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Decorative Window Curtains Interior

Decorative Window Curtains Interior Design

Decorative window blinds have the ability to change the look of the entire room. It gets the best look and feel of the room. Therefore, you need to choose the right window blinds to give your room a new and elegant look. It is about the fabric, color, pattern, length etc. If you are not sure what to choose and what suits your taste, don't worry. Here is your guide to choosing the perfect decorative window blinds.

You can choose your curtains based on their types, quality, color and print and pattern. Let's move on to the types of decorative curtains you can choose.

Tip # 1 Decorative window blinds based on types

Depending on the space in your room, the size of the windows and the look you want to give your room, you can choose which type of curtain is the best one to choose.

{1} Hanging curtains

Hanging curtains contemporary dining room
Modern New York dining room Apostrophe Design, Inc.
Hanging curtains are the type of curtains that are hung on the wall by means of a bar installed directly above the windows. These curtains can be installed low where the curtains have floor length. They are installed at a higher level where the curtains have window length.

{2} Tabular curtains

Tabbed upper curtains traditional living room
Traditional living room Boston of Mary Cook | Photo by Bill Taylor
These are the type of curtains with visible loops. These loops are pulled through a rod or pole. Curtains on tabs are the oldest types of decorative window blinds even before the hanging curtains. These are the ideal types of decorative window blinds that require less fabric and are easy to sew.

{3} Eye Sign Curtains

Traditional bathroom with eye curtains
Medium Elegant Traditional Bathroom Atlanta Village Mark Williams Design Associates
Eyelash curtains are one of the most elegant curtains with deep folds of fabric that go uniform lines from top to bottom. These hang from a post with metal rings. These are eye-catching, clean designs. It fits bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. This is especially suitable for all minimalists out there.

{4} Curved curtains

Box folded curtains Transition cabin
Green Street Livingroom London City Jess Lavers Design
Box-wrapped curtains are known for their creases on the back which create a flat face that suits anyone looking for simplicity. These are clean, unbroken made of silk or light velvet. These are easy to identify because there is a clean flat top on the curtain, ie without folds. They seem to have small squares in line at the top.

{5} Custom-made folding curtains

Tailor made folding curtains contemporary living room
Old Westbury Residence Livingroom NYC City Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC | Photo of Robert Granoff
Tailor-made folding curtains are unique and stylish decorative window blinds. These curtains have unique but attractive folds at the top. It usually has a 3-fold design or ripple at the top that makes it beautiful.

{6} Clean curtains

Sheer Gardiner Scandinavian Bedroom
Notting Hill Townhouse Scandinavian Bedroom London City Jimmie Martin California | Photo of Rick Schultz
Small curtains are a type of decorative window curtain that allows most of the light to enter the room. You can see everything through the curtain. If you love sunlight and love photography, you can install this curtain and enjoy your time in the room. One of the best parts of this: it is a light curtain and cheaper of everything.

{7} Curved curtains

Custom made freshly folded curtains traditional family room
California Cottage Familyroom San Francisco By Jana Happel Interior Design
Pinch curtains have folds sewn into the top layer. They can come in either double or triple folds. These are best suited for the windows in the living rooms. All you need is to take some hooks and attach it to these decorative windows on the back and attach it to the bar through round hooks.

Tip # 2 Decorative curtains based on fabric curtains

When choosing a curtain, fabric plays an important role because it tells you how well the curtains work and last with time. For example, if they are too heavy, they can cause problems during folding, and if they are too light, they may not fall well. Linen, faux silk, silk and velvet are the best options for your window as they hang well. Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must consider them all before making your choice.

{8} Polyester Curtains

Pink Polyester Silk Curtains Kidsroom
Children's Room Sydney City Ioanna Lennox Interiors | Photo of Susan Papazian
One of the main reasons why many polyester curtains are bought by many depends on its quality. It is wrinkled and shrink-free. These are easy to wash and dry. And the best part is that it does not require ironing. They are durable, an excellent insulator, robust and affordable. They are suitable for bedrooms or living rooms, but are not best for the kitchen because the fabric is flammable, does not allow good air circulation and absorbs odors. There are different styles, patterns and colors available for this fabric.

{9} Cotton Curtains

Cotton Curtains Bedroom
Enfield Full House Renovation Bedroom London City Interior Therapy | Photo of Olly Gordon
Decorative window blinds made of cotton give a more natural look and feel. It is durable and sensitive to wear, softer, can withstand heat and can be colored in any color. It is an organic fabric and is biodegradable, letting in a lot of light due to its half properties. To give a better look, these are often combined with other fabrics to get a complete look. They are easy to clean, more versatile and you can have many styles to choose from.

