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Black Long Sleeve Crop Top Outfits

Black Long Sleeve Crop Top Outfits

I’ve written about so many different crop top outfit ideas to a point that I realized that there are so many types of crop top, and each type can be used to create an outfit with a completely different style. Today I’m going to talk specifically about the black long sleeve crop top that you can use to build a low key sexy and feminine outfit. What I’m going to show you are some of the best black long sleeve top outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

Black long sleeve crop top with denim shorts


One of the best ways to style a black crop top with long sleeves is to wear it with something short like a mini skirt or mini shorts. This type of tightening can accentuate your legs more and make your legs look longer. For example, you can wear a black long sleeve crop top with a pair of mini denim shorts. You can just wear them with white sneakers to keep the look casual and simple.

Black long sleeve crop top with mom jeans

black long sleeve crop top mom jeans

For a more stylish look, you can wear a black short sleeve cropped t-shirt with mom jeans. The fact that mom jeans have a high waist can visually move your waist up and make you look tall and slim. You can wear a pair of black strappy sandals to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Black wide-sleeve crop top and tribal mini-shorts

wide, white crop top mini shorts with tribal print

Here is an adorable way to style a black crop top with wide sleeves. Since the crop top is a little baggy with wide sleeves, the long and short sleeve tricks will be even more effective and your legs will look even slimmer and longer. In this particular case, the crop top is combined with shorts with a mini tribal print. Team them with black ballerinas to keep the outfit slim and feminine.

Black two-piece, figure-hugging dress with a choker

black two-piece, figure-hugging choker

This is a pretty typical black two piece long sleeve bodycon dress. The upper part of the dress is a black top with long sleeves, while the lower part is a high-waisted, figure-hugging midi skirt. If you are wearing this dress to a cocktail party or a prom, the silver open toe heels with ankle straps are the best shoes that can make the outfit more elegant and eye-catching. You can also wear a black choker to make the outfit look even more stylish.

Wear with Black Jogger Pants & Heels

black sweatpants heels outfit

This is a very unique outfit idea that tries to pair the black sweatpants with a black crop top with long sleeves. Surprisingly, the result looks nice and stylish. Not only that, the joggers are then paired with black pointed toe pumps and the outfit still works magically.

Black three-quarter sleeve crop top with gray skort

black gray skorts with three-quarter sleeves

Here’s a simple and chic outfit that is perfect for dating. For the top, you can just wear a black three-quarter sleeve crop top. Pair it with a high-waisted gray skort to look feminine and unique. Finally, you can wear black heels for the shoes for a sleek look or black leather ankle boots for a cool and chic look.

Wear it with a high split black leather midi skirt

high split midi skirt made of black leather

For an all black, sleek and dark look, you can wear a black crop top with a high-waisted leather midi skirt that is slit. Pair with black pointed toe heels to complete this outfit in a clean and simple way.

Black two-piece, figure-hugging dress with a mock neckline

black two-piece bodycon dress with stand-up collar

Here’s another all black outfit. This time around, it looks more natural and is versatile enough to be worn for cocktail parties, proms, and formal events. To achieve this lovely look, wear a black mock neck dress that consists of a black mock neck long sleeve top and a figure-hugging midi skirt as the bottom. Pair them with black suede boots and a black leather handbag for a stylish outfit.

Black lace long sleeve crop top with a high parted skirt

black lace long sleeve crop top high split skirt

Here is a feminine and attractive outfit that you can wear for proms and cocktail parties. To achieve this look, team a black two-piece lace bodycon maxi dress. The upper part is a long-sleeved lace top, while the lower part is a high-split black lace maxi dress. When it comes to dressing up comfortably in black and white, pair this outfit with white strappy sandals and a white leather clutch.

Black crochet long sleeve crop top with matching bodycon skirt

black crocheted long-sleeved crop top to match the figure-hugging skirt

To some people, a lace top looks a lot like a crochet top. To me, a lace top is more elegant, while a crochet top is more refreshing and youthful. Here is an outfit that includes a black crocheted long sleeve crop top. It is combined with a matching figure-hugging midi skirt. Wear it with black suede heels for an understated and feminine look.

Black, long-sleeved, cropped sweater with cuffed jeans and boots

cropped jeans boots with black sleeves and short sleeves

For a simple and stylish look, you can wear a black short-sleeved cropped sweater for the top. Wear it with gray blue straight leg jeans and black suede ankle boots for a stylish look.

Wear it with black ripped skinny jeans and a denim jacket

black denim jacket with torn skinny jeans

If you want to soften the aggressive tone of an all-black outfit a bit, you can pair it with a blue denim jacket. As an example of such an outfit, you can wear a black crop top with black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots. Wear the denim jacket to spice things up right away.

Black crop top with high-waisted leather minirater skirt

black crop top high waisted leather minirater skirt

Here is a girl and a chic look that is going to grab a lot of attention. For the top, wear a black long sleeve top. Team it with a high-waisted black leather mini skirt. Pair these pieces with black suede boots and a cheetah backpack for a youthful and cheerful touch.

Long-sleeved crop top with a deep V-neckline and a high split maxi skirt

Deep V-Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top High Split Maxi Skirt

Not all long-sleeved crop tops are mock neck or crew neck tops. Here is a nice looking top with a deep V neckline and long sleeves. Pair it with a dark blue maxi skirt and silver sandals to look airy and sexy.

Here are the black long sleeve crop top outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Next time you’re unsure of how to wear a long sleeve crop top, this list should be a good place to start.

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