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How To Wear Sailor Pants

How To Wear Sailor Pants

For those of you who have to dress formal or semi-formal to work all the time, you may have already been bored with the chinos or dressy pants that you wear a lot. Wearing pencil skirts can be a good alternative, but is there anything is slightly out of the box that can make your daily styling more fun? Today, I am going to talk about the sailor pants, something that you may have not even heard of but can definitely spice up your work outfits. To better show you how to style them, I have put together a list of some of the best sailor pants outfit ideas. Let’s dive in.

White Lace Button Up Shirt with Navy Sailor Pants


Let’s start off the list with an elegant and cozy work outfit. To achieve this low profile yet beautiful look, you can wear a white lace button up shirt with a pair of navy wide leg sailor pants. To make yourself look tall and slim, you can hide a pair of black heels under the wide leg pants.

Orange Key Hole Blouse with Dark Blue Wide Leg Sailor Pants

orange key hold blouse with dark blue wide leg sailor pants

Here is a pretty unique and attractive outfit thanks to the sharp color combination of navy and orange. In details, wear an orange key hole button up short sleeve shirt for the top. Pair it with navy wide leg sailor pants and a pair of pale pink open toe heels to look chic and stylish.

White Button Up Shirt with Dark Blue Sailor Skinny Pants

white button up shirt with dark blue sailor skinny pants

If you love wearing skinny jeans, you may want to try a pair of skinny sailor skinny pants to look similar but with an extra elegant touch. To form this outfit, wear a white button up shirt with dark blue sailor skinny pants. For the shoes, wear brown strappy heeled sandals to look more refreshing and feminine.

White Wool Coat with Matching Wide Leg Sailor Pants

white wool coat with matching wide leg sailor pants

Here is a very beautiful all-white outfit. It is not easy to design an all-white outfit that looks this natural. To achieve this dreamy look, wear a white button up shirt with white sailor wide leg pants. Pair these pieces with white pointed toe heels, a white blazer and a white leather purse to complete this amazing outfit.

Navy blouse with red sailor pants

navy blouse with red sailor pants

If you want to be more eye catching, wearing something red can often help you do just that. To achieve this look, wear a navy button up blouse with a pair of red sailor wide leg pants. Complete the outfit with a pair of white heels and a pale pink leather shoulder bag to look more ladylike.

Yellow Flared Sailor Pants with White Sleeveless Lace Top

yellow flared sailor pants with white sleeveless lace top

A pair of yellow pants is already something that is very difficult to find. It is even more so for yellow sailor pants. You better give it a try if you see one in your local store. Anyway, to build a beautiful and cheerful outfit around it, wear a white sleeveless lace blouse and pale pink heels to complete the outfit.

Wear with Navy and White Striped Vest Top

navy and white striped vest top

There is a very simple trick that can make you look really tall. The trick is to wear something skinny fit for the top and pair it with high rise wide leg pants. To apply this trick, you can wear a navy and white striped vest top with a pair of black hight waisted wide leg sailor pants and white sneakers.

Royal Blue Long Wool Coat with Matching Sailor Pants

royal blue long wool coat with matching sailor pants

To look bright and eye catching, wearing either neon pink or royal blue can often help you do just that and I will talk about the latter in this case. To apply royal blue to your outfit, you can wear a blue long wool coat with a pair of matching sailor pants and a black and white striped mock neck tee. Wear black leather ankle boots to look tall and slim.

Navy and White Striped Three Quarter Sleeve Top with Blue Sailor Pants

navy and white striped three quarter sleeve top with blue sailor pants

Having looked at so many work outfits, let’s take a look at how you can wear the sailor pants as part of your casual street outfit. To do that, you can simply wear a pair of dark blue sailor pants with a navy and white striped three-quarter sleeve t shirt. Complete the outfit with black ankle boots.

Navy and White Striped Scoop Neck Sweater with Black Cropped Pants

navy and white striped scoop neck sweater with black cropped pants

This is an outfit that is very similar to the previous one, but this time, the striped t shirt is replaced by a navy and white striped knit sweater and the outfit does, as a result, look more cozy and ladylike. Pair the sweater with black cropped sailor pants and gold metallic slide sandals to complete the outfit in an elegant yet stylish way.

Wear with White Blazer with Mock Neck Striped Long Sleeve Tee

white blazer with mock neck striped long sleeve tee

Here is a very interesting outfit that can make you look unique and artistic. To form this outfit, wear a black and white striped mock neck long sleeve t shirt with a white blazer for the top. Pair them with black wide leg sailor pants and black leather ankle boots. Finally, add a black felt hat to your outfit to provide the artistic touch.

Black Sailor Pants with Striped Tee & Choker Scarf

black sailor pants with striped tee and choker scarf

Sometimes, adding a choker scarf can take your outfit to another level. For example, you can wear a black and white striped long sleeve tee with a pair of black sailor pants. By adding a pair of black strappy heels and a red choker scarf to your outfit, it looks more unique and stylish.

White Flared Sailor Pants with Striped T Shirt

white flared sailor pants with striped t shirt

If you want to look slightly more dressy, you may want to choose a pair of white sailor pants that has a flared cutting. Simply pair it with a black and white striped t shirt and nude heeled sandals to complete this simple and chic look.

Wear with White Turtleneck Sweater & Blazer

white turtleneck sweater blazer

Here is another super chic look that you can try especially when the fall or winter comes. For the top, wear a white turtleneck knit sweater with a white blazer. Pair them with navy sailor pants and black ballet heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

I hope you find the above mentioned sailor pants outfit ideas useful. If you haven’t heard about the sailor pants before you read this blog post, hopefully the above list can become something that can help you expand your outfit game.

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