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Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

The modern design style is about simplicity, functionality and elegance. Modern design style reflects the current preference. Therefore, it is constantly evolving and growing. Some interesting features that define modern design are neutral colors, elegant, clean lines and bold, colorful art. Classic and geometric designs and furniture with clean, elegant lines are also at home with this style. Another important aspect of this style is that it celebrates space and light. Contemporary design also has lots of open airy spaces. Windows and doors are usually left fairly naked to let in natural light. Whether it is a modern living room or bedroom, the interior focuses on space, shape and color and is therefore elegant and fresh.

Natural and organic materials have also found their way into modern design style with the return of green living and the need to conserve the earth's natural resources. There is also a renewed interest in homeowners finding natural and sustainable building products. The prominent use of natural materials such as wood and stone with metal and concrete gives a good composition of old and new styles. Chrome or nickel finishes, glass, ebony wood and other materials are also most commonly used in modern design. This design style includes a variety of elements from many other styles. Let's take a look at some of the most amazing modern living room designs below.

Contemporary exterior design: The exterior is the heart of every home and you just have to choose some kind of theme or design that can really capture people's attention. There are so many designs to choose from but contemporary is the most popular for the exterior design of modern times.

{1} Beach theme with blue accents

beige theme with blue accents
Serene Contemporary Living Room Design by Kate Singer | Photo of Marco Ricca
This quiet contemporary living room is truly a beautiful blend of light interiors, soothing colors and comfortable structures. the glass doors let in enough light to make the room light. The floral patterned curtains and the flower wall art also give a little pattern in the interior. The soft beige colors on the sofa and other furniture are simple and comforting. However, the blue accents added by chairs, Ottoman and pillows are refreshing and attractive. The fantastic chandelier and glass table give a modern atmosphere to the place. The furniture is functional with elegant, clean lines. All in all, this living room is inviting and inspiring in its simplicity and functionality.

{2} Colorful sofa checkered Ottoman

colorful sofa checkered ottoman
White walls and dark floor design Via Sarah Kaye representation
This elegant environment is truly a perfect example of modern contemporary design. The large glass doors let in a lot of natural light. The white walls reflect the light and make the room look quite large and bright. However, the dark wood floor draws the eye and anchors the design. The comfortable gray sofa in modern design has a band of pink which also gives some color to the black and white interior. The white carpet and coffee table contrast with the dark floor. The checkered hubby appears in the calm environment as a visual interest. It also gives a little pattern in the interior.

{3} White theme with wooden accents

white theme with wooden accents
Warm living room bench storage design by Cabinet Shoppe | Photo by Jessie Preza
This warm and inviting contemporary living room has a theme with white with brown accents. The wooden back plate for the wall mounted TV is the main attraction in this room. It is in contrast to the white walls and the bench storage under it. The white L-shaped sofa is comfortable and inviting. However, the brown armchairs add some color to the interior. Modern elements such as functional cabinets, glass doors and wooden backplate enhance the modern atmosphere of the room.

{4} Modern metal wire coffee table

modern metal wooden table
Elegant and fresh contemporary design in the Union Square Penthouse by Megan Grehl
Splashes in this contemporary design are the main attraction of this room. Warm colors are blended with black and white to give a colorful and interesting design that attracts the eye. The metal wire coffee table becomes the focus of the design with its eye-catching pattern and simple design. The weather-beaten appearance of the area's carpet improves the elegant freshness of the rest of the interior.

{5} Wall white pendant lights with black accent

black accent wall white pendant light
Bright and spacious house outside Kyiv Design by Nelly Prodan Design | Photo by Andrei Bezuglov
This bright and spacious house located just outside Kiev is a prime example of modern design. A black accent wall surrounds the fireplace which is really the central focus of this design. Modern elements such as metal railings, wooden walls, wooden shelves and concrete accent wall give the interior a modern look. The soft colors on the L-shaped sofa and the rug in the fur area fit quite well with the rest of the interior. The black coffee table complements the accent wall nicely. However, the white-patterned hanging lamps are stylish, artistic and further contribute to the contemporary appeal of the design.

{6} Patterned coffee tables and pillows

patterned coffee tables and pillows
Mix and match designs and colors in the Mermaid Beachfront Residence by Donna Guyler Design | Photo of Design Villa
This striking decor is really a lovely mix and match of warm colors, different patterns and modern elements. The light cream surface gives the tone for the rest of the design. The couch is soft and comfortable. On the other hand, the patterned pillows and the stylish throw give the color of the design. The wooden patterned coffee table together with the black metal table and the upper wooden side table give the pattern and visual interest in the interior. They fit well with the color scheme and further enhance the modern atmosphere in the living room.

