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How To Wear Heeled Loafers

How To Wear Heeled Loafers

There are times when heels just look too formal for your outfits and you want to wear loafers instead for a slightly more casual and stylish look. The bad thing, however, is that you are a few inches away from your ideal height. In these cases, how about wearing the high heeled slippers to get the best of both worlds? Basically, you can style high-heeled slippers like you style normal slippers. But to make it even easier for you, I’ve put together some of the best high-heeled loafers outfit ideas as a list for you. Let’s check it out.

Light green knitted sweater with red heels


To start the list, I’m just going to show you one very simple way to wear high heeled loafers. You can just wear a green knit sweater with blue skinny jeans to pair with the red moccasins. If you want to look more artistic and creative, you can optionally wear a nude floppy hat.

Gray trench coat with black skater skirt and cheetah heeled loafers

gray trench coat black skater skirt Cheetach high-heeled slippers

Here is a gorgeous layered look that will make you look feminine. Wear a black sweater and a gray trenchcoat to achieve the look. Wear a black skater skirt and loafers with cheetah heels for your bottom. A black scarf is perfect to give the look a particularly feminine touch.

White leather jacket with blue jeans and brown heels

white leather jacket blue jeans brown high heel shoes

Wear a navy tribal knit sweater with a white leather jacket for a relaxed business casual outfit. Combine them with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs and brown heels. Carry a brown leather handbag to complete the stylish and professional look.

All black outfit with black slippers

all black outfit slippers

To achieve a stylish and dark look, you can simply wear a black shirt and black wool coat with black leather pants. For the shoes, black slippers with suede heels go perfectly with the rest of the all-black outfit.

Wear it with a white button-up shirt with black cropped jeans

white shirt with buttons black short jeans

Here is a ladylike business casual outfit that looks just gorgeous. For the top, wear a white shirt with buttons and some floral lace details near the collar. Wear black skinny jeans with a slim brown leather belt. Add a pair of black loafers to the equation. The three simple parts just look perfectly matched and the result is simple but amazing.

Wear with Black Sweater & Mom Jeans

black sweater mom jeans

To achieve a nice and approachable casual look for the girl next door, you can simply wear a black sweater with mom jeans and black heeled slippers. This outfit is perfect for meeting friends as you look so relaxed and comfortable.

Black high heels with a short leather jacket and gray t-shirt

black high heeled slipper short leather jacket gray t-shirt

For a stylish look, we can use the power of black and some overlay tricks. For example, wear a cropped black leather jacket over a long gray t-shirt to create stylish layers. Team them with black skinny skinny pants and black high-heeled loafers to complete the dark look.

Wear with Camel Maxi Wool Coat

Camel maxi wool coat

For a chic and stylish look, you can wear a burgundy turtleneck with a turtleneck and black skinny jeans. Wear a long camel wool coat over the pieces. A pair of black heeled loafers and a pair of black leather gloves are a great addition to this look.

Black slippers with a red cardigan and a long beige trench coat

black slipper red sweater beige long trench coat

Here’s another work outfit that you can probably use to stand out in the office. Wear a gray blouse under a red cardigan for beautiful layers. Then pair it with a plaid tweed skirt, orange crew socks, and black loafers. Above all, wear the beige long trench coat to look absolutely stylish.

White blouse with dark blue skinny jeans

white blouse dark blue skinny jeans

For a minimalist casual look, you can simply wear a white blouse with navy skinny jeans and red loafers. To look more stylish and feminine, you can tie an ivory-colored knitted sweater around your neck.

Black heels with gray buttons and a shirt dress

gray shirt with black heels, gray shirt dress with button placket

This gorgeous outfit seems like something taken from the side of an old English movie. It consists of a gray shirt dress with a plaid button placket and a green cardigan. You can imagine that if the outfit were paired with black heels with ankle straps, the feeling wouldn’t be right. With the black slippers with high heels, the pieces go very well together.

Heather Gray wool coat with a completely black outfit

heather gray wool coat all black outfit

This outfit is basically an all black outfit that lies under a heather gray long wool coat. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black t-shirt with black high-waisted dress pants and black heeled loafers. Combine them with the long gray wool coat and you get a very stylish and artistic look.

Black loafers with an ivory-colored leather jacket and green scarf

black slipper ivory leather jacket green scarf

As an interesting and stylish layered outfit, you can wear a black sweater and an ivory leather jacket for the top. Wear black skinny jeans and black loafers for your bottom. Not for the green scarf, which gives the outfit a feminine touch.

Wear it with a white boyfriend shirt and a black slim fit sweater

white boyfriend shirt black slim fit sweater

For an artsy black and white look, you can wear a slim fit black knit sweater over an oversized white shirt and let the shirt peek out a little. Wear them with black skinny jeans and black loafers to complete the outfit in style.

Black long blazer with high-heeled slippers

black slippers with long blazer

Here is an all black look to wear to the office. Wear a black t-shirt with black skinny pants. Wear a black long blazer over these pieces and complete the outfits with black loafers.

Here are the high heeled slipper outfits I want to share with you. I hope this scripture helps you better understand that you have so much more choice in which shoes to wear.

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