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Small Space Christmas Decoration Ideas

Small Space Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorating for small spaces is always a challenge, especially for Christmas because you have limited space. However, lack of space in your home does not mean that you should give up a festive decoration. A small home does not mean that you have to dig the season's decor. It is actually a great opportunity to show off your creativity with your little space. There are plenty of smart solutions for small space Christmas decorations to get the most out of your space. These solutions include innovative ideas, creative solutions and some use of your imagination. All you have to do is be a little bold and avoid the clutter in the room. Use every inch of usable space for decor including sides of furniture, walls, ceilings, windows and window sills and your space will not feel cluttered.

There is no need to reduce your holiday expectations with a little space to decorate. Since your space serves more than one function, you need to place your Christmas decorations very strategically. You can try alternative or traditional Christmas tree decorations like a wall tree or wooden pallet tree etc. You can also hang spotlights on the ceiling, frame a mirror, mantle, doorway or other objects. Alternatively, you can also hang ornaments on the ceiling, from real or faux plants or trees. Similarly, you can place them right in the lamp base instead of vases, which saves space and makes your home look festive. Take a look at these innovative little space for Christmas decorations and inspire you to change your home this peak season!

{1} Wall Tree Small Space Christmas Decoration

Wall Tree Small Space Christmas Decoration

This amazing Christmas tree hanging on the wall is really the perfect example of a little Christmas decoration. To make this tree go with driftwood branches cut in the form of a tree with each other through a rope. You can hang your Christmas ornaments on these branches as you do in a traditional tree. You can also decorate it with spotlights to make it glow, put some Christmas presents under it and voila! Your Christmas tree is ready to welcome all guests.

{2} Small Space Living Room Decor

Small spacious living room decor

The soft colors and plush comfort of this cozy living room are also reflected in the pastel-colored Christmas tree. The narrow and tall Christmas tree fits nicely in the small space. The decorations on the tree are festive but not too high. The two small Christmas trees on the table further contribute to the festive look of the room.

{3} Christmas chandelier dining room decor

Christmas Chandelier Dining Room Decor

Instead of making a spacious centerpiece, you can go for this simple strategy for your dining room. Just put an evergreen and wreath on your chandelier and decorate it with hanging Christmas ornaments. To add a festive touch to the table, take a small basket and place some candles in the middle. Now add some fresh green leaves and red berries. This method gives your dining table a fresh and natural look that is equally festive.

{4} Christmas tree decor for festive wall

Festive wall Christmas tree decor

Wall Christmas trees are the best solution for a problem with space in Christmas decor. However, you should make sure that your Christmas tree on the wall is easily visible and does not hinder any other decor. Decorate your wall-mounted Christmas tree as you decorate all the normal trees with Christmas ornaments and candles. This frees up your floor and table space for other table decorations.

{5} Christmas Village Ladder Display

Christmas Village Ladder Display

Not enough space to have a traditional Christmas tree? No problem! Try this Ladder Christmas display for Christmas decorations this year! Just take your normal ladder and decorate it with Christmas countryside pillows and mini Christmas trees. Use cotton or faux snow to make a snow base for decorations. Then add Christmas ornaments, trees, mini houses etc. to each level. This alternative Christmas tree has a rustic country charm.

{6} Table Top Christmas Tree Decoration

Table top Christmas tree decoration

Christmas trees for table tops are another good option for Christmas decoration with little space. When the tree is placed on the table, you get a lot of free floor space. And you can also decorate the table any way you want. It is even easier with the extra height to decorate the tree properly. However, place the tree in a basket or metal container for a better look.

{7} Small Space Hallway Decor

Small spacious hall decor

If your hall or entrance is small, don't be brave. It's really possible to have a festive Christmas decoration in small spaces as well. Christmas lights give light color and shine to any decor. They provide warmth and light to anywhere. Just add Christmas lights to all items in your hallway like a mirror or table. Get some variety in your light with lanterns, globe and starlight. This little entrance is full of light. It looks so dreamy and adds further to the festive decor in the rest of the house.

