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How To Style Black Tube Dress

How To Style Black Tube Dress

The tube dress is a very special type of strapless dress. A strapless dress can be a deep V-neck dress, a sweetheart neckline dress, and a straight neckline tube dress. In the blog post I’m going to talk specifically about the black tube dress. To give you more styling ideas, I’ve rounded up some of the best black tube dress outfit ideas and I’m going to share them with you right now.

Black tube midi dress


Let’s start the list with a very typical black tube dress. It’s basically a strapless, bodycon midi dress that you can use to show off your curves. With a timeless design like this one, it’s appropriate to wear it for both a cocktail party and a prom. You can style it by wearing it with black open toe heels and a black clutch.

Black leather mini ruffle tube dress

black leather mini ruffle tube dress

If a classic outfit like the last one is a bit too mainstream for you, try this sleek black leather pipe dress. This dress has such beautiful details in the leather strips and also the mini ruffle hem. I would recommend that you wear black pointed toe heels to complete this outfit with elegance.

Black tube mini dress with silver heels

black tube mini dress silver heels

For an extremely sexy look, wear a black tube bodycon dress to show off your long legs. Wear a pair of silver open toe ankle straps to make your legs look longer and make the outfit more noticeable. As simple as this outfit seems, it can easily grab people’s attention. This outfit is a great demonstration of the less is more principle.

Wear with black leather ankle boots

black leather ankle boots outfit

I mentioned this black tube figure-hugging mini dress a little earlier, but with this outfit I want to show you the accessories that can take the dress to the next level. Wear a pair of black leather ankle boots and a silver cuff with a black dress to complete this look with elegance. Don’t underestimate the strength in the little silver cuff. Most of the time, it’s small details like this that you can tell apart from the rest.

Black midi dress with camel longline wool coat

black midi dress camel longline wool coat

This outfit is the perfect answer to the question “Which jacket should you wear with a black tube dress?” You can wear black heeled sandals and a camel longline wool coat with this black midi tube dress. For a super chic look, instead of actually wearing the coat, drape the coat over your shoulders.

Black Tube Maxi Fit and Flare Dress with Single Strap

Black Tube Maxi Fit and Flare Dress Single Strap

This dress is not exactly a tube dress. It has a specially designed black maxi tube dress with a strap on just one side of the shoulders. The asymmetrical design makes the overall impression more stylish. This outfit is perfect for cocktail parties and proms.

Knee-length dress made of asymmetrical tube

Knee-length dress with asymmetrical tube

As shown in the previous outfit, cutting a little asymmetrically can make the dress look more stylish and unique. For this outfit, the black tube dress also has an asymmetrical cut. It has a high right, low left cut along the hem. Without this fancy cut, the dress would have been a very typical black tube mini dress, still beautiful, but not so interesting and noticeable. You can complete this outfit with elegance by wearing black suede heels.

Black and blue tribal tube maxi dress

black-blue tribal tube maxi dress

Up to this point, I’ve talked about a lot of solid black dresses. Now let’s talk about a printed dress. This particular one is a black and blue tribal printed tube dress. Wear it with light pink dresses to look more ladylike. Wear a black choker to add an artistic touch to the overall look.

Wear it with a choker and black ballet heels

Collar and black ballerinas

As shown in the previous idea, wearing a choker can add a lot of character to the look. A black choker also belongs to this outfit. The outfit consists of a black tube midi dress, black heels with ankle straps and a black collar.

Black knee-length dress from the shoulder tube

black knee length from shoulder tube dress

If you’re looking for a black dress that has more depth, this velvet dress can do just that. Wear this off the shoulder black tube dress with silver open toe heels with ankle straps for a deep and elegant look.

Black tube lace dress

black tube lace dress

In order for a black tube dress to look more elegant, it helps a lot to have a lace element. For example, this black lace dress looks very elegant and feminine. To complete the outfit with elegance, wear a pair of pointed toe heels made of black suede.

Black tube dress with a white floral pattern

black tube dress white floral pattern

Here is a black tube dress that has a playful design. It has some cool white floral patterns on the sides of the dress. If you want to match the black and white look, wear a pair of black and white color block heels.

Black pleated mini dress with a ruched waist

black pleated mini dress with gathered waist

For those of you who are wondering if tube dresses are for flat chest women, my answer is yes, a black tube dress usually looks great on all body types, but you can’t have love handles. If you’re still worried, wear a pleated mini dress like this one. This is the safest option I can suggest right now.

Black and white polka dot dress with polka dots

black and white dotted tube dress

For a breezy and beautiful look, wear this black and white polka dot tube dress for a cute and adorable look. If you are wearing this dress for a date or for a friend’s gathering, I would recommend bringing the outfit even closer by wearing black ballet flats.

Black and White Tribal Printed Tube Dress

black and white tribal printed tube dress

For a boho look, wear this tribal printed tube dress with nude heeled sandals. To add extra character to the outfit, you can wear a long boho-style necklace.

If you want to look low-key sexy and approachable for your next prom or cocktail party, come back and borrow one of the black tube dress outfit ideas above. Remember, an easy way to look your best is to imitate first and then make some adjustments to make the idea your own. Have fun styling.

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