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Collarless Shirt Outfit Ideas

Collarless Shirt Outfit Ideas

Whenever I see a different type of shirt, I have higher respect for all the fashion designers out there. I wonder how many ways you can design a shirt. How is it that you can have almost a hundred of them and each of them look so good in their own way? Today I’m going to talk about another unique type of shirt, the collarless shirt. To show you how to style it, I have put together some very nice collarless shirt outfit ideas for women. Let’s jump right in.

White collarless shirt with black narrow pants


Without question, the white shirt is the most iconic shirt, and so is the collarless shirt. For a simple but elegant look, you can simply wear a white collarless shirt with black slim suit pants. Pair them with black or light pink pointy toe heels to complete this minimal outfit.

White collarless shirt with V-neck and chiffon and black leather pants

white collarless shirt with chiffon V-neck, black leather pants

For a stylish and feminine look, you can wear a white collarless chiffon shirt that has a nifty V-neck that makes the shirt more unique. Pair it with black leather pants and black leather boots to add a stylish touch to the look.

White pleated collarless shirt with black pants

white pleated collarless shirt black pants

Now let’s get more creative by wearing a white pleated three-quarter sleeve shirt. The shirt in itself is quite attractive and beautiful. You really don’t have to do much else to make this outfit look your best. Wear it with black chinos and a black open toe strap for a clean and simple look.

Chambray shirt with blue skinny jeans

Chambray shirt blue skinny jeans

For a casual and stylish look, a chambray shirt is almost always a good choice. In this case, it comes in the form of a collarless shirt, which makes it look even more unique. Pair it with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers to complete the outfit in the cleanest possible way.

Light blue, oversized, short-sleeved, collarless shirt

light blue oversized collarless short sleeve shirt

If you think the above outfits look great, but are not creative and unique enough for your taste, let’s see what this outfit looks like for you. It is a very unique outfit that consists of a light blue oversized short sleeve shirt and high waisted blue wide leg jeans. Pair them with white sandals to give the outfit a refreshing touch.

Blue oversized long-sleeved shirt with black skinny jeans

blue oversized long-sleeved shirt black skinny jeans

For an elegant and feminine look, you can wear a sky blue, oversized, collarless long sleeve shirt with black skinny jeans to create a pretty outfit with a loose top and tight bottom. Pair them with a pair of black loafers to add style and tenacity to the look.

White shirt with black leather shorts

white shirt black leather shorts

This is a very special outfit that includes the rare and beautiful black leather mini shorts. It’s easily my favorite idea on this list. To achieve this dreamy look, wear a collarless white shirt and partially tuck it into the black leather shorts. For the shoes, either black leather ankle boots or black slippers would make the outfit look wonderful.

Chambray collarless shirt with black leather gaiters

Chambray collarless shirt black leather leggings

Here’s yet another outfit that includes the collarless chambray shirt. This time the shirt is combined with black leather gaiters and black ballerinas for a very cool look. If you’re interested in similar outfits, check out our blog post on styling leather leggings.

White silk collar without a collar with a gold mini skirt

white collarless silk shirt gold mini skirt

Sometimes when you want to separate yourself from the rest, you can do it with color, texture or cut. This outfit actually used both the first and second method, which was using unique colors and textures. This great outfit consists of a white collarless silk shirt and a gold mini skirt. Pair them with light pink pointy toe heels to complete this shiny and eye-catching outfit.

Gray and white striped shirt with black skinny jeans

gray and white striped shirt black skinny jeans

For an inconspicuous outfit, you can wear a gray and white striped collarless shirt. Pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers to look reserved yet pretty.

White cute animal print collarless shirt with straw hat

white cute animal print collarless shirt straw hat

Here’s a cute and girly outfit that is so much fun every now and then. First of all, the shirt is a cute collarless dog print shirt. You can pair it with gray corduroy pants, black heels, and straw hat to look stylish and beautiful.

White peplum shirt without a collar with cropped trousers with wide legs

white peplum collarless shirt with shorts and wide legs

This is an overall oversized look that looks artistic and casual. To achieve this, you can wear a white collarless peplum shirt with cropped, wide-leg crepe linen pants. Pair them with black leather shoes to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Black collarless boyfriend shirt with gray elastic waist pants

black collarless boyfriend shirt gray elastic waist trousers

So far I haven’t talked about a black collared shirt. There is no way I would finish this piece without mentioning something so iconic. Here is an outfit that includes a black collar boyfriend shirt. Pair it with gray wide-leg elastic waist pants and black loafers to look sleek and stylish.

Collarless shirt made of white lace with a black felt hat

white lace collarless shirt black felt hat

For a ladylike look, you can wear a white lace collarless shirt with blue skinny jeans. Wear it with nude sandals and a black felt hat for a refreshing and artistic touch.

White oversized short-sleeved shirt with skinny jeans with button placket

white, oversized skinny jeans with short-sleeved shirt and button placket

For an airy and refreshing look, you can wear an oversized white collarless short sleeve shirt. Pair it with blue button placket skinny jeans and white trainers for a youthful outfit.

Hope you enjoy the collarless shirt outfit ideas that I just shared with you. It’s amazing how the fashion of shirts has changed over the years, especially for women. All of these apparently simple shirts are just so beautiful to look at.

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