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Chic Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Chic Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimalism in interior design currently has a great moment. Regardless of your style preferences, one thing everyone will agree on is that minimalist design is truly relaxing. If you love less cluttered and simple space, you will love this style. Whether it is a minimalist bedroom design or a minimal living room, the decor is functional and quiet. Without extra decorations and open decoration, this style adds warmth and elegance to your interiors with ease. Especially when it comes to bedroom decor, this style is preferred by most people. This style is less spotty and ornate and gives your bedroom the sought-after soothing and relaxing look.

The main features of the minimalist design are functional furniture, neutral color palette, spacious spacious interior and open spaces. Whether it is a modern bedroom or a Victorian living room, there is less approach to this design style that provides simpler, more spacious and elegant interiors. Here are some beautiful examples of fantastic minimalist bedroom designs that inspire to be minimal too!

{1} Modern minimalist bedroom design

Modern minimalist bedroom design
Dark walls in simple modern bedrooms in the Atlanta Beltline Loft Village Wake + loom design
The minimalist design follows the "less is more" method. But that doesn't simply mean throwing everything out and emptying a room. Instead, it means having only the important and useful things in the room and getting rid of unnecessary pipes. Take for example this simple bedroom. The low profile in the wooden bed is functional and elegant. In addition, the modern design of the side tables allows them to hold important things without taking up much floor space. Their long design gives the room a more spacious look. The striped carpet and wall art give the room an elegant look. Decoration table lamps give a nice touch to the interior.

{2} Simple gray and white bedroom

Simple gray and white bedroom
Modern bedroom in soft gray off Palmerston Design Consultants | Photo of Meghan Hall
A soft and light bedroom in light gray and white. This bedroom is a perfect example of minimalist design. A neutral color palette, simple furniture, minimal decor and an elegant light fixture that gives a bold statement. A gray carpeted floor with a gray bed, headboard and curtains gives the room a soft and soothing feel. The white walls and ceiling, window coverings and sheets light up the room and make it feel cozy and welcome. The amazing wallpaper behind the bed creates visual interest while a nice chandelier light makes a bold statement.

{3} Black accent wall Single bedroom

Black accent wall Single bedroom
Black and white and wooden tones in the bedroom Lisa Lev Design | Photo of Alex Lukey
Minimalism does not mean having an empty bedroom without knick-knacks and personal stuff. It simply means avoiding useless pipes and unnecessary things. For example, this beautiful Scandinavian bedroom is full of contrasting colors, rich textures and classic designs. The cozy sheepskin rug, textured sheets, patterned bed top and pillows with classic ikat print in black and white give texture and pattern to the decor. The wood tones in the vintage bed and floating bedside table add warmth and color to the décor. The black accent wall creates visual interest and high contrast while houseplants refresh the interior and add some color to the room.

{4} Vibrant Scandinavian Minimal Bedroom

Vibrant Scandinavian Minimal Bedroom
Scandinavian minimalism with colorful accents in modern bedroom H And G pattern
Although it is a minimal style of decor, this beautiful modern bedroom looks warm, cozy and inhabited. The white walls, ceiling and sheets light up the room and make it more spacious. In contrast, black carpets center the floor decor and balance the excess light. The beautiful jute mat looks great against the black floor. It also gives color, texture and contrast to the interior. The colorful bedspread also gives the decor color and fun. The fabulous makeshift bedside table and hanging Edison bulb are a creative touch to match the murals. The large house plant refreshes the interior and gives it some life.

{5} Geometric lines in the minimalist bedroom

Geometric lines in the minimalist bedroom
Fantastic wall treatment and unique lamps off Anna Tkacheva
This minimalist bedroom design looks as glamorous and elegant as any other stylish contemporary bedroom. Without adding any extra furniture or open décor items, this design achieves a sophisticated and modern look with amazing simplicity. The reason for this is the intelligent use of lighting in the room. The illuminated headboard feature gives geometric lines and patterns to the interior. In the same way, the designer's headboard and fantastic table lamps give a glamorous look to the design. In addition, the ceiling lamp looks like a sculptural work of art. Put in some comfortable bedding and cozy rugs and you have a perfect minimalist bedroom. But it is the layer of golden accent lights that gives the room the extra oomph factor!

