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Cropped Wide Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

Cropped Wide Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

Cropped wide-leg pants, pants or gaucho pants – you name it what you want, but this fashion trend is here to stay. If you are tired of skinny jeans and jeans in general, you should definitely switch to baggy pants.
If you’ve been wondering how to style them, let me tell you something. These pants are like midi skirts. They go perfectly with ankle boots, leather jackets and coats. It doesn’t matter whether you choose these beautiful wide pants, you will feel comfortable and super stylish. Ahead, here are some of the best outfit ideas I could come up with for you. Let’s have a look.

Black and white combination

wide leg shorts black white
Black and white combination is eternal. You can style it for winter or summer time – whatever the season, you will look chic and very polished. This blogger opted for a classy black camisole, white pants and black strappy sandals. It’s a casual and sophisticated mix at the same time.

Camel inspiration

wide leg shorts camel
As I mentioned earlier, wide leg shorts can be your favorite no matter what time of year. So this girl decided to pair it with a camel teddy bear coat and matching pointy heels. This look can be your new workwear inspiration.

All in white

wide leg shorts all white
All white looks are pretty, flattering, and not that easy to wear. Especially if you are traveling by bus, train or in winter. However, if none of these describe you, then this is the look you should definitely go for. White sweater, pants and brown suede ankle boots – a wonderful spring combination!

Olive Cropped Wide Leg Pants

wide leg shorts, olive
Combining olive green pants with the white sweater is a perfect idea. The combination looks refined and polished. You can create this look for work hours, elegant or business dinners or meetings. Top it all off with strappy sandals and a black shoulder bag.

Navy wide pants

Navy wide leg shorts
Blue Navy Shade is very inspiring to wear in summer. You can style it with any top you like. This blogger chose this beautiful and romantic white blouse. Wedges make this outfit ready for a seaside season.

Suede trench coat

Suede shorts with wide legs
The trend of wearing suede items continued for a few years. You can wear suede with any other material and that’s a charm about it. You can style your trench coat like this fashion photographer and blogger – with wide leg shorts in light beige and matching ankle boots.

Ruffled pants

short pants with wide leg ruffles
If you are interested in wearing something unique and interesting then let me show you these baggy pants. Dark blue satin trousers have a ruffle on the side, which makes them look flattering but also very fashionable. The best contrast is achieved with white details – let your sweater and mules be in this basic tone.

Khaki pants and striped top

khaki wide leg shorts
Khaki is a color between brown and beige. It’s usually used for military purposes, but it had also found its way into fashion. You can combine your wide-leg pants with a strapless striped black and white top and white moccasins.

Floral print details

wide leg shorts with flowers
Flowers for spring are always a good idea. While it may seem like a cliché, retail stores are fraught with this pressure. You can pair your wide-leg shorts with flower boots and a flower blouse. The jacket is made of the same materials as the pants, so it seems like a pantsuit.

Wrapped pajama style

wide-legged cut pans wrapped up
Wearing silk from head to toe seems like you stepped out in your pajamas. However, it is extremely trendy to wear this combination. The completely black look with a wrap blouse and black, shortened pants is perfect for everyday wear. Go for this look every time you want to feel comfortable.

Pastel power

wide leg shorts purple
Aimee Song from the Song of Style blog was one of the first girls to try the pastel trend. And of course she loved it. She wears a matching purple outfit combination as casual and sophisticated. Purple, wide trousers go perfectly with transparent silver pumps with cap-toe and a matching frilled blouse. Don’t forget the trendy transparent bag!

Sailor inspired

sailor inspired cropped wide leg pants
Dark blue trousers with gold side buttons are paired with a striped top – a perfect combination inspired by sailors, right? I love this look and I think it’s great for the warm summer time. You should opt for this basket bag or switch to a straw bag. They are both on trend for the summer season.

Statement boots

short wide-leg boots, red boots
Red may not be easy to style. However, if you combine it with white, you cannot go wrong. Adding stripes to all of this can only be a plus. Red boots with pointy toes definitely make a statement in this outfit. You will look powerful and very businesslike when you style your items like this.

Baby blue top

short cut wide pants baby blue top
The baby blue ruffle of the top with one shoulder looks very flattering and summery. If you were wondering how to style it, here is a suggestion. Combine black pants, strappy sandals and a white shoulder bag. You will get an amazing look in less than 10 minutes.

Chic and casual

short pants with wide leg chic casual
Leandra Medine is known for her specific and unique style and way of dressing. With this outfit, however, she remained completely reserved. The beige and white combination is perfect for everyday life. Cropped pants with wide legs seem very comfortable. So don’t hesitate to wear them for casual occasions.

All egg shells are white

wide leg shorts eggshell white
If you were wondering what to wear instead of the snow white color, go for the white color of the egg shell. Combine all of your items and voila! You have a great everyday look.

Puffer jacket

short-cut trouser puffer with wide legs
These types of warm jackets were at the height of their popularity last winter. No wonder, when you consider that they are warm and flattering at the same time. Don’t hesitate to choose one of these and style it with your culottes.

London look

wide leg shorts red London
London fashion is eccentric and always surprising. For me it’s all positive. This fashion blogger wore red and orange corduroy trousers, a white sweater and a black leather jacket. Retro sandals are nice, but you can swap them for classy heels.

Soft pink

wide-leg shorts, delicate pink
Soft pink is a great color for summer. You should follow the trends and pair your delicate pink wide leg pants with a cashmere sweater of the same color. This can be your new work clothes inspo.

Camel Cropped Wide Leg Pants and Leather Jacket

short pants with wide leg camel black
Camel and black are my favorite combination right now. It looks great and is so stylish. You should recreate this look by adding snakeskin ankle boots and a plain white t-shirt.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

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