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Leather On Leather Outfits

Leather On Leather Outfits

A few days ago I saw someone on the street wearing a black leather jacket with a leather skirt and I was amazed at how stylish and chic it looked. Then I said to myself that I should write soon about how to wear leather on leather to create more stylish people on the street. Then I took the time to put together a list of beautiful and stylish leather-on-leather outfits. The result is this blog post that you are reading right now. Before getting into the outfit ideas any further, I just want to make it clear to you that the outfit must have at least two items of leather to qualify for this list. Now let’s look at the outfit ideas.

Wear a black leather jacket with leather pants


As expected, the first outfit is a very typical one that you may have already guessed. The outfit consists of a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, leather pants and light pink heels. While these are the type of outfits that you will often see on fashion blogs, I guess many of you have never tried this before. I highly recommend you try this one because the outfit is so popular for a reason.

Brown leather jacket with black leather shorts

brown leather jacket shorts outfit

It’s a good idea to wear a brown leather item with a black one for a little variety in color. Wear a gray t-shirt with a brown leather jacket for a top as a nice demonstration. Pair them with black leather shorts and ankle boots. By the way, I often have the feeling that the leather shorts look so cool that they haven’t been mentioned enough.

Leather jacket & black ankle boots

Leather jacket black ankle boots leggings

As mentioned earlier, pairing a leather jacket with leather pants is a choice that most often results in good looks. For some people, however, this outfit would look a little high profile. If a more reserved style actually suits your character better, you can style the leather jacket according to this outfit idea. Instead of leather pants, just wear black skinny pants and combine them with black leather boots.

Leather jacket, pants & ankle boots

Leather jacket pants boots outfit

This is the first outfit idea on this list that actually contains three leather items. With the gray t-shirt you wear all leather, including jacket, pants and ankle boots. An all-leather outfit like this can make you look chic and stylish, and especially stand out from the crowd in winter, while a lot of people dress in chunky outfits.

Leather jacket & pants with white oversized t-shirt

Leather jacket pants white oversized shirt

For this outfit that is relatively more detailed, wear a white oversized t-shirt with a leather jacket, leather gaiters and suede ankle boots. A linen scarf gives the outfit a feminine touch. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar boots, please check out our blog post on styling suede heels.

Leather skirt & black sweater with leather jacket

Leather skirt black sweater outfit

As a nice way to style a leather skirt, you can wear it with a black knit sweater and leather jacket. Wear either suede or leather ankle boots that go perfectly with the outfit.

Leather bomber jacket & mini skirt

Leather bomber jacket mini skirt

When you have a healthy body, there is a good way to show your advantage is by wearing something suitable. Start with a white t-shirt and a short black bomber jacket. Keep the waist visually high by wearing a high-waisted leather skirt. When it comes to shoes, add a pair of stockings and black suede ballet heels to the equation.

Leather dress with overknee boots

Leather dress over the knee boots

I’ll start by telling you honestly that this dress is very difficult to take off. The black body-hugging leather dress likely doesn’t look great if you have love handles. But if you have a slim waist this dress will look amazing. Pair it with a long black wool coat and over-the-knee leather boots.

Wear a leather jacket and pants with a gray knitted sweater

Leather jacket and pants gray knitted sweater

I showed you a couple of leather jacket and pants outfits that use a white or gray t-shirt as a top. In colder weather, a knitted sweater like the gray one in the picture is a good alternative.

Black jacket with brown pants

black leather jacket brown pants

This is another outfit that uses both the black and brown leather. Wear a black leather jacket with a gray knit sweater for the top. Wear brown leather pants and black ankle boots for the buttocks. Compared to the darkness in the all black outfits mentioned above, this brown and black outfit just has a warmer and deeper tone.

Brown midi skirt & midi calfskin boots

brown midi skirt midi calfskin roots

There are definitely a lot of people who like the mature feeling in midi skirts. For those of you who are fans of midi skirts, this outfit idea is for you. For the top, wear a black high-neck sweater and a black leather jacket. Combine them with a brown leather midi skirt and a pair of color-coordinated mid-calf leather boots.

Longline leather jacket with leather pants & ankle boots

Longline leather jacket ankle boots

This look kind of reminds me of Neo from the classic sci-fi movie The Matrix. I’m pretty sure he didn’t dress like that, but it is the overwhelming elegance of this outfit that leads me to associate this with the movie. I imagine this outfit would be absolutely fun to wear from time to time. Just wear a long black leather jacket with leather pants and ankle boots for that dark look.

Short leather jacket with black mini skirt

short leather jacket mini black skirt

Here’s an outfit that will make you look bigger. Just wear a white blouse with a short black leather jacket. Wear a high waisted leather skirt and suede ankle boots to complete this cool street look.

Lederhose with thigh boots made of suede

Lederhose overknee suede boots

As a leather jacket and trouser outfit, this one has a little twist. Instead of wearing ankle boots, try these gray thigh-high suede boots for a feminine touch.

I hope this list of leather-on-leather outfit ideas can either be used as a reference or inspire you to come up with some beautiful outfit ideas that will suit you perfectly.

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