{7} Black sofa colorful rug

black sofa colorful rug
Geometric pattern plate in modern design by Design Environment | Photo of Stacy Zarin Goldberg
The geometric pattern and bright colors of the area's carpet really draw the eye and create visual interest in this modern living room. The exposed brick bar and pipes add an industrial touch to this design. The modern furniture and the floor lamp further add to the modern vibe of this room. In contrast to the white walls, the dark colors of the sofa anchor the design and balance the brightness of the interior.

{8} Multicolored living room with accent wall

multicolored wall living room
Colorful interiors and cozy furniture in the design project "From Calgary to Le Port-Royal", Montreal, Canada by Francois Berube Interiors
The many colors and geometric patterns on the accent wall provide a fantastic image. The modern colors of the wall construction are also reflected in furniture and other design elements in the rest of the room. The simple design and soft colors of the sofa balance the excess of the colored wall. The patterned carpet and capiton armchairs further add to the modern atmosphere of the room. The beautiful chandelier also enhances the modern look and adds a touch of style to the interior.

{9} Earthy Colors Modern Living Room

earthy colors contemporary living room
Warm and elegant Indian contemporary design by Yellow door architects | Photo of Shamanth Patil
To maintain the Indian contemporary look, this apartment has an earthy color palette with beige sofas and a deep armchair set against the wooden doors. Light cushion pillows and a geometric rug add splash to the design. The custom panels on the blinds play with design rather than color to add to the visual dynamics of space. The dark metal-encased drip lighting further adds to the modern look. For the eager reader in the family, part of the sofa also has a small bookshelf, conveniently connected to a page that functions as both a bookcase and a coffee table. Overall, this warm and elegant Indian contemporary design is a welcome retreat.

{10} Checkered rugs with low mat

checkered carpet low furniture
Simple and sophisticated modern living room furnished by Poliform Australia
The simple and sophisticated design of this modern living room plays space and shape. The checkered carpet attracts the eyes and gives patterns in the interior. The low beige sofa perfectly matches the shades of the back wall, allowing for seamless flow in the room. However, the green accents of the armchair and the pillows add some color to the interior. The black marble wall and cabinet add some color and balance to the interior. The sky's frame doors and the elegant floor lamp enhance the modern atmosphere of the room. Finally, the indirect lighting sheds a soft glow on the room and adds a touch of elegance to the interior.

{11} Rich colors and bold designs

blue sofa leather pouf
Modern elegant living room design in Tiburon Ann Lowengart Interiors
This modern elegant living room is a good example of blending rich colors and bold designs for a place that is elegant and family-friendly. An amazing marble dining surround Asher Gray Field The tile by Ann Sacks is the main feature of this room. The dramatic Christopher Boots Prometheus II chandelier adds a touch of style to the interior. The mural by Kim Ford Kitz creates visual interest. The blue velvet Baxter sofa from Jonathan Adler and a raggy faux-Mongolian fur puff further adds to the room's elegant look. In contrast to the rich colors of the sofa, the light and patterned carpet provides a good base for the bold interior.

{12} Sky Frame Doors Contemporary Design

sky frame doors contemporary design
Elegant composition of modern living room in Tice Residences by DesignARC | Photo of Jim Bartsch
This beautiful open space living room with modern kitchen design along with the natural light looks amazing. White furniture together with the wooden table gives an extra beauty in this place. This elegant contemporary living room creates a wonderful balance between fenced and openness. With extremely efficient use of space and strategic positioning of windows and decks, privacy is maintained while offering expansive views of the outdoors from every home. This fantastic living room manages to invite the outdoors by using site-dug stone for floors, a wooden coffee table and an oak trunk as a side table. The soft beige sofa gives the room an earthy appeal. It strengthens the room at the same time. The open plan with the huge skylight doors and the monastery windows is really a nice contemporary touch.

{13} Modern natural element living

contemporary nature elements that live
Organic beauty with fashioned modernism in Mazama House, Methow Valley Village Find Architects
This organic contemporary living room has the Douglas fir which frames the great views of the mountains, forest and meadow. The Clerestory windows are maneuvered and release the rising heat in the summer. They also make the room look open and accessible. A large Montana ledgestone chimney stands up to the extent of space. Finn designed the coffee table, made of foam pads wrapped in soft leather. It consists of interconnected, liquid organic forms that are joined together as stones. The hand knotted rug with the organic pattern is also Fine's design. The soft colors of B&B Italia sofas and Bensen chairs upholstered in B&B Italia fabric enhance the room at the same time. The details of the windows and the cabinet doors next to the fireplace give the room a coherent look.