{10} Silk curtains

Pewter Curtains Bathroom
French Colonial Bathroom Los Angeles Village Charmean Neithart Interiors | Photo of Erika Bierman
It is known as the queen of fabrics and is one of the most durable materials out there. That resists dust mites and reflects light. Decorative window blinds of silk awaken luxury and give a luxurious look to your room. This is beautiful and luxurious. It has a soft touch that every lady would wish for. It can be used for both classic and modern styles. Silk is also a problematic fabric to clean and requires professional cleaning.

{11} Line curtains

Loose linen curtains farmhouse
Manz Estate Farmhouse Hall Seattle City Pelletier + Scissors
They are slightly heavier than cotton and allow the moderate light level to provide better privacy than cotton curtains. They are light in touch, easy to maintain and provide a subtle structure in the room. Linen curtains are not a good option for a damp place as it easily attracts mold and mildew. However, it is quite strong and becomes stronger when wet. It does not retain moisture and dries quickly. Its non-allergic, UV resistant and insect repellent. Since it is stain resistant, it does not require much cleaning, it is the most important advantage of having them.

{12} velvet curtains

Silk Velvet Gardiner Farmhouse Kitchen
Bucks County Eclectic Farmhouse Philadelphia By Nancy Gracia for Bare Root Design Studio | Photo of Yelena Strokin
Velvet curtains are one of the popular decorative window blinds. It is heavier than all other fabrics but gives a standard look to the environment. It reduces noise outside and is quite impressive for rooms. This is usually used in bedrooms for photosensitive sleepers. They provide the most privacy but may require professional cleaning as it is a difficult fabric to clean.

{13} Curtains

Lace Curtains Country Kitchen
Country Kitchen, New York City Susan Serra
Lace curtains are one of the best choices if you love a light and airy window theme. These decorative window blinds are best for anyone who loves sunlight. It gives the least possible privacy. These are popular in the kitchen and living room or in any other area where you want a lot of light. For a versatile look, you can combine it with heavier fabrics.

Tip # 3 Decorative curtains based on colors

Sunlight fades the color of your curtains over time. Therefore, if the room gets very bright, the best option is not to go for bright colors, as they fade faster. You can choose neutral colors as they disappear less compared to other colors and blend into your room decor quickly.

Let's see what types of curtain colors, and what room they fit and what influence they can have.

{14} Lime-green curtains

Lime Green Curtain Livingroom
Custom drapery of Fantastic window fashion
Lime green adds a juicy color to all home furnishings and gives a more aesthetic look. It is a bold choice that complements both neutral styles and modern furniture. It gives your home unique style and comfort. Ideally, these curtains look excellent in your bedroom, living room, dining area. It can further be used to block the unwanted light, suitable for maintaining integrity and keeping the cold drawn out along with the excess sunlight. They hang better and give a more luxurious look.

It is perfect for the bedroom as it provides relaxation and sound sleep. It also makes the room look more spacious compared to all other colored curtains. But this color can irritate some people if they don't like too much green in the room.

{15} Master turquoise curtains

Master Velvet Turquoise Curtains
Matt Velvet Curtain By Anthropologie
The greenish blue color that everyone knows and loves none other than the turquoise color. It is alluring and mysterious and comes in different variants. This is a beautiful color and offers several decor benefits. It also resembles the tropical vacation and the intensity of the sea which gives the homeowner a feeling of freshness along with a comfort. It gives you the feeling that you are on a relaxing holiday when you come home after a long busy day.

It is versatile and blends easily with almost every shade.

{16} Sheer Blue Curtains

Pure blue curtains with large size living room
Glenwood Residence Livingroom Little Rock City Tobi Fairley interior
It gives a more inviting and friendly look to your home decor. For those looking forward to inviting guests can use it in the live look. It also gets brighter and makes the room look spacious. Its tone provides peace and quiet, it is most suitable to use in a preschool or any other room, which you want to light up.

{17} Modern red curtains

Modern red curtains modern bedroom
Modern City Living Modern Bedroom By Barclay Butera Interiors
Red color stimulates energy, sexual needs, appetite and makes people more active. Thus, it can easily be used in the kitchen, bedroom or dining room. But be careful because seeing the red color when you eat can increase your appetite, and you eat more than usual or can express a lot of emotions.

Modern red curtains make everything lively; you can feel the energy yourself. If the color of your walls is dull and you do not want to paint, red curtains are added.

{18} Purple curtains

Purple curtains contemporary bedroom
The Pavilion Eco House Bedroom, London City E2 Architecture + Interiors Ltd
Those looking for a calming or soothing environment can go for dark purple curtains. They will create a pale pink light in the room. The best part is that this color goes well with bright colored elements found in the room. It even makes the place more vibrant. In short, the color will keep you more energetic and alert compared to any other color.

{19} Solid orange curtains

Solid orange curtains Minimalist Medium Tone wood flooring modern bedroom
Norman Residence Modern Bedroom, Seattle City Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture
If you move to a new location or remodel your house or make any changes to the interior, don't forget to bring the solid orange curtains. Orange makes it easier for us to accept the change while giving us a feeling of comfort and energy. These can be the best curtains for the dining room, living room or any other room where all family members sit together.