{6} Wooden headboard Minimal bedroom decor

Wooden Headboard Minimal Bedroom Decor
Modern Minimalist Bedroom With Wooden Headboard Village Decca + Decca Design Studio
A wooden wall serves as an extended headboard for this elegant bed. Together with bedside tables made of wood and wooden floors, it gives the room a warm and natural feel. The neutral colors of the decor inspire simplicity. They give the room a soft and calm look. The large glass doors open the room to the beautiful balcony and the view beyond. Gray curtains keep the lights out while the room is kept light. Beautiful wall moldings on each side of the bed give the design a modern style and elegance.

{7} Sophisticated look for minimalist bedroom

Sophisticated look for minimalist bedroom
Minimal decor in sophisticated bedroom off Shirley Chisels | Photo of Stephani Buchman
This bedroom is a perfect example of Scandinavian minimalism. A single soft pink bed dominates the room. Wooden floors and bedside tables with wood add warmth and color to the interior. They also give the room a natural feel. sheepskin rug provides interior warmth and comfort. The white walls, ceiling and sheets keep the interior light and airy. A vintage Antique French table lamp gives the room an old-world charm. A potted plant and a stack of books give the minimal room an inhabited feel.

{8} Dark Accent Wall Neutral Bedroom

Dark accent wall Neutral Bedroom
Dark accent wall in elegant bedroom in pedestrian crossing Rambler Village Harbor Design Company
This elegant bedroom is beautiful in its simplicity! The dark accent wall illuminates the bed and centers the design. It forms a nice background for the rest of the interior. The white walls, the cozy carpet, the wall art and elegant wall moldings give the room a modern minimalist look. However, the ceiling fan and the weathered look of the bed and nightcloth give a rustic charm to the design. The golden patterned pillows and the wall art provide decorative colors in contrast.

{9} Wooden Headboard Wall Industrial Bedroom

Wooden headboard wall industrial bedroom
Wooden wall industrial bedroom off Antonio Martin's interior | Photo of Drew Kelly
The wooden log wall behind the main hallway in this industrial bedroom is really the main attraction. This stunning décor, tailor made for the bedroom, gives an industrial and rustic look to the interior. It also gives a little warmth and natural feel to the interior. The neutral color scheme, industrial lamps, concrete bedside tables and cozy bedding create a beautiful composition of modern and rustic. The cozy carpet and accent light also give the room warmth and glow.

{10} Elegant minimalist bedroom design

Elegant minimalist bedroom design
Spacious master suite with minimalist décor Tailor made decor
This already large master suite looks even more spacious with minimal decor and simple design. Wooden floors, full-length doors, window frames, bed and wooden nightstands give the room a natural rustic charm. The minimal furniture further illuminates this natural appeal. A single bed, bedside table, table, cupboard and chaise longue are all furniture in the room. A stack of books by the bed really gives the room a homely look. The large window and full glass doors let in enough natural light to keep the room sunny and bright.

{11} Glamorous bedroom Dark decor

Glamorous bedroom Dark decor
Pronunciation lights and minimal decor in glamorous bedrooms Marea House Design
The simplicity of this bedroom further enhances its glamorous appeal. A low bed on a raised platform defines the bedroom. Golden accent lighting throughout the room gives a glam look. Similarly, dark hardwood floors, low cabinets around the bed and wood accent wall that acts as a headboard room give a mysterious and wild feel. Pronounced lighting illuminates the room while houseplants lively the atmosphere. Overall, this bedroom is perfect for a relaxing, minimalist getaway!

{12} Penthouse in minimalist design

Penthouse in minimalist design
Minimal decor in small modern Asian bedroom off Harrell Remodeling Inc. Design
Sometimes it is better to let the décor speak for itself instead of adding ornate pieces to tell a story. Take for example this simple bedroom. The exposed beams, metal-framed windows and subtle decor give this Asian bedroom an old charm. The Ore platform bed is subdued and completely undisturbed. In the same way, the simple design of the wooden table and black bedside table blends into the interior. It works because it lets the rest of the room speak. The dark green accent wall adds color and personality to the simple design. It also highlights the beautiful artwork. Ambient lighting from Nelson ball pendant and wall lights give a touch of style and keep the room well lit.