{14} Gray and purple living room

gray and purple living room
Hot hours and vibrant colors in TriBeCa Loft, Melbourne by Nexus Designs | Photo of Jonny Valiant
Inspired by the NSW Blue Mountains, the warm timber and lively yellow tones of the décor complement the shady blue and purple upholstery. The white walls reflect the natural light and make the place look bigger. The warm wooden components in the window frames and the wooden side tables balance the bright colors. The bright colors of the comfortable and functional furniture make the room look happy and relaxing. All in all, the place provides both intimacy and flexibility.

{15} Modern sofa colorful upholstery

modern sofa colorful upholstery
Outstanding use of wood in cabin Monte Alina Interior design by Tarimas the Author | Photo of Xermán Peñalver –
This chalet with modern design has a very prominent woodwork. The living room floor is wood and fits well with modern design. The fireplace is surrounded by a wooden structure that rises to join the attic. The structure attracts the eye and further enhances this wooden house's modern appeal. The carpet area anchors the furniture in the room. The nail head on the modern design sofa gives it a decorative look. The blue details on the armchairs together with the blue, brown and checkered pillows give colors and designs to the design. The colorful upholstery on the bench further enhances this look. The cheerful coffee table also gives the room a modern atmosphere.

{16} Rattan Hanging Lamp with high ceiling

Wicker high ceiling pendant light
Fantastic and luxurious living room design in Rubix by Webb & Brown-Neaves
This modern living room design is huge, open, clean and simple. The rattan pendant light is really the center of attraction and adds style to the design. In addition, the elegant metal gray color and the smooth surface of the stove give the surroundings a luxurious look. The cow mat also anchors the design. The white white sofa in modern design is elegant and functional and contributes to the room.

{17} Exposed metal roof beams

exposed exposed beams in metal
Rustic modern living room design of Malbec Homes & Renovations Inc.
The rustic industrial style in the living room is surprisingly modern. The exposed metal beams in the ceiling and the hanging pendant lights give the room an industrial look. On the other hand, the earthy colors, the wooden mantle and the wooden table give a rustic charm to the decor. The white sofa and armchairs in modern design give the room a modern look. The brown rug in the fur coat area and leather armchairs further add to the rustic contemporary look.

{18} Modern Sofa Crystal Ball Chandelier

modern sofa crystal ball chandelier
Soft and soothing contemporary house design by Veronique Sgarra
This modern design has the classic white and black theme with shades of gray and accents. The soft gray low couch in the living room is a modern design. It is comfortable and also fits well with the decor. The black metal coffee table is unique and modern. The crystal chandelier is again a modern design. It gives a little visual interest to the decor and gives a further modern modern atmosphere in the room. Wooden floors, metal tables and railings are modern elements in the design.

{19} Soft and soothing living room

soft and soothing living room
Renovated Knutsford Barn Lounge by Janey Butler Interiors and Llama Group | Photo of Andy Marshall
This modern renovated barn with exposed wooden beams and a soothing color scheme really has a rustic charm to it. The large living room is decorated with minimal furniture and modern and modern elements. The Swiss projecting doors in the sky frame, large sofa in modern design and elegant wall moldings provide modern elements in the design. On the other hand, the Indian stone tiles, the coffee table for ash trees and the carpet for the skin add a modern and natural touch to the decor. The soothing, earthy colors of the design create a soothing atmosphere.

{20} Traditional modern living room

traditional modern living room
Sustainably Designed Lake Home in Keowee, SC av Linda McDougald Design | Photo of Rachael Boling
This glamorous living room has both traditional and modern elements. The simple settings and functional furniture look glamorous due to the rich fabrics, color scheme and lighting in the interior. The modern upholstery and curtains give a glamor to those who attract the eye and give the room a luxurious look. Hardwood floors and wood windows and doors give the room a modern look. The Ledgestone stove has a metal decoration on the mantle. The bright colors of the ledgestone and the carpet add further space to the luxurious feel of the room.

