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Red Velvet Dress Outfit Ideas

Red Velvet Dress Outfit Ideas

If you attend cocktail parties and proms every now and then, you should be familiar with the velvet dress, which looks attractive and plunging, and which you will see often. Although I’ve already talked about the velvet dress in other blog posts, I haven’t yet addressed the one with the most popular color, namely the red velvet dress. Whether you want to wear elegant or sexy dresses, check out the list of red velvet outfit ideas below for some inspiring ideas. Let’s jump right in.

Red Fit and Flare Midi Velvet Dress


Let me start this list of lovely outfit ideas with a sexy and minimalist outfit. To achieve this great look, you can simply wear a red sleeveless fit and a flared midi velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline and straps. Pair the dress with light pink pointy toe heels to complete the outfit in a clean and feminine way.

Cold shoulder deep velvet dress with deep V-neckline

cold shoulder deep v neck red velvet dress

If you want to look more feminine and elegant, you can choose a cold shoulder dress instead of a sleeveless one. For example, you can wear this red velvet skater dress with a deep V-neckline and cold shoulder spaghetti straps. Pair it with either black or light pink heels to look sleek and simple.

Red long-sleeved bodycon mini dress made of velvet

red figure-hugging mini dress made of velvet with long sleeves

For those of you who don’t want to show off a lot of skin, here is an outfit that is just for you. Wear this red, long-sleeved, figure-hugging, velvet mini-dress that will enhance your curves. You can make this outfit more stylish and unique by wearing a red choker. Wear a black open-toe ankle strap for the shoes for a sleek touch.

Red and black backless maxi dress with turtleneck sweater

backless maxi dress with red and black turtleneck sweater

If you are a little bored with the solid red dresses, don’t worry, we have something different unique and different. Here is a very creatively designed backless maxi dress with a turtleneck in red and black. This is something that looks both sexy and classy. Combine the dress with silver heels with open toes to look even more elegant.

Red tube dress with a silver collar

red tubular dress silver choker

For those of you familiar with your curves, choosing a skinny fit dress seems like a great way to show your strengths. For example, you can wear a bodycon mini dress made of red tube velvet to look extremely sexy. Pair it with a silver choker and a pair of silver heels to make the outfit shine.

Red puff shoulder long sleeve bodycon dress

long-sleeved, figure-hugging dress with red puffed shoulder

The texture of velvet often makes the dress look deeper and more elegant. You can look even more mature if you go for a long sleeve. For example, you can wear this knee-length, figure-hugging long-sleeved dress with a red puffed shoulder. Wear it with light pink pointed toe heels and a black choker to complete your look.

Red mermaid velvet dress with V-neck

red mermaid velvet dress with V-neck

If you are looking for a dress that you can wear to a prom, a long flowing mermaid dress is a really good choice. For example, you can wear this red mermaid velvet dress that has a deep V-neck. Just wear a silver open toe ankle strap to look both elegant and sexy.

Red Off The Shoulder mini dress with open toe boots

red strapless mini dress with open toe boots

If you were to wear a red velvet dress to a house party instead of a cocktail or prom, you could definitely still wear the same dress, just change your shoes and everything would look perfect. For example, you can wear this red off the shoulder mini dress with black faux fur suede ankle boots with open toes instead of heels to look more stylish and youthful.

Velvet Cami High Split Dress

Velvet Cami High Split Dress

Wearing a mini dress is definitely not the only way to show off your legs. You can do it the low-key way by wearing a high-pitch red velvet dress. In fact, I’m not sure it’s the low key way. Although fewer legs are shown, they will be more accentuated when wearing the high-split dress. Wear the dress with silver heels with an open toe strap for a classier look.

Red Cutout Bodycon Cami Velvet Dress

red cut body-hugging cami velvet dress

Sometimes the little details in your dress can get people’s attention. For example, this red body-hugging cami velvet midi dress already looks very beautiful and sexy. But it might also look like the other ladies are wearing the cocktail. With the small neckline at the waist, this dress can easily attract people’s attention. Wear light pink open toe heels to finish off your outfit.

Burgundy Gathered Waist Deep V Neck Velvet Dress

Burgundy ruched waist deep v-neck velvet dress

If you want a deeper and more mature look, you can do so by wearing a dress in darker red or burgundy. As an example, here is a deep and sexy looking burgundy mini velvet dress with a deep V-neckline. Team the dress with a red choker and silver heels for a stunning look.

Deep V Sea Neck Red Mermaid Flowy Dress

deep flowing red mermaid dress with v-neck

If you are looking for a long dress that is elegant and simple for a formal event, then here is a red deep V-neck mermaid dress that you might want to consider. With a dress this beautiful and sexy, you don’t really need any accessories, except maybe earrings and a simple necklace if you insist. Just wear silver heels to complete the fantastic outfit.

Red Sweetheart Tube Dress with separated long sleeves

red sweetheart pipe dress separated long sleeves

Here is a beautiful and unique red ruched boydcon tube dress made of velvet. Not only does the skinny fit cut sexy and beautiful, it also comes with a separate pair of matching sleeves to make the dress look so elegant. Pair the dress with bare heels to complete the outfit in a simple and neat way.

Red Mock Neck Velvet Mini Dress

red mini dress made of velvet with a mocked neck

For those of you who don’t like the idea of ​​showing off a lot of skin, you can wear a fake neck dress and still look beautiful. For example, here is a short-sleeved mini dress made of red velvet with a mock neck that looks very pretty. Pair it with black open toe heels with ankle straps for a stylish finish.

Red three-quarter sleeve mock neck pleated midi velvet dress

red mock-neck pleated midi velvet dress with three-quarter sleeves

Wearing a sexy dress isn’t the only way to look beautiful and stand out at a cocktail party. Another great option is to dress airy and youthful. For example, you can wear this red velvet pleated dress with three quarter sleeves for a slightly more casual look. For the shoes, keep the shade warm and soft by wearing light pink open toe heels.

Here are the red velvet dress outfit ideas that look deep and beautiful. Whether you want to show off skin or not, you should be able to come up with a suitable outfit idea for your next cocktail party.

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