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How To Wear Shrug With Jeans

How To Wear Shrug With Jeans

Last time I talked about how a cardigan can magically transform a normal outfit into a beautiful and refreshing one in a second. This time, I’m going to talk about the shrug, something very similar to the cardigan. It can be viewed as a loose fitting version of the cardigan. I will specifically talk about how to style a shrug with different types of jeans. To make things clearer, I’ve compiled a list of shrug and jeans outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

Ivory shrugs with a white vest top and skinny jeans


To start this exciting list, I’ll show you a pretty typical way of wearing a shrug over jeans. In detail, you can wear a white body-hugging vest top with an ivory shrug for the top. Pair these pieces with blue skinny jeans and brown sandals to look casual and refreshing.

Heather Gray Shrug with dark blue skinny jeans

Heather Gray shrugged dark blue ripped skinny jeans

Here is a slightly more stylish and sexy outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a black cropped vest top with dark blue skinny jeans. Put a long gray shrug over these pieces. For the shoes, you can just wear white sneakers to give the outfit a casual and sporty touch.

Black and White Tribal Printed Shrug with Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans

black and white tribal printed boyfriend jeans with a shrug

This is a very interesting outfit that tries to mix a tribal style into a stylish and casual outfit and I would say that the attempt is quite successful. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white vest top with gray cuffed boyfriend jeans and white sneakers. Wear a black and white tribal shrug on the vest to make the outfit look more airy and stylish.

Long, blue printed shrug with black skinny jeans

long blue printed black skinny jeans

Here’s another outfit that includes a tribal print shrug. But this time the shrug is long and colorful. You can wear it with a white chiffon top and black skinny jeans. Combine these pieces with black open toe heels to give the outfit a slightly feminine touch.

Black shrug with flared jeans and boots

black jeans boots with a shrug

At first glance, the black shrug here looks almost like a black blazer. You can build a chic, casual outfit around the black shrug by pairing it with a black chiffon top and slightly flared blue jeans. You can pair the flared jeans with a pair of black ankle boots to look taller.

Gray shrug with an all black outfit

gray shrug all black outfit

For a balanced and pretty look from next door, here is a great outfit that is especially suitable for petite women. For the top, wear a black t-shirt with a long black infinity scarf. Top these pieces with a gray long shrug for some very nice and stylish layers. Wear black cuffed skinny jeans and black combat boots to complete your outfit in style.

Vertical striped black and white maxi shrug

black and white vertical striped maxi shrug

For a breezy and cool look, you can wear a white fitted t-shirt with black flared jeans. For the shoes, you can wear either white sneakers for a casual look or black ballet flats for a more feminine look. Finally, wear a long black and white vertical striped shrug for a magical airy touch.

White knit fringe shrug with royal blue top

white knitted fringe shrug of the shoulders royal blue top

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the best body type right now. For one, you can always put in some work to get yourself in shape. Second, fashion is both about beauty and fun. So make sure you are still styling and having fun regardless of your current status. Anyway, shrugs look great whether you are overweight or too slim. As an example, you can pair a white shrug with a royal blue vest top, black skinny jeans, and light pink open toe heels.

Wear it with a gray button-up shirt and black skinny jeans

gray shirt with buttons black skinny jeans

For a chic and refreshing look, you can wear a gray button down shirt and black skinny jeans. Wear a heather gray long shrug to coat the parts. For the shoes, you can wear brown leather ankle boots to add character to the outfit. You can even wear a gray felt hat to add an artistic touch to the look.

Crepe shrug with a white vest top and jeans

Crepe shrug white vest top jeans

If you want to look more feminine, you can go for a ladylike color. For example, wear a crepe shrug with a white vest. Combine them with dark blue washed skinny jeans and nude sandals to look both feminine and stylish.

Wear it with a light gray v-neck t-shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans

light gray V-neck t-shirt, ripped boyfriend jeans

On paper, this is just a very simple and ordinary gray and blue outfit. But in reality, all of these simple pieces of this outfit work flawlessly together to create this amazing look. To achieve this, you can wear a light gray V-neck t-shirt with light blue ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Wear a long dark gray shrug over the pieces. Complete your outfit with crepe suede ankle boots.

Long black shrug with a light pink top and white skinny jeans

long black shrug pale pink top white skinny jeans

Here is a stylish outfit that uses a contrasting color combination. To achieve this look, you can wear a light pink chiffon top with white skinny jeans. Combine these bright parts with a long black shrug. Wear black open toe heels for the shoes for a feminine touch.

Ivory shrug with neon pink top & mom jeans

Ivory Shrug Neon Pink Top Mom Jeans

For a casual but ladylike outfit, you might want to use some pink in your outfit. As an example, you can wear an ivory shrug with a neon pink vest top. Pair them with mom jeans and white sneakers for an easy and clean way to complete the outfit.

Gray chiffon shrug with ripped boyfriend jeans

gray chiffon shrug of ripped boyfriend jeans

To get a casual and stylish street outfit, you can wear a black printed t-shirt with tied and ripped boyfriend jeans. Wear them with a gray long chiffon shrug and a pair of white pointy toe heels for a breezy look.

Here are some nice ways to wear a shrug with jeans. I hope you find this blog post useful to inspire you to come up with your own outfit ideas.

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