{21} Luxurious white and wooden theme

luxurious white and wooden theme
Dramatic and inviting living room in Los Gatos residence of Ernesto Garcia interior
This luxurious living room with modern design is truly exceptional. The round carpet defines the seat quite clearly. The comfortable armchairs that surround the wooden table give the room a dramatic and old world look. The exposed wooden beams and double-sided fireplace contribute to the dramatic appeal. A small bookshelf is placed behind the sofa for easy access. The large comfortable sofa is also inviting and comfortable. The various lamps and lighting together with the elegant fans make the room look luxurious and grand.

{22} Cozy fireplace contemporary living room

cozy fireplace contemporary living room
Large and modern living room design in Villa Cortile by Spire Integrated Systems Inc. & Moceri Custom Homes
This modern living room has many modern features. Wooden floors and tiled stove give the place an old appeal. The glass door from floor to ceiling and white curtains further contribute to this look. The modern furniture and spherical hanging lamps give a modern touch. In the same way, the elegant table lamps metal wire shelf and gold colored center table further give this look. Vintage armoire, elegant wall moldings and wall art add an amazing touch to the look.

{23} Gray concrete tiled fireplace in the surrounding area

gray concrete stove surround
Contemporary concrete slab fireplace surrounded by Anthony Concrete Designs
This living room design is stylish and inviting. The main focus of the design is definitely the gray tiled concrete stove. The large tiles and the elegant gray color give style and visual appeal to the design. In contrast, the white walls and the white modern sofa anchor the room and also provide some sophisticated design. The coffee table's unique and elegant design further adds to the modern look. Wall cabinets and shelf designs are also attractive and illuminate the stove. In addition, the purple area gives the carpet and pillows together with the purple tones in the wall cabinets and shelf design a splash of color to the strong interior.

{24} Vintage Chandelier Contemporary Design

vintage chandelier modern design
Timeless and elegant contemporary living rooms of Morgan McMurphy Renovation and Design
This modern living room is as warm as it is elegant. The white walls and ceilings give the room a happy and bright feeling. The recessed ceiling lights and the vintage chandelier cast a soft glow across the room. The mirror in the bronze frame on the fireplace mantel matches the vintage chandelier and gives the interior a traditional feel. The stylish black side cabinets further add to this look. The jute area mat defines the seat and also gives color in the design. Patterned pillows and side chairs give the pattern to the decor. The modern sofa and the black coffee table further add to the contemporary look of the design.

{25} Gray-patterned tile stove and TV environment

gray patterned tile stove and TV surround
Rural palette with modern feel in the vineyard's farmhouse of Amy A. Alper
The steel and tile stove in this modern modern living room anchors the hearth as the heart of the room. The tiled pattern of the fireplace and TV surround creates visual interest in the room. The room decoration seems to have a rustic palette intertwined with modern elements. Fireplace in steel and tile, exposed wooden beams and vintage chandeliers give the room a feel in the country. The modern and minimal furniture creates a modern atmosphere in the design. the open and spacious look of the room further contributes to this look. The light blue sofa and coffee table add some color to the interior.

{26} Modern white and gold design

modern white and gold design
Neutral living room with gold accents in Oriole Crescent Residence by Sarah St. Amand Interior Design | Photo by Kelly Horkoff; K West pictures
This contemporary contemporary living room shows a neutral theme with a gold spectacular. The soft and neutral colors light up the room while the gold accents add a touch of opulence to the décor. The elegant and modern furniture and neutral colors give the room a modern look. The stylish wall mirror and coffee table with top on glass add to this look. the large painting on the wall also enhances the luxurious feel of the room. All in all, this living room defines sophisticated luxury.

{27} Warm wood accents living room

warm wood accents living room
Fusion of Indian and modern architecture in Kavyam Residence, Delhi by Spaces Architects @ ka | Photo by Bharat Aggarwal
The warm wood accents in this modern living room are both welcoming and comforting. the high ceiling of epay wooden boats a beautiful ceiling fan. MS Louvers on the large windows ensures that natural light is controlled. The wall decoration gives the decor color and visual interest. The patterned carpet also adds some color to the room. The dark wooden back of the shelves gives subtle contrast to the design. It also improves the room with white and wood. The earthy colors and the cozy warmth of the elegant furniture further emphasize the fusion of Indian and modern styles in this décor.

{28} Built-in fireplace at the same time

built-in fireplace at the same time
Seamless flowing modern design in Levine Residence, Arizona by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects | Photo of Bill Timmerman
This classic contemporary design is stylish and stunning. The fireplace which is the main attraction of the design gives the room warmth and comfort. The clean lines of the furniture give the room a modern look. The gray carpet defines the room. The soft colors further enhance the appeal. The sliding glass doors invite nature inside.

