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How To Wear Fringe Top

How To Wear Fringe Top

When it comes to fringing, some people will think of the fringed denim shorts or the fringed boots. But did you know that fringe details can look really good with your shirts and sweaters too? Today I’m going to explore with you how to style fringed tops. There is no better way to learn than to emulate some very good examples first. So I’ve gathered some really good fringe top outfit ideas and I’m going to share them with you now.

Black fringed top with white skinny jeans


Let’s start with this cool list of top outfit ideas with a simple and stylish black and white look. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black fringed top and pair it with white skinny jeans. Wear brown strappy sandals to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Gray sleeveless top with white fringes

gray sleeveless top with white fringes

Here is a very ladylike and adorable look that makes good use of layers. For the top, wear a gray fringed sleeveless top with a gray wool scarf. Combine them with ripped light blue skinny jeans and light pink pointy toe heels. You can carry a black leather handbag to add class to the outfit.

Pink fringed top with dark blue skinny jeans

dark blue skinny jeans with pink fringes

To look absolutely feminine, it can often help to use a pink color in your outfit. For example, you can wear a neon pink fringed top with dark blue skinny jeans with cuffs. Pair them with light pink heels to complete the outfit. You can also wear a black leather clutch bag for a stylish touch.

White Crochet Wrap Fringe Top with Jeans

white crochet jeans with fringes

This is such a refreshing and airy look. To achieve this, you can wear a white Av-neck t-shirt and a white fringed long crochet jacket. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and white strappy sandals to complete the look.

White fringe crop top with gray and black printed cropped pants

gray and black printed shorts with white fringes

If you are looking for an outfit that is both sexy and artistic then here is one that you might want to try. For the top, wear a white crochet top with a fringe. Combine it with very eye-catching, black and gray printed, cropped pants. For the shoes, wear a pair of black open-toed heels and wide ankle straps. Finally, wear a black felt hat for that magical-artistic touch.

White crochet cropped fringe top with mini denim shorts

white crocheted, short cut mini denim shorts with fringes

For a summery beach look instead of wearing bikinis or just t-shirts and denim shorts, here is a great alternative for you. You can wear a white crochet top with short fringes with mini shorts made of blue denim. Pair them with nude strappy sandals to add a little boho style to the mix.

Black fringed vest top with blue denim shorts

black fringed vest top blue denim shorts

For a cute and youthful look, you can wear a black vest top with a cartoon print and a fringe. Pair them with cuffed denim shorts and white sneakers to achieve this beautiful and energetic look.

Short t-shirt with black fringes and skinny jeans and boots

black fringed cropped t-shirt skinny jeans boots

There are always fans of completely black outfits. I know the dark and cool feel can be very attractive, and also great fun to wear every now and then. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a short t-shirt with black fringes and black skinny jeans. Pair them with black combat boots to give the outfit extra sturdiness.

White sleeveless knitted sweater with black leather gaiters

white sleeveless knit sweater black leather gaiters

I mentioned a black and white outfit earlier in this blog post. This looks artistic and stylish while this particular one looks cozier and more refreshing. To achieve this look, you can wear a white fringed sleeveless knit sweater. Combine it with black leather gaiters for a stylish touch. A pair of black ballerina shoes is a simple and clean choice to complete the look.

White sports bra top with black t-shirt with short fringes

white sports bra top black short t-shirt with fringes

Here’s a great example of how layering can be used to create a sexy look without showing off a lot of skin. For the top, you can wear a black fringed cropped T-shirt over a white sports bra top. Pair them with blue denim shorts and white sandals to look refreshed and youthful.

Pink Silk Shrug with White Chiffon Crop Top

pink silk shrug white chiffon crop top

Now let’s look at a very special outfit that has a boho style. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a white fringed top and a pink printed silk shrug to look absolutely airy. For a more unique and stylish look, complete your outfit with navy denim shorts and white and gray patterned mid-calf boots.

White crochet short-sleeved top with light blue skinny jeans

white crocheted short-sleeved top of light blue skinny jeans

Here is a very refreshing and casual look. For the top, wear a white short-sleeved sweater with a fringe. Pair it with light blue skinny jeans with ribs and cuffs. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of pink platform sandals to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

White vest top with fringed details

white vest top with fringe details

This white fringed top is very different from the ones above. Usually the fringe details appear at the bottom of the shirt, but in this particular case the fringes hang from the top of the shirt. To put a gorgeous outfit around this stylish and unique vest top, you can wear it with blue flared jeans to look tall and slim. You can hide a pair of nude heeled sandals under your jeans to look even bigger.

Pink sleeveless crochet top with long fringes

pink sleeveless sleeveless top with long fringes

For a layered outfit that looks both stylish and feminine, you can wear a black crop top with a long, sleeveless crochet top with a crochet fringe. Pair it with blue denim shorts and red platform sandals to complete this eye-catching and stunning look.

Hope you like the top outfit ideas I just shared with you above. Aside from the outfits with crop tops, most of them are pretty easy to take off. Try it out and have fun styling it.

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