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How To Style Thigh High Socks

How To Style Thigh High Socks

Thigh-high socks can turn a good looking outfit into a very interesting chic outfit. Unlike many other magical items that require you to show a lot of skin, the thigh high socks can make you look sexy without showing a lot of skin by making your legs look long and beautiful. This may sound great, but you still need to style them properly to get magical results. To get you started, I’ve compiled a list of the best stocking outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

White print t-shirt with cardigan and black thigh highs


To start the list, I’m going to show you a very stylish street outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a white printed t-shirt with a white cardigan for the top. Wear white mini shorts with black stockings for the bottom. Complete your outfit with black mid-calf leather boots for a classy twist.

Red and black plaid shirt with denim shorts and high thigh socks

red and black checked shirt-denim shorts with stockings

The red and black checked boyfriend shirt is a classic with which you can look super casual. But for this outfit it is designed very ladylike. It is combined with denim shorts, a black infinity scarf and a knitted hat. The black overknee boots and black leather ankle boots give the overall look a stylish and feminine touch.

Wear it with a gray knit sweater and a black skater skirt

gray knitted sweater black skater skirt

Here is an adorable girl neighbor look. You can achieve this by wearing a heather gray knit sweater with a black skater skirt. Pair them with black stockings and black oxford shoes. Wear an ivory knitted hat to add a nice touch to your outfit.

Cheetah jacket with gray thigh high socks & ankle boots

Cheetah jacket gray thigh high socks ankle boots

A cheetah jacket is very difficult to style. It’s very hard to see the thin line between old-fashioned and chic. Sometimes it’s easier to imitate good looking outfits like this one. Wear a light gray knit sweater over a navy shift dress. Put a cheetah jacket over these parts. Wear stockings, gray stockings, and camel combat boots to complete this chic, layered outfit.

Wear it with a knotted silk shirt and denim jacket

Denim jacket made from a knotted silk shirt

As a big fan of the denim jacket, I will definitely explore every way to style it. For this outfit, it is combined with a colorful silk shirt. Then they are paired with a black skater dress, stockings, black stockings, and black sneakers for a creative and stylish street outfit.

Wear it with a white knit sweater and black printed shorts

white cable knit sweater, black printed shorts

By this point, you may find that the secret to how the thigh-high socks can make your legs look long and beautiful is to pair them with a mini skirt or mini shorts. If the top is a chunky top, this effect is multiplied. For example, wear a white, chunky knit sweater with black printed mini shorts. Pair them with black stockings and black leather boots to make your legs look long and beautiful.

Wear it with a gray and black Tribal Printed Sweater Dress

gray and black tribal printed sweater dress

A sweater dress can often create a sexy and feminine look when paired with thigh-high socks. For example, combine a gray and black tribal printed sweater dress with stockings and black suede boots for a simple and reserved sexy look.

Thigh-high socks with crop top & gray pleated mini skirt

Thigh High Socks Crop Top Gray Pleated Mini Skirt

If you’ve put in a lot of effort to keep yourself in shape and currently have a small waist, you would probably love this outfit that gives you a little flair for yourself. Wear a gray crop top with a gray pleated mini skirt. Wear a white long cardigan over the parts. Combine them with gray stockings and black ankle boots. Finally, wear a gray knitted infinity scarf to give the outfit a slightly feminine touch.

White sweater dress with high black socks

white sweater dress black stockings

For an artistic look, you can wear a white sweater dress with black stockings. Team them with black suede ankle boots and a black felt hat for an artistic touch. If you like this style, check out our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Wear it with a black leather jacket and a plaid wool mini skirt

black leather jacket plaid wool mini skirt

Here is an outfit that looks both stylish and feminine. To do this, you can put together some stylish and some feminine pieces. But they don’t always go well together so you have to be your own judge or you can start mimicking this outfit. Wear a black sweater with a black leather jacket for the top. Wear a plaid wool mini skirt, black stockings and black leather ankle boots for the bottom.

Gray socks with a V-neck sweater and black shorts

gray sock sweater with V-neck and dark blue shorts

Wear a gray v-neck sweater and black shorts for a nice gray and black look. Combine them with gray stockings and black lace-up boots. The wide brown leather belt adds some toughness and style to the mix. Wear a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the look.

Wear it with a gray bodycon sweater and minirater skirt

gray, figure-hugging pullover minirater skirt

Here is a minimal outfit that looks just great. Wear a gray bodycon sweater with a light gray miniature skirt. When it comes to shoes, add black stockings and black suede ankle boots to the equation. As simple as the outfit looks, the pieces just work flawlessly together and the result is remarkable.

Thigh-high socks with a black skater dress

Thigh-high socks black overall hangover

For a glamorous, layered look, you might want to wear a black skater dress over a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt. Pair them with black stockings and black suede boots. The red scarf makes the outfit more beautiful and eye-catching.

T-shirt dress with a long cardigan and high socks

T-shirt dress long cardigan high socks

Here is another very stylish and simple outfit. Wear a light gray t-shirt dress with a long gray cardigan that comes down to your knees. Combine them with black stockings and ankle boots to complete the stylish and casual look.

Wear it with a navy t-shirt dress and a burgundy cardigan

Navy t-shirt dress burgundy cardigan

For a minimal look, you can wear a navy t-shirt dress with a burgundy cardigan. Team them with stockings, black stockings and black combat boots to complete the outfit in style.

Here are the stocking outfit ideas that I want to share with you. I hope you find it quite useful. As you can see, they peel off easily while the results are amazing. Let’s try these outfits and have a lot of fun styling them.

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