Its a good choice for the kitchen too, as it improves digestion and provides comfort. These may not be good to use in the bedroom, as the color is too stimulating.

{20} Light brown curtains

Light brown curtains Large beach style dining room
Nantucket Residence Beach Style Dining Room, Boston City Duffy Design Group | Photo of Sam Gray
If you are looking for a cozy environment you can look for light brown curtains. You can have them in your room or put them in your child's room. It even helps to improve your concentration. But to keep your room alive, free from boredom and sadness, you need to add bright décor along with these curtains.

{21} Yellow grommet curtains

Yellow Grommet Curtains Formal dining room
Beachwood -Hancock Park dining room, Los Angeles city J. Latter Design | Photo of Stephen Busken
Like the orange color, yellow gives a sense of friendship. Or in simple words, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, so if you want to make your guests more relaxed and free to communicate, you can use yellow rubber curtains in the living room.

{22} Modern patterned pink curtains

Patterned pink curtains traditional nursery
Traditional Nursery, Toronto av Merigo Design
Modern patterned pink curtains look more beautiful than solid pink curtains. It gives the feeling of love, tenderness and has positive effects on an intimate relationship. These are the perfect curtains for your bedroom. It gives you a positive feeling too.

{23} Match with interior curtains

Match with bedroom interior curtain
Palmer Pointe Road Residence 2, Minneapolis City Martha O'Hara Interiors | Built by Stonewood, LLC | Photo of Troy Thies | Photo Styling by Shannon Gale
It is completely on trend today that people love to get the curtains that match their decor. For example, if the walls are green, they will choose any variation of green or the same. Or they can match the color, the pattern on the curtains according to the furniture in the room. It sometimes looks pretty amazing, but sometimes it just creates so much similarity. But it depends on people to people and their preferences.

{24} Royal Golden Curtains

Royal golden bedroom curtains
Mediterranean Retreat Peaceful Bedroom, Little Rock City Tobi Fairley interior
These are the ones used to show the luxurious lifestyle. You can hang them in the living room or in the dining room to impress guests. To make them feel royal and important. These may well be dark colored interior items.

Tip # 4 Decorative curtains based on patterns and prints

The market is full of curtain patterns and print, in today's time. Often people want to buy them instead of going to the solid colors. Let's see which one goes well with you and your home decor.

{26} Patterned kitchen curtains

Patterned kitchen curtains Bright kitchen
Encaustic Tile Ideas av Deavita
Patterned tiles Add more charm to your kitchen decor compared to the usual. Sometimes, while we buy curtains for the house, we forget the kitchen window or use some old, floral or solid curtain for it. No longer! Make your kitchen more homely by using patterned kitchen curtains. You can buy animal designs that do not give your kitchen the look of your grandmother's kitchen. You can even look for other designs and see which goes well with your interior and choose it for your kitchen.

{27} Classic and elegant style curtains

Classic Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Curtains
Georgian Townhouse Sabby Chic Style Bedroom, London City Oliver Burns
Stripes are always in fashion, whether they are now or before. It gives a stylish and elegant look. You can use classic and elegant curtains anywhere in your home, even in your kitchen. Whether you live in an apartment, villa or farm they go well with any type of home. You can choose the strip you choose and you do not need to replace your curtains with every changing trend or fashion.

{28} Floral curtains

Floral Curtains Pop or Pink Bright Bedroom Makeup Space
Pop of Pink Bright Bedroom Makeup Space, London City Town House Interiors
If you have contact with your feminine side, you can go to these types of decorative window blinds. These have different floral patterns. You can get floral patterns, flowers and butterflies, etc. Some of these curtains have amazing Indian patterns on them. You can certainly use them for your kitchen. These look best in spring but can be used all year round to give you a beautiful look.

{29} Roman Shades Gardiner

Roman Shades Curtain Little Kitchen Alcove
Nob Hill Highrise Kitchen, San Francisco City Tres McKinney Design | Photo of Andrew McKinney
It is the most popular option for those who love to have elegant curtains, still, log for modern comfort of the curtains. They provide better insulation, save energy costs and give the room a more stylish and luxurious look. There are many varieties to choose from that can bring your home to life. You can even use a zigzag patterned curtain for your kitchen.

{30} Control Panels

Check the curtains contemporary living room spaces
Donnington – TV lounge, Berkshire City Tallon Perry Interiors | Photo of Hana Snow
These are designed to give your living room a stylish look and a cozy look to your bedroom. They are a fantastic addition to your home. You can have different designs to choose from, along with vibrant and neutral shades, to match your interior. To be sure, they will enhance your home decor.


Curtains play an important role in your home decor, but the right ones, your interiors may not look complete. You have to take into account all the facts and therefore choose. According to your requirements you can choose which color, pattern, style, fabric will be best. The above tips help you sort your confusion to a great extent.

Happy shopping!

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