit. If you look carefully you will notice the beautiful details in this outfit. The statement chain and forearm bracelet take this already beautiful outfit to a new level.

Long-sleeved lace baby doll dress with silver ankle boots

Long sleeve lace baby doll dress silver ankle boots

When it comes to ankle boots, most people can only think of the black and the brown ones. Not too many people would think of the silver ones. And very few would wear the silver ankle boots with a white lace doll dress. They just don’t sound right together, but the result is an amazing looking minimal outfit. This is why trying out outfits and self-assessment is so important. It is the same concept that is so right in different aspects of life.

Semi-transparent white lace dress with black over-the-knee boots

semi-transparent white lace dress black over the knee boots

As a very uniquely designed dress, this semi-transparent white lace dress looks very sexy and classy. You can easily combine it with black thigh high boots. No additional accessories required as the outfit is already filled with the beautiful details of the dress.

Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeves White Baby Doll Dress

off the shoulder bell sleeve white baby doll dress

For a sheer and low-key sexy look, you can simply wear a white strapless white baby doll dress with bell sleeves. Pair it with boho-style nude heeled sandals to complete this gorgeous, minimalist look.

White woven baby doll dress with white heels with ankle straps


Sometimes the fabrics can make a huge difference even if the color stays the same. For example, this white woven baby doll dress has so much depth. You can wear it with white ankle striped heels for a sleek, all-white look.

White lace dress with bare heels

white lace dress bare heels

This is a beautiful white dress with the upper part made of lace and the lower part made of chiffon. You can just wear it with bare heels and you would look amazing.

Blue and white printed baby doll dress

black and white printed baby doll dress

For an airy look, you can wear a blue and white printed baby doll dress in a boho style. Complete your look with elegance by wearing white heeled sandals and a brown handbag.

White and black polka dot baby doll dress

white and black polka dot baby doll dress

If you want something different from the solid white baby doll dress, this white and black polka bady doll dress might be for you. You can just wear it with light pink heels for a cute and refreshing look.

White baby doll outfits are not that difficult to take off there. I hope you enjoy reading the list of ideas and hope that it will inspire you to come up with outfit ideas that will suit you even better.

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