{8} Pencil Christmas Tree Blue Decoration

Pencil Christmas tree blue decoration
Slim Pencil Christmas Tree Small Space Decor By Citrin Living

Pencil trees are narrow and tall. What they lack in breadth, they certainly compensate for it in height. For small spaces, especially corner spaces, this type of tree is a perfect choice. You can decorate this tree like any normal Christmas tree with ribbons, ornaments, wreaths, etc. Also add a cozy tree skirt for a homely look.

{9} Christmas kitchen screen with traditional colors

Traditional colors Christmas kitchen display

Decorating a small kitchen is really not that difficult! If you do not have enough disk space, make your decorations on top of the cabinet. Green wreaths, Christmas presents, Santa's doll and string lamps on the cupboard make a fantastic Christmas decoration. Decorate the cabinet doors with festive straps for extra effect. Another good idea is to decorate your refrigerator like a snowman. This gives a festive touch to your decorations.

{10} Christmas window Small space decoration

Christmas window small space decoration

When your windows or window sills are small, it becomes a little difficult to decorate them. But we have found a really good solution to this problem. IT is extremely easy to do and very creative as well. Christmas lighting is the best option for this. Just hang some Christmas lights from your curtain holders, etc. Then you just hang some shiny Christmas balls on the string lamps. This will make the balls glow which gives a very festive look to the window.

{11} Red Poinsettias Christmas Cupboard Decor

Red poinsettia christmas decor

This Christmas cabinet decoration is really very easy to do. The red-black wine containers are readily available in the market. First, place these on top of the cabinet in a linear pattern. Place a planter or vase with poinsettias (preferably red) in the corner of the cabinet near the wine containers. Also place a Santa Claus doll on the other side of the vase. Line poinsettia flowers in front of the decorations for a floral look. Decorate the cupboard doors with ribbons and bows for a festive Christmas look.

{12} Christmas decorations Wooden door decoration

Christmas decorations Wooden door decoration

This alternative Christmas tree decoration is very unique and creative. It looks extremely festive and is just as easy to recreate. All you need are some spotlights, mirror snowflakes and Christmas decorations. First, stick the string lights on the door in a Christmas tree shape. Then add Christmas decorations in the string light shape or hang them from the lamps. This door Christmas tree is a very creative idea to save some floor space and avoid the clutter of Christmas trees and ornaments.

{13} Wall Collage Christmas Tree Decoration

Wall collage Christmas tree decoration

A wall collage is such a creative idea! But this wall collage Christmas tree idea is simply amazing! It is an interesting way to get some of your best nostalgic memories displayed and remembered. In addition, this can easily be a fantastic Christmas DIY project for you and the family to spend some time together. You can keep this Christmas tree for as long as you want, even after the Christmas holidays!

{14} Creative staircase Christmas decoration

Creative staircase Christmas decoration

This is such a new way of displaying Christmas decorations for the North Pole. A great way to decorate the stairs too! It saves a lot of space on the stairs and allows you to keep some space for other decorations in your living room. To get this look you need lots of cotton rolls, some penguin dolls, headlights and some mod podge or glue. First, wrap the string lights on the railing along the path. Now use the glue stick a thick layer of cotton on top of the lamps. When this is dry, place the penguin dolls on top of the cotton. This decor looks like a slope of snow that the penguins glide over. It adds a touch of whimsical to your decorations.

{15} Vintage Small Space Christmas Tree Decoration

Vintage Small Space Christmas Tree Decoration
Small space Christmas tree decoration on Airbnb by Fantabulosity

This little Christmas tree is an excellent space-saving idea. This tree is decorated with vintage ornaments and string lights with ribbons wrapped around it and looks festive and bright. This little tree is placed in the corner and takes up some space and still makes the room shine!

{16} Small Space Minimal Front Door Decor

Small space Minimal front door decor
A very good Christmas of Crazy Chic Design

This minimal door Christmas decor is so fresh and natural. A green wreath with white berries and ribbon decoration looks very sophisticated. The extra décor of greenery on the upper corners of the door adds a festive touch to the decor. Instead of looking for mini Christmas trees or other decorations, why not just add some plants to the ornamental planters on your front door. This saves space and gives a fresh atmosphere to the decoration.

