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Scandinavian Design Apartment

Scandinavian Design Apartment

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality characterize the Scandinavian interior style. Scandinavian design is full of light, airiness, space and tranquility. The main features of this type of design are open spaces full of bright, decorated interiors, clean lines, functional furnishings, muted colors, simple accents and the use of plants and greenery to provide an earthy, lively atmosphere to the interior. This type of decor does not use many blankets, pillows or rugs. All the structures used are cozy and warm except they are nice and decorative. This style prefers natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and linen over synthetic fabrics and blends.

Another thing to note in this style is the attempt to maximize the light whenever possible. Small or transparent window blinds let in as much light as possible. Scandinavians are passionate about nature and believe in celebrating nature even when they are in their homes. Therefore, the use of wood in Scandinavian architecture and home decor. Pine, beech and ash are usually the preferred wood because of their bright colors.

The renovation of the royal courtyard in Eixample, Barcelona is a prime example of Scandinavian design homes. This home renovation joined two floors and turned it into a 300 square foot apartment in the heart of the city. Interior Designer Marta Castellano together with architects Serrat Tort has remodeled this apartment. Photograph by Carlos Muntadas. Walls were removed to open spaces, and rooms were moved according to the orientation of the light. The designers also restored the original oak fish parquet floor and painted it white. A simple palette of colors such as white, light gray and black accents successfully highlights the architectural merits of the apartment such as the pillars, walls, floor and ceiling that celebrate the open space.

White Exposed Brick Open Kitchen

Scandinavian design kitchen table and chairs
Since the whole place follows the concept of no walls, all rooms are open and have the same space. The functional open kitchen has many storage areas and decorations. The white brick walls, white shelves and cabinets contrast with the dark wood arched doors and dark curtains. Functional cabinets and open shelves give the place a modern and clean look.

kitchen counter open shelves arched doors
Open shelves are excellent for decorations like the houseplants. Reusing old furniture instead of throwing it away adds character to the place. Light comes from the huge oak doors and the lights provide illumination at night. Finally, the parquet floor contributes to the city's rich, old world feeling.

Ancient look dining room

Dining area pendant light
The dining table is located opposite the kitchen and in front of an ornate fireplace. With its moldings and antique appearance, the fireplace gives the place an old world feel. The wooden table and wicker chairs are a modern feature. The hanging lantern hanging over the table is another good example of Scandinavian love for functional and unique furniture.

Dining rattan seating for seating
The small sitting group opposite the dining table is set for comfort and luxury. The shelf under the sofa seems to be a good place to store things. It really saves a lot of space and time during nightly reading. The plants really give life to the place.

Spacious living room

Living room long sofa
The creatively decorated living room looks very spacious. A large comfortable black sofa is located along the room. The wooden table and bench and the various plants maintain the natural earthy appearance of the site.

Living room wooden stool
The wood storage space becomes an unusual solution and an eye-catcher. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide enough light and keep the room more airy and bright. The wall lamp and other decorations on the shelf behind the sofa give a bohemian look to the surroundings.

living area with living room

soft chair and lamp
The gray sofa and black curtains contrast the white color of the walls and furniture. A soft chair at the window provides a place to relax after the day. Various beautiful lamps and art furnishings add a touch of comfort and luxury.

The lounge

wicker pendant in the lounge
The lounge is a most remarkable blend of history and modern touch. The exposed brick walls and the wooden floor give an old historical feel. However, the beautiful pot lamp and modern furniture including the unique wooden table give the place a modern look. Large windows provide enough light to keep the place light and airy. The wall-mounted houseplants save space, give an earthy feel and look quite nice. They give the place some personality and charm.

Vintage style home office

office area lively furniture
A small part of the house is intended for office work and leisure purposes. The wooden desk, lamp and chair give it an office-like atmosphere. The wooden table with wooden colored accessories and an empty frame with some ornamental plants is a nice contrast to the white walls and lamp. They bring some character to the simple place.

office area swing

office decoration
In addition, an interesting wooden pallet located on top of a round sea lawn and a rattan swing gives a fun element to the place. Ornamental decorations and wall lamp fill the shelf behind the swing.

Scandinavian Design Bedroom

bedroom bathtub fusion artistic
An artistic and unusual part of the house is the fusion of the bedroom and the bathroom area. It gives a certain old-fashioned charm to the interior and quickly becomes a popular trend in international design. The placement of the bathtub near a large floor-to-ceiling window with white curtains provides both privacy and light.

rope curtain for bathroom
The rope that separates the laundry area from the bedroom is a creative and artistic feeling.

bedroom mini tile wall
The four-bed frame has an old-fashioned inspiration, but the bed is made in a simple, minimalist and modern way. Likewise, the mini-tile wall behind the bed adds a trendy feel to the old-fashioned décor in the room.

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