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How To Wear Cold Shoulder Top

How To Wear Cold Shoulder Top

Like the off shoulder tops, be sure to have the cold shoulder top in your closet. I actually call it the perfect summer garment. It’s easy, fluid, and not difficult to mix and match with the rest of your clothes. But I’ll also show you how to wear it on colder days, like fall or even winter.

Cold shoulder tops are too revealing so the girls are still debating whether this is a suitable piece for the office. If the rest of your outfit is classy and doesn’t show too much, I’d say why not.
For the street, you can combine it with anything you want. We’ll see how some girls in the fashion industry do it.

Let’s see what I have prepared for you, shall we?

Cold shoulder top made of white silk

Silk colder shoulder top
This is a classic look, as a white silk top that can be paired with almost anything. Here it is mixed with a nice skinny jeans with the additional modern jewelry. You can wear it like in the photo above, tuck it into your jeans, or if you prefer, leave it when it flows around your waist.

Dark blue turtleneck with a cold shoulder

blue turtleneck
Imagine sitting in the bazaar, buying flowers and vegetables and wearing this top. It’s perfect for days that you spend outside. It can be a super casual piece with jeans.
However, if you prefer something a little more elegant, you can combine this with a skirt or nice beige pants. High heels with this outfit are a plus.

Ruffle cold shoulder top

Ruffle cold shoulder top
This is a great ruffled top. It is combined with jeans and a super pair of high-heeled sandals! The classic black and gray outfit can also be worn on more elegant occasions and not just during the day.
With these details, a small metal bag or rope sandals with the same pattern will go perfectly with the whole look.

Sleeveless coat on

Coat on cold shoulder top
A very interesting mix of sleeveless coat and cold shoulder blouse. It looks really great, doesn’t it?
I think people will definitely turn their heads behind you when you go in this combo.
Another big trend this season are denim culottes, so you will definitely look like a real fashionista in this outfit!

All Black

black cold shoulder top
When I mentioned the appropriate office look, I imagined something like that.
A completely black look, but it still looks very chic and elegant. The black skirt with sequins exudes glamor and the red lipstick only highlights it.
If you put on details like the belt and the small black bag, the entire outfit can be combined even more easily, but still remains a suitable office look.

Button-down cold shoulder top

Button above cold shoulder top
Sailor blue stripes are the perfect pattern when imagining yourself somewhere by the sea. But it can also be difficult to wear this in the heart of the city on hot days.
Wearing this top together with dark blue pants, a nice belt in blue, white and red really makes this outfit a combination.

Midi skirt

The cold shoulder top looks great when paired with the flowing midi skirt. The outfit is the same color but with different patterns. The skirt is striped and the top has small but beautiful silver details around the neck and hands.

White seams

striped cold shoulder top
The popular detail trend this season is white stitching on blue skirts, pants, trench coats and dresses. As you can see, in this outfit the skirt with this kind of detail is combined with a blue and white long sleeve top and A-line ends. It also has ruffle detailing above the waist so it looks really interesting.

Do it yourself

Dress cold shoulder top
If you are interested in making your own cold shoulder top, you can mix and match two different pieces of clothing. This is a real example of that.
This style can be seen on the streets of New York Fashion Week so you can be sure that you will look like a true fashion fan by mixing these two pieces together. All you need to do is layer your dress and button your shirt up.


Sweater cold shoulder top
As I promised, I’ll show you how easy it is to bear cold shoulders on colder days. This top is in the shape of a sweater so you don’t have to worry about getting cold.
You can combine it with jeans, pants or trousers.


Flowers cold shoulder top
Red top with a floral pattern and V-neck is great for those summer days in the city. The easiest way to wear it is to tuck it into your favorite high-waisted jeans so you can feel completely comfortable.
If you like belts you can add one like in the photo above or put on more jewelry.
Either way, you will look beautiful.

Crop cold shoulder top

cold shoulder top tailored
When you see the photo above you will notice that the holes around the shoulders are zipped. Nice detail, right? That is exactly what makes this piece interesting. On the other hand, it has a classic pattern that is colored gray so it isn’t too eccentric.
Combined with high-waisted jeans and heels, it can be worn on a date or an evening out on the town.

All of these outfit ideas are for you and by now you must have realized that they are all super easy to wear!
Try it out with jeans, pants, mini or midi skirts or make your own cold shoulder top from two different pieces. You can always add another layer like a cool jacket, sweater or coat.
I hope you like the ideas I came up with for you.

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