{29} Colorful high ceiling interiors

colorful high ceiling interior
Earthy colors and modern furniture in L Plan House, Bengaluru by Khosla Associates | Photo of Shamanth Patil J.
The height of this modern room is emphasized by the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The clean blinds on the windows give a certain break from the harsh western afternoon sun while the eastern morning sun can warm the room. Dark colors and swirling patterns in the ceiling create visual interest. Soft and earthy colors in the interior give the room a traditional Indian atmosphere. The modern furniture such as the modern sofa, leather powder or Wegner Shell chairs gives the room a modern look. The floor lamp, the wall lamps and the wall art further contribute to the look. In addition, the woven flat weave dhurrie from Jaipur gives patterns and color to the interior.

{30} Patterned stone wall backsplash

patterned backplates with plates
Serene and luxurious living room in Hidden Canyon Retreat village Phoenix Architects and Joni Wilkerson | Photo of Thompson Photographic
Inspired by the many colors of the beautiful desert environment, this living room really comes as a luxurious getaway. The gray tiled surrounding wall and the neutral palette of the interior give the room a modern feel. In addition, the patterned stone wall creates visual interest and forms a spectacular backplate for the stove. The soft neutral colors of modern furniture and plants also soften the room. The gray carpet anchors the design while the floor lamps cast an ambient glow over it.

{31} Square pattern plate colorful theme

square pattern mat colorful theme
A beautiful blend of colors and designs in Fay Residence Interior Design by Sanctuary Architects
This living room design is a beautiful blend of colors, patterns and shapes. The cozy sofa set catches the eye because of its curved lines and vibrant colors. By contrast, the different colors and the rich, shiny fabrics in the sofa cushions enhance the colorful environment. The square patterned carpet adds to the colorful décor. The small window alcove is transformed into a seating area with wooden benches. In contrast to the curved sofa and the glass coffee table, the clean, straight lines of the wooden benches enhance the modern feel of the room. The wooden beams in the ceiling design create visual interest in the interior.

{32} Modern Wall Art Decor

modern wall art decor
Simple and effective contemporary design in Tarrytown Addition by Jobe Corral Architects | Photo of Casey Woods
This simple contemporary design is equally effective. The living room furniture contrasts with the white walls and the ceiling and gives the room a charming composition. The white area rug defines the seat and fits well with the white walls. In contrast, the black couch and pouf add the color of the ottoman to the room. The patterned throw rug adds further to the colorful furniture. In addition, the wooden top table and desk and chair in the corner have wooden accents in the room. The lamps and hanging pendant light give an elegant touch to the room. But the amazing mural really steals the show and keeps the room interesting.

{33} Unique shelf wall living room

unique shelf wall living room
Unique storage shelf in Turoparken Barcelona at Molins Design
The main attraction of this living room is its unique shelf design. The wall of cabinets and shelves opposite the seat also holds the TV. The zigzag pattern on the shelves makes them visually interesting. The white sofa is silly and simple and gives a soft interior. The gray velvet gives the room a sense of glamor. The area rug, orange pillows and striped pillows give the room a pattern and color. The enclosed coffee tables fit well with wood and black theme.

{34} Contemporary living room in white and wood

white and wooden modern living room
Contemporary elements of living room design Sound off London Audio
The wooden floor and other wood accents enhance the house's strong white theme. The roof design gives interest to the design. The modern style sofa acts as a shelf for storing books or other items. The unique coffee table enhances the modern atmosphere of the room. Similarly, the floor lamp and sofa cushions add color to the interior and give it a modern look. The recessed ceiling lights give a soft glow and make the room look cheerful and bright.

{35} Colorful curtains with yellow sofa

yellow sofa colorful curtains
Eclectic and functional decor in West Perry Street by Rethink Design Studio | Photo of Richard Leo Johnson
The interiors of this beautiful living room are eclectic and functional. The wooden floor is a dark base for the design. However, the white walls and the ceiling give light and charm to the interior. Stone-legged pattern from Yerra defines the seat and also anchors the design. The Hickory Chair – Kent Sofa in Edelman's Distressed Curry Leather (custom made) gives a splash of color in the room and keeps the attention focused there. In addition, the multicolored and patterned curtains add color and charm to the room. 1960s art deco chairs and cole stools further contribute to the modern appeal of the room. The crystal chandelier adds a glamorous décor to the interior.

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