{17} Christmas candle wall decoration

Christmas lights wall tree decoration

Having a small space doesn't mean you have to give up festive Christmas decorations! This festive wall tree decoration is the perfect example of that. The decor is decorated with spotlights and shiny pearls and looks so festive and beautiful. A simple chalked Christmas tree on the wall is partly decorated with spotlights and partly with golden beads wreath. You can also hang ornaments from the spotlights to decorate the tree. Just place some paper balls and Christmas presents under the tree and draw some spotlights over them. That's all you need to do to get this look on the wall.

{18} Small kitchen Christmas decoration

Small kitchen Christmas decoration

When you have a small kitchen that decorates, it becomes a little difficult. As the disk space is limited, you can try to place your decorations on the floor or hang them on the ceiling. In this decoration, large festive balls of Christmas ornaments hang from the ceiling. A small decorated Christmas tree stands near the island. Small wreaths on the cabinet add a festive touch to the decoration. Headlamps and vintage bumper stickers on the island give another festive look.

{19} Christmas tree made of PVC pipe wall

PVC pipe wall Christmas tree
Wall Christmas tree made of PVC pipes Martha Stewart

This PVC pipe wall Christmas tree saves so much space and uses recycled materials to get a festive look. All you need are some PVC pipes from your home if any. Cut these tubes of different sizes into small pieces of the same length. Stick them on a board in the shape of a tree. To add ornaments, place them in the circle of the tube. This decoration looks so colorful and beautiful. It's really a very innovative idea!

{20} Small Space Christmas Coat Decor

Small spacious Christmas mantle decor

If you do not have enough space on your mantle for detailed decorations, try this simple trick. Instead of decoration over the mantle, drape a garland on the front of the mantle as in this decoration. This gives you some space to add other decor to the mantle. The best idea is to keep it simple and sweet. It will look very festive and beautiful even without detailed Christmas decorations.

{21} Scandinavian Minimal Small Space Decor

Scandinavian Minimal Small Space Decor

This Scandinavian minimalist decor is an excellent alternative to save space in a small home or apartment. Instead of a large tree skirt or metal container you can try to place the tree in a basket. It looks very elegant and saves space as well. Decorate the tree as you like but place it in such a way that it is easily visible and still not in the way. Simple decoration of poinsettia and spotlights gives it a festive look.

{22} Festive red table tree

Festive red table tree

This festive red gold table is really very beautiful. Small and narrow this tree looks good on the table. Golden accents bring out the brightness of the red decoration. Fresh greenery around the tree gives it a healthy look. This little tree really packs a big punch. It looks extremely festive and beautiful.

{23} Rustic Christmas table decoration

Rustic Christmas table decoration

This rustic table decoration is also space saving. A small Christmas tree decorated with pearls garland and Christmas ornaments looks very beautiful. A burlap sweater gives the decor a rustic look. Mini-bottle brush Christmas trees look beautiful and provide continuity in the interior. The wooden snowmen give the interior a traditional vintage look. These cute snowmen give a festive touch to the decoration.

{24} Innovative Small Space Christmas Decoration

Innovative small space Christmas decoration

This Christmas tree is a very innovative decor idea! A Christmas tree shape with Christmas decorations looks very beautiful. The decoration of green leaves gives it a fresh tree-like appearance. Set on top of a table, this tree gives visual interest and a touch of creativity to the decoration.

{25} Christmas tree decoration in corners

Corner Christmas tree decoration

This corner Christmas tree looks so lovely! Decorated with Christmas ornaments and pom-pom balls, it looks so warm and cozy. The garland decoration of cotton further adds to the cozy appeal to the decoration. Placed in a woven basket and surrounded by a comfortable mat, the bottom of the tree further adds to the warmth of the decor. Located in a corner, it occupies less space and provides a chance to play with light. The whole tree looks so elegant and elegant! Wonderfully!

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