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How To Wear High Socks

How To Wear High Socks

If you want to spice up any outfit you wear, just add stockings! They not only keep you warm, but also give your outfit a very stylish and modern look.

This type of garment was considered provocative and cheap. Maybe girls don’t know how to style it with other pieces? Or are you afraid of what others might say about your outfit? In any case, thigh-high socks are not seen that often on the streets.

I think these socks are very beautiful and deserve the chance to be worn. Especially on autumn or winter days when you can feel warm and cozy everywhere.

I have prepared some outfits for you to give you the idea of ​​how to wear this type of sock.
Let’s try them out now!

Mini skirt + high socks

high socks mini skirt
The perfect combination of flat oxford shoes and tall black socks. It is paired with a mini skirt with a tweed pattern and a simple but chic black sweater. Overall, it offers a perfect everyday look that is suitable for a leisurely stroll, a brunch with friends or even for an evening in the club.

Oversized sweater + high socks

high socks large sweater
Comfort comes first, right? I definitely think that especially when I’m wearing high socks.
When you wear this outfit, you will always feel at home. Even if you are in the city center.

Put on a nice coat, put on more knitwear like hat and gloves and you are ready for snow.

Skater skirt + high socks

high sock skater skirt
The skater skirt may look like it’s reserved for teenage girls, but I assure you, tall girls can wear it too. When you pair it with black or white paint it looks more serious and you don’t look like you are going to the skate park.

It’s pretty easy to pair it with a denim jacket and pair of oxford shoes, just like the photo above.

Color block coat + high socks

High socks color block
There are many clothes in this look as well as many colors! If you like color blocking, then this look should be definitely tried out. And don’t worry, you will feel very warm in this combination.
What I like best about this outfit is how well the bright colors like pink and yellow go together. The socks are here to add the sense of chic to this color block look.

Overknee boots + high socks

high socks high boots
Wearing matching tall boots and tall socks can be very interesting. Especially when they are the same color! If you want the whole look to match, put on all of your gray clothing and you’re done!

Bonus tip: wear knitted socks with this outfit for a good mix of patterns.

Black and white combination + high socks

high socks white black
If you like black and white combinations better than color blocking, this is ideal for you.
The same pattern in two basic colors is all you need. For example, you can do this with a coat and a nice looking scarf. High socks give you a chic look and balance out the heavy ensemble between coat and scarf.

Rain boots + high socks

high socks rain boots
On the cold and rainy days we just want to stay indoors. But let’s see how you can look fresh and modern if you have to go out for some reason.

Pair your favorite Hunter boots with the high socks for extra warmth and add some bright colors just like the girl in the photo above by adding this red toggle coat.

Boho dress + high socks

high socks boho
Believe it or not, you can pair high socks with the summer boho style.
As you can see, the lovely baby pink dress is fluid and casual. Paired with a white ruffled high sock it makes the romantic outfit for every day.
Try high boots and wear lots of jewelry to complete the boho look.

Military jacket + high socks

Military jacket with high socks
This outfit can be worn in the office or after work. Pretty much as you want. It looks very modern and elegant at the same time. Military jacket is a must have for a few seasons in a row, and now you can see that it is very easy to combine with the striped pencil skirt and high socks.

Grungy style + high socks

high socks grungy
If you love grunge music and grew up with nirvana, you will likely like this outfit.
As you can see, the combination of white and black makes this outfit very easy. Because of this, in order to make it more interesting, details like the black sweater and fedora need to be incorporated.

Simple and perfect for music concerts!

Tweed blazer + high socks

high socks tweed blazer
If you’re into a casual hangout in the city, this is the best option to mix and match.
Three words describe it perfectly: chic, modern and warm. What more do you need If you think that you can’t handle the high-heeled sandals like the one in the photo above, swap them for flats or ankle boots.

Strap dress + high socks

high socks pinafore dress
I read somewhere that this type of dress is a common choice for young girls. I would disagree with that thought. I think this is a perfect outfit for colder days and this tank dress with a burgundy shirt underneath is a great solution. High socks are a perfect detail that you can use to spice up this outfit that is well beyond age limits.

These are the top 12 outfits I picked for you. Hope you buy your high socks next time you see them in your favorite store.
Be careful when shopping. Do your best to choose high quality socks and choose those that will complement the length of your legs.

Good luck with your search! I really hope that you will “copy” some of the outfits in this article!

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