{13} Neutral Colors Gray Bedroom Decor

Neutral colors Gray bedroom decor
Extended Headboard Design In Modern Bedroom Village Dawson Design Group | Photo of Brady architectural photography
Another important aspect of minimalist decor is subtlety. Therefore, the decor in this style is usually in neutral colors. It is not that this design style completely avoids colors. It's just that the colors in this design are more subtle and sober rather than flashy. And neutral color schemes and furniture are the best way to achieve this. This bedroom is the perfect example of a minimalist minimalist bedroom design. The black, white and wood tones in the interior keep it simple and sober.

{14} Scandinavian Minimalism In Elegant Bedroom

Scandinavian minimalism in elegant bedrooms
Pretty Birds Wallpaper In Scandinavian Bedroom By Aafke Kauffman | Photo of Holly Marder
In this eclectic Scandinavian bedroom, a completely white background guarantees that the colorful interior is central. A simply beautiful bird wallpaper designed by Kauffman himself certainly steals the show with its lifelike birds and simple white background. While teal and blue tones give the room a laid-back, beach-house-inspired vibe, wooden floors and bed get an earthy feel. A beautiful geometric pattern bed with matching pattern cushions adds color and fun to the simple setting. An antique chest and green foliage liven up the room and give it a fresh look. Finally, Tord Bean Garland light gives a nice touch to the interior.

{15} White bedroom with minimalist decor

White bedroom with minimalist decor
Scandinavian Minimalism In Elegant Bedroom By SF Design-Build
White walls and wooden floors can act as a staple in all Scandinavian designs. And although this is not always the case, white and wood are really a popular combination in any minimalist design. This is because the white color gives the light and airy feel to any design. And wooden tones give the space a natural and earthy appeal. The same goes for this elegant bedroom decor. The simple bed tucked into a corner with a colorful wall lamp helps keep things simple. The sumptuous shag area rug, cozy throws and comfortable pillows provide decor, color, warmth and comfort.

{16} Stunning furniture in the smallest bedroom

Pronounced furniture in the smallest bedroom
Elegant furniture and simple decor in industrial bedroom Environment Furniture
You do not need very detailed furniture or ornate decorations to make a lasting impression with your interior. With statement furniture, interesting wall art and modern lighting you can have eye-catching interiors with minimal décor items. This bedroom is a perfect example of this fact. An amazing wooden bed and nightstands really steal the show in this bedroom. Elegant contemporary wall lights and track lights further enhance the interior. In the same way, the beautiful murals give elegance in the design.

{17} Exposed Beams Simple Attic Bedroom

Exposed Beams Simple Attic Bedroom
Modern Bedroom with Exposed Roof Chairs in Household Condo Unit, Utah Village Imbue Design
This modern loft bedroom is already short. Heavy furniture and ornate décor would make it look messy and chaotic. This simple and subtle interior enhances the bedroom's simplicity. The exposed roof chairs give the room a rustic and industrial feel. White walls and ceilings make the room look spacious and airy. While the many skylights fill the room with daylight, a desk lamp in the world illuminates the room at night. A plush gray rug, cozy black linens and pillows give the design warmth and comfort. Overall a really simple and elegant minimalist bedroom!

{18} Asian bedroom in minimalist design

Asian bedroom in minimalist design
Zen-like simplicity and peace in modern Asian bedrooms off S Baird Design
This unique home design focuses on proximity and separation. The simple bedroom resonates with calm and elegance. A Japanese indigo Noren visually opens the space in the door. A trio of windows create an altar-like effect overlooking nature and anchoring the bedroom wall. In the same way, the spherical roundness of the Noguchi lamp in the paper, the milk glass in the middle of the century, and the lunar pattern on the Noren repeat the visual grouping of three. white walls, hardwood floors and recessed lighting give the room a zen-like simplicity and tranquility.

{19} Elegant Scandinavian Minimal Bedroom

Elegant Scandinavian minimal bedroom
Dark walls in simple modern bedrooms off Tara Benet Design | Photo of Marili Forastieri
The simple and minimal decor of this bedroom creates a warm, bohemian atmosphere in a clean, loft-like space. White walls, ceilings and window fittings make the room look spacious and airy. A modern white tufted bed, side table, table lamps and Roman shades further contribute to the bright décor. In contrast, wooden flooring and brown carpet in the carpet provide warmth and earthy appeal to the room. The gray and white striped sheets, matching pillows, black basketand colorful wall art gives the colored design some color and fun.

{20} Wood type in small minimal bedroom

Wood type in small small bedroom
Teak Headboard Accent Wall By Trisa & Co. Furnishings | Photo of Eric Neurath
This compact bedroom is all about creamy beige and wood tones. The wooden bed really dominates the small space. The wooden wall end in teak creates visual interest and adds some color to the strong interior. Swingarm wall sconces as well modern ceiling fan give the design a touch of style and elegance. Carpeted floors and cozy linens and pillows give the decor warmth and comfort.

{21} High ceilings bedroom with fireplace

Bedroom with high ceiling with fireplace
Neutral colors and minimal decor in the gable house Hayasa Floor Design
This bedroom is a perfect example of minimalist bedroom design. As in minimalist designs, the color scheme here is neutral. Black, white, gray and wood tones are the only colors in the interior. Even stone used in fireplace and wood flooring gives the room a natural look typical of minimalist design. In addition, the simple decor, minimal decor and the lack of ornate objects give the room a minimalist look. A large skylight illuminates the room during the day while recessed lights and wall lamps illuminate the room at night. Finally, the modern fireplace opposite the bed provides warmth and comfort to the interior.

{22} Colorful accents in neutral bedroom

Colorful accents in neutral bedroom
A touch of color in the neutral bedroom by Starr interior design
A simple black and white bedroom gets a pop of color with colorful bedding and pillows. The white walls and ceiling keep the bedroom light and airy. The small window above the bed lets in good natural light. The gray shutters provide privacy and match the gray bed, carpet and main hallway. Black mirrored bedside tables and wall lights give the design a style and elegance. But it is the bright blue and yellow tones on the quilts and pillows that bring the room to life. The patterned bedding adds color, warmth and fun to the strong interior.

{23} White and wood bedroom decor

White and wooden bedroom decor
White walls and wooden tones in modern bedroom Phi Builders + Architects | Photo of Sarah Szwajkos
A custom furniture can really change the look of the whole interior. For example, think of this beautiful bed and bedside table. The designers customized the bed and matching bedside tables for this bedroom. The elegant and modern design and the painted surface of the furniture gives a polished and elegant look to the modern bedroom. The wooden floor also goes well with the designer bed to give the room a natural touch. White walls and ceilings illuminate the room while nice wall moldings give elegance to the design. All in all, this bedroom is a beautiful blend of minimal décor, elegant furniture and modern elegance.

{24} Modern decor in the smallest bedroom

Modern decor in the smallest bedroom
Colorful accents in modern bedroom off Kerry Ellis Design | Photo of Kat Alves
This beautiful bedroom showcases modern elements of the room with details such as artwork, lighting, fixtures and fabrics. But it also remains true to the historical style of the home's architecture even with the modern design choices. The ceiling height style with a steel frame and walnut headboard highlights the art on the wall. The painting above the bed is a work by a well-known local artist Micah Crandall-Bear. It also gives the room a light and airy look. In the same way, the floating bedside table makes the room look spacious and airy while releasing more of the walnut floor. The handmade Moroccan rug also reflects some of the warm tones found in the artwork. The walnut's headboard keeps things streamlined while adding warmth. In the same way the two suspension lamps add more contrasting lines and shape to the decor.

{25} Industrial design in minimalist bedroom

Industrial design in minimalist bedroom
Pronounced lighting and cozy comfort in industrial loft bedroom off Hinkley Lighting

Concrete walls and modern style lighting really give this bedroom an industrial appeal. Minimal furnishings that focus on warmth and comfort make the bedroom look warm and welcoming. A plush, sturdy bed with cozy linens, throws and pillows provides the comfort of the interior. In contrast, the concrete wall, rustic bedside table and jute rug add a rough edge and rustic charm to the interior. The striking large painting on the floor and minimal interiors further enhance the visual effect of the industrial bedroom. Distinctive mid-century modern elements, like the elegant Fredrick Ramond Impulse Crown Chronicle, blend with elegant and timeless shapes for a vintage vibe with